Monday, May 29, 2006

Handpicked goodies for you

Here is some interesting events etc i have found this week

Favela Rising
'His music fueled a movement, His message fought a war'.Incredibly inspiring film from Brazils slums. Undercurrents will be screening in our summer tour.

Swansea Bay Film Festival,Wales
Undercurrents have been nominated for 5 awards!See the films and meet the directors on Wednesday June 7th at Dynevor Media Centre Swansea From 2pm

Spiritual films wanted
Screenings will take place weekly from July 5th until the end of September - every Wednesday night in yurts in Wales.Film submission free, send DVD or mini DV to Hywel George at Plastic Buddha Productions
Alma House, Colhugh St, Llantwit Major, CF61 1RE
TEL: + 44 7773 326127

Caught on camera?
Sept 11 Pentagon attack CCTV video released.

The Radio Festival
03-05/07/2006 Location: Cambridge University
The annual Radio Festival is the central activity in the Academy year.

Broad Horizons
Rebel clowns, madnesss, loadsa women,identity & happiness all on one DVD

Reach a global audience and get paid
An international video streaming site aimed at the indy/semi-procreative community. What's more,they say they wil pay a percentage of the revenue generated from people watching your work.

Peace News 70th birthday festival
June 17th Featuring live bands, film showings and DJ’s, workshops, food and drink.The event will be held at The Square Occupied Social Centre , 21 Russell Square, Central London (nearest tube Russell Square; Buses: 7, 59, 68, 91, 168, 188, X68, N7, N91)All welcome. Entry by donation.INFO call 020 7278 3344
or email

Orwells Bigger Brother
Chat rooms monitored. Blogs deleted. Websites blocked. Search engines restricted. People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information. The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights. Governments – with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world – are cracking down on freedom of expression.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Battle of the Beanfield 21st anniversary reunion,

Glastonbury, June 1st 2006

May 21st, 2006

The Assembly Rooms, High St., Glastonbury
Thursday June 1st 2006, 12 noon to 12 midnight
Admission free (but please provide a donation if at all possible to help with the running costs)

To mark the 21st anniversary of the notorious trashing of a convoy of travellers, festival-goers and green activists en route to Stonehenge, this will be a day to celebrate the triumphs of those who refused to be cowed by state oppression, and to remember those who are no longer with us.

1 pm: The first screening for 15 years of ‘Stonehenge: A Midsummer Night’s Rock Show’, Al Stokes’ film of the 1984 Stonehenge Free Festival.

2 pm: Screening of ‘Operation Solstice’, the acclaimed 1991 documentary about the Battle of the Beanfield by Neil Goodwin and Gareth Morris.

3 pm: ‘The legacy of the Beanfield’, a talk by Andy Worthington, editor of ‘The Battle of the Beanfield’ and author of ‘Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion’.

3.30 pm: Open forum. A chance for anyone present to have their say.

5 pm: Film-maker Martin Parry introduces a screening of his newly-released film ‘Outsiders: The Peace Convoy’, following the trials of the Convoy during 1985 and 1986.

6 pm: Screening of ‘New Age Travellers’, a recent BBC Time Shift documentary.

7 pm: Break for dinner.

8.30 pm: Evening entertainment begins – acoustic music and DJs.

Children, grandchildren & family members welcome. Non-smoking space available.
Sorry, no dogs in the Assembly Rooms.
For more info call Jo: 01458
834405/07761 321341.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Interesting links and festivals

We are hitting the road soon so come and play with us....

Undercurrents goes to Dorset
Join us in June at a festival with altitute (on a hill)

Comedian in the White House
This time it isn't Bush but a true stand up who gave a merciless
performance to the Press Correspondents' Association. Stephen Colbert went
way beyond the harmless routine they expected.

PROJECTILE: A festival of anarchist film and culture
16-18 June,Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Daily Mail payout to Indymedia journalist
Undercurrents have been busy supporting indymedia reporters during the
current Genoa court cases. This story deserves an airing about the Daily
Mails lies.,7558,1396813,00.html

Webmakers gathering
Inventor of the WWW. Tim Berners-Lee's comes to Edinburgh to bring together
visionaries and experts. From academia and business who drive the Web
forward, shaping and building its potential for new ways of communicating,
trading and collaborating. £750 GBP to attend per person but Free if you
can use a video camera to film the events.Call Daniel on 020 79936339.

The Art of Flight,
Watch online- a documentary about Sudanese refugees in Cairo and America’s
failing policies in the Middle East.

Where to see us this summer
Undercurrents in a place near you.

Hanging Farmer
British Farmer sells gallows to Zimbabwe.

Newbury Bypass book
A roads activist is releasing his book later this year but you can read
extracts online.'Newbury was a fight characterised by extreme cold, fire
and community, cider, drugs and living simply in the woods.'

Undercurrents nominated for 4 awards
Thanks partly to your voting, 4 films from undercurrents have been
shortlisted to win awards in the Swansea Bay Film Festival. The awards
ceremony is June 8th so fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back from the Balkans

Just got back from Balkans after hosting video workshops there...stunning place and the young people are really rebuilding their country.

Our good friends at the Groovy Movie solar picture house cinema spent a couple of months in Portugal, and have made a fairly tongue in cheek film about driving the truck all the way through Europe, fuelling up with veg oil from supermarkets, and ignoring petrol stations.

Sadly they wont be at the Big Green Gathering this year..Instead they are booked for the Woodcraft Folk (think anarchist scouts) International youth camp. This will have over 5000 young people, aged 6 - 20, from all over the world. It runs for ten days, and deals with issues such as sustainability, social justice, globalisation, environment etc.

The kids are of the rare kind that give you hope for the future. Last time two ten year olds squatted an unused marquee on site, and according to the organizers, did it absolutely properly. The Nestle vending machine on the site was sabotaged every night so there is hope for the future!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Glastonbury screw up

Just heard that we won't have our undercurrents trailer on the DVD of the Glastonbury movie (Due out in July 2006...feeling really gutted...apparently it started a battle between the film makers (Julien Temple and co) and the distributors. Emap couldnt be arsed to do the work to include the 90 sec trailer. So we didn't get a credit for supplying archive as they cocked that up and now we dont get a trailer..... is lady luck against us or what?

5 Undercurrents films have been nominated for awards in the Swansea bay film festival..awards in June..fingers and toes crossed.

If anyone knows how to get our DVDs into the High st...please let me know

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Life beyond the mainstream

Howdy all
This is me trying out blogging for the first time.. check back for updates. Heres some things we have come across recently

Rent undercurrents DVDs for Free!
Mark Thomas comedy show, Broad Horizons, UNN all for free by post so check
it out here.

Cannabis cartoons
Yer 'aving a laugh! Going beyond the media hype about the herb.

Undercurrents touring across Europe
Undercurrent joins the Art and Activism Caravan (AAC) in June. The AAC is a
border crossing project travelling from Greece (early June) via Macedonia,
Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the annual
activist environmentalist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia

What is reality? Who defines it?
Evolving Minds offers a fresh and radical perspective on alternatives to
the mental health system. Presenting clear information in a humorous style
it covers diverse topics such as shamanism, nutrition, psychotherapy,
meditation and protest against draconian mental health legislation.
Includes exclusive footage of British army experiments with LSD.

Having nothing to say in London
A handfull of people take one BLANK placard into Westminster which results
in loadsa police including a surveilance squad. Mr Orwell never wrote how
farcical it would all become. It's an interesting video!

Cartoon president
Drawing a cartoon about G. W Bush...the video is a bit pointless so a bit
like Mr Bush himself then.

Producer needed for global pilgrimage film
The Rainbow Serpent Project ( is a Global Pilgrimage
around the earth’s seven chakra points to promote oneness and earth healing.
They need a producer contact

Celebration of World Press Freedom Day
Undercurrents marked May 3rd with film showings, discussions and fine wine.
You can read other interesting views from Tash, a UK photographer.

Documentary filmmakers wanted,low-paid
London-based production company seek filmmakers for charity
documentary. The documentary will involve extensive travel throughout the
UK throughout May and June.£50 per day. email cv's to

Where to see undercurrents near you this year

Filmmakers of the world unite!