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Its a dog's life

Title: ’It’s a Dog’s Life,’ Countryside Undercover
Duration: 30 mins
Transmission: 1997
Territory: UK

This multi-award winning, controversial and groundbreaking documentary exposed cruelty and bad practice inside a top British animal testing laboratory. The film followed undercover diarist Zoe Broughton as she looked after beagle dogs used for testing drugs.
The film led to a full Home Office investigation into the allegations, a review of procedures within Government, two convictions for cruelty, and changes in the law.
Watch it here

Great festival

Great festival
I went to this last year and had a ball.

For this July the long range forecast is superb, but just in case there are a few
drops we wanted to explain why The SGP will never become a mud pit (and why Gene
Kelly would be smiling in The Garden also).

* Your 125 pound ticket is the first line in defence when it comes to ensuring the
Party rolls on if the heavens decide to open. The monies generated from your ticket
allow us to ensure this small festival has all the facilities of its larger cousins
– steel road and tons of woodchip to ensure car parks, walkways, camp grounds and
toilets remain clean and easily accessed at all times. The military use steel road
for tanks, so we're sure it will cope with 6000 Gardeners.

* The Secret Garden is 100% owned by The Head Gardener. This has allowed us to build
access roads over the past years that link all the main stages to the public
highway. No matter what the weather, they will always open on time and with their
full lineups in place.

* The Secret Garden has the most dedicated site management team and the full support
of the neighbouring farm. If any drops fall, a small army of tractors, trailers and
willing crew immediately go to work delivering woodchip, gravel and straw to ensure
any trouble spots do not become mud pits.

* Crucially, the SGP is SMALL!!! This means there is space for everyone under the
canvases of our tents. Indeed, we put a lot of effort into ensuing the numbers
onsite match the capacities of our beautiful tents. Also, fewer feet means less
damage to grass. Perfect.

* Finally, you The Gardeners, are the most spirited people on this fine Island. You
understand the spirit of singing in the rain and the joy of dancing as rain drops
fall onto the parched grass. The British weather is the reason The Garden is so
beautiful so we must rejoice in all its various guises.

We don't know why we are telling you this anyway as The Bear has sold his soul for
guaranteed sunshine.

Police disguise as a 'protester' to provoke violence by being an 'agent provocateur'

Is this the undercover cop?

Stop the War Coalition
Press Release
Monday 23 June

New evidence has now emerged that the violent attack on the anti-Bush
demonstration by the police last Sunday, 15th June, was not only
premeditated but was also orchestrated by the police themselves.
Yasmin Whittaker-Khan writing in yesterday's Mail on Sunday identified
one 'protester' as a police 'agent provocateur'

The background is this:

On Sunday 15th June the Stop the War Coalition together with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the British Muslim Initiative organised a peaceful protest against the visit of US President George Bush to London.

Over the last seven years Stop the War has organised numerous demonstrations all of which have all passed off peacefully. All these events have been arranged with the co-operation of the Metropolitan police with whom the Coalition has had a good working relationship.

This time the police were clearly operating with a different agenda:

1] Whitehall was sealed off for unspecified reasons. The police had
taken the 'political' decision not to allow a march to proceed along

2] More than 1200 police, many of whom were riot police, were deployed
to control a peace demonstration of no more than 2500 people.

3] Without provocation the police drew their batons en masse and
proceeded to attack the demonstrators. There are many independent
witnesses to this and the photographic evidence is strong. Several
people were hospitalised and others arrested indiscriminately.

4] There is evidence that the police used 'agent provocateurs' to try
[without success] and stir up the crowd. See the article by Yasmin
Whittaker-Khan in the Mail on Sunday 22nd June 2008.

A number of questions now need urgent attention:

a] Who took the decision to ban the march? Which government ministers
were involved? What role did the United States security services play in
this decision?

b] Why were so many police deployed?

c] Who gave the order for batons to be drawn and used?

d] Why did the police use 'agent provocateurs' to try and create disorder?
Were the security services involved in this sinister development?

Andrew Murray, Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, said today, 'The
premeditated attack on a peace demonstration by the police marks a
further deterioration in the civil liberties of all people in Britain.
We demand a full public investigation into the events of June 15th.'
More on this story here

Tony Gosling Arrested by Police on Mossad Case

Tony Gosling Arrested by Police on Mossad Case
The police are looking for a woman called Natalie Bracht -

Although Gosling states that he can not confirm that the information provided to him by Bracht is genuine, he does stress the importance of sharing her allegations.

Bracht's allegations involve operations carried out on the British mainland by Israeli intelligence agents from Mossad. In particular activities at the South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue in Newcastle.

According to Bracht she has been on the run from her home in Sunderland since Libyan intelligence officers warned her that the authorities were going to arrest her and place her children in care. The Libyan agents told Bracht that her father was Moshe Baton (spelling tbc) an Israeli British intelligence officer who defected to Libya.

She believes that Mossad helped to carry out the July 7th bombings and that no Muslims are to blame.
The authorities have suggested that Bracht is suffering from mental illness and has threatened to kill her own children. Gosling and others have met with Bracht and her five daughters. They report normal behaviour between Bracht and her children - this would seemingly contradict police allegations.

It is not clear at this time, but Gosling believes they have found and arrested Bracht today.

Tuesday 24th June approx. 1400 Tony Gosling and fiancee were stopped in their vehicle on the M32 motorway in Bristol by ten police officers under the authority of the Northumbria Police Major Incident Unit.

Gosling and fiancee were held at Trinity Road police station in Bristol until 1200 the next day, 25th June. Both were heavily questioned. They were each arrested three times, a total of six arrests.

The arrests in order were, Obstructing a Recovery Order, Theft of a Credit Card and then again for Obstructing a Recovery Order.

The two later arrests were made in the police station where they were still being detained for the first arrest.

The officers in command had come from Newcastle: DC 1077 Fairlamb (M) & DC 8558 Logan (F)

Gosling states that he gave police the key to his home address in Bristol. Officers battered his door down before proceeding to conviscate printed lists of contact details, two diaries, two mobile phones, a laptop and a desktop computer. These items are still being held at this time.

Gosling feels he was threatened with precocious charges. He states that he cooperated with police, but claims that his rights as a journalist were not respected. All the charges were dropped shortly before Gosling and his fiancee were released.

Several locations in and around Bristol associated with Gosling were also raided by police.

Download and listen to the hour long interview to hear other information. 5aa911b8e77534037.torrent

Madness Radio- Evolving Minds

This week's Madness Radio features UK video activist and writer Mel Gunasena from Undercurrents on her mystical experiences and forced psychiatric hospitalization. Mel is the director of Evolving Minds, a documentary film about spiritual experiences and what gets labeled "psychosis" by the mental health system. She also discusses the art
therapy project in Sri Lanka she helped found to assist traumatized tsunami-affected
children. See a trailer for the film at and
check out the Sri Lanka project at
Listen to this radio episode on the Madness Radio site:

Download episode file directly:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Timothy Leary - The man who turned on America :

Timothy Leary - The man who turned on America :

Turn on
Tune in
Drop Out

Camera training

Insight News Television will be holding a 2-day intensive Single Camera
Film-Making course that will arm you with the basic skills necessary to
single-handedly shoot a documentary.

The Overview: In classes of no more than 15, participants will be given:
1. both practical and theoretical lessons on all technical aspects of
camera work (including lighting and sound)
2. insights into more creative aspects of film-making from interview
techniques and camera angles, to filming in volatile environments and the
realities of international and human rights journalism

The Tutors: Participants will be taught by Insight News Television's
Managing Editor and Bafta award winning Director, Ron McCullagh, with
additional lectures given by the internationally acclaimed journalist
Sorious Samura.

Date: Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd Aug
Location: Clapham Common

The Fee: 275 for students, 295 for Shooting people members, 330 for
individuals, and 550 for corporate.

The Company: Insight News Television is a multiple award winning (Bafta,
Emmys) documentary production company. It is Insight News Television's
desire to make the important interesting, and we are committed to
nurturing new generations of documentary film makers who share in this

For more information on Insight News Television, you can visit our website

Contact: If you would like more information on the course, please call
Charlotte van Gool on 020 7738 8344, or e-mail alternatively you can visit: to book your place on the course now.

Mareo Serena: "...the best course I have been to. I don't know how I
managed to learn so much in such a short time..."

Hodan Yusuf: "I have respect for the work Insight does and this training
was an ideal opportunity to learn from the best."

Shelly Hopkins: "The teaching was excellent, professional and direct and
instilled my faith in ethical documentary filmmaking."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Media claim Amazon Tribe 'hoax'

The British newspaper The Observer claimed on 22 June that it has now ‘emerged’ that the uncontacted tribe whose photos received worldwide publicity were neither ‘lost’, nor 'undiscovered' nor ‘unknown’.

Other newspapers that have picked up the article have gone further and said that the story was a ‘hoax’.

The story is not a hoax, and none of those involved in working to protect these Indians’ rights have ever claimed they were ‘undiscovered’.

In response to the allegations, Survival International’s director Stephen Corry today issued the following statement:

‘The Observer article claims to ‘reveal’ that the tribe photographed was neither ‘lost’ nor ‘unknown’. The reality is that neither Survival nor the Brazilian government claimed they were:

• When Survival published the photos, we quoted José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles, the Brazilian official who released them, saying, ‘We did the overflight to show their houses, to show they are there…’ As Mr Meirelles said when the Brazilian government released the photos, the Indians’ territory has been monitored for twenty years.

• These Indians are in a reserve expressly set aside for the protection of uncontacted tribes: they were hardly ‘unknown’!

• A glance at Survival’s publications would also ‘reveal’ that we have been campaigning for the protection of the uncontacted Indians of this region for more than twenty years.

‘What is, and remains, true, is that so far as is known these Indians have no peaceful contact with outsiders. The publication of the pictures has pushed the Peruvian government into investigating their plight, a huge step forward given that just a few months ago Peru’s President publicly questioned whether uncontacted Indians exist at all.

‘This latest controversy reveals more about media attitudes than it does about isolated tribal peoples. Some journalists apparently don’t want to recognise that there are in fact many uncontacted tribes around the world – we estimate about 100 – which, whilst not ‘lost’, simply reject contact with the outside world. Given the massacres and atrocities so many of them have experienced, it’s a perfectly sensible attitude.’

For further information please contact Miriam Ross on (+44) (0)20 7687 8734 or email

Coal Walk


March from Rochester to Kingsnorth

Sunday 3rd August
The opening day of the Camp for Climate Action.

Assemble 12 noon at Rochester Station.
Trains take 40 to 70 minutes from Victoria or Charing Cross and there are several
per hour. See

We will march together with the Camp for Climate Action “Caravan” on its last day
before it reaches the ‘Climate Camp’ itself - but this will be a legal, organised

You can (1) march all the way (seven miles), (2) just attend a brief rally and
march a mile or so through Rochester, or (3) just do the first and last parts of the
march (get a bus from Strood and join us again at Hoo for the final mile or so to
Kingsnorth). You can go with the caravan to check out the Climate Camp on its first

A new wave of coal-fired power stations will be a disaster for any meaningful
attempt to avert catastrophic climate change. Come and lend some support to the
movement that is building against it !

More info as it becomes available

BBC Electric Proms

0: BBC New Music Shorts - CALL FOR ENTRIES
The BBC New Music Shorts scheme is now open for submissions.

BBC Electric Proms want your submissions for this year's initiative before
the closing date of Monday 7 July.

We are challenging filmmakers to make original new films inspired by new
music tracks. You will get to work with Warp Films and up to 5,000 to
make your film, which will be premiered at the BBC Electric Proms in
October. Our record label partners have provided tracks from their latest
releases by XX Teens (Mute Records), Wild Beasts (Domino), and Roots
Manuva (Ninja Tune/Big Dada).

We want you to submit creative ideas for films that use and are inspired
by these tracks.

The important thing is that your idea is narrative driven. It could be
anything from a music promo, a short drama, animation or even a
For the full details go to:
Entries close 7th July 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Band in a Box- very funny

Roll up, roll up for the world's one and only human Jukebox experience, the best entertainment you will have had all year. Guaranteed!!!

The DUKes BOX is a custom built audio-visual show that combines music and performance. An entire band dressed in gold and spandex is crammed into a jukebox the size of a wardrobe. This human jukebox is the most energetic, adventurous and hilarious performance you will ever witness.

Undercurrents made a film with the Dukes

Filming in Prague

Undercurrents and other video activists filming in Prague during the World Bank Summit in 2000

Sex and Money films

Current TV are looking for new pods on the theme of Sex and Money this month. It's no
revelation that sex and money are easy bedfellows. The UK sex industry alone turns
over £2000 every second. Our Sex and Money season will explore the relationship
between the two and how it affects the UK, socially and economically. From the
explosion of mobile phone porn to organic sex toys; from sex in videogames to the
Russian Chippendales. If you've got an idea for this season drop Emily or Lina a
line at and

Funds for training

Our funding programmes are: Arts; Education and learning; and Social justice. Refugee funding

Grant Seekers Guidelines
The Foundation's responsive grants enable people from developing Commonwealth countries to participate in activities such as short training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural festivals, exchanges and study visits in other Commonwealth countries.

The Fidelity UK Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established in 1988 to strengthen not-for-profit organisations primarily in regions surrounding Fidelity International's major corporate locations.

Sunday, June 22, 2008



If you knew that someone was putting poison into your water supply, what
would you do? Call the authorities? Well don't bother cos it's the
government wot's doing it!

If you live in the West Midlands or the North East, the chances are that you
already have a fluoridated water supply - and comments earlier this year
from Health Secretary Alan Johnson made it clear that he is keen to see this
toxic industrial waste added to everyone else's water as soon as possible.
Why? He believes that it is a 'key means of tackling tooth decay' - despite
the fact that no scientific evidence bears this out, and much other evidence
has emerged linking fluoride ingestion to bone deficiencies, cancer, joint
pain, skin rash, damage to thyroid glands and even IQ deficits.

So what's going on? Well, Alan Johnston has swallowed the arguments put
forward by the dental and pharmaceutical lobbying groups, all of which have
been exported here from the US where, since the 1940s, they have managed to
get over 70% of water fluoridated. It's just science they say - fluoride was
shown in the mid-1930's to have a beneficial effect on the incidence of
children's tooth decay, so why not add it at source and protect everyone's
teeth without them having to do a thing?

But this mass medication argument has more holes in than my sugar-addled
teeth. Number one is obviously, er, mass medication? Unknown dosage level
(everyone's water consumption is different) and without the patients'
consent? Since when was that normal practice? You don't forcefeed people
aspirin because one of them may be experiencing a headache... it's illogical
and wasteful - not to mention people's rights to refuse medication.

In fact, a dip in the scientific fluoride literature is like diving into a
very muddy pool, reminiscent of the 'smoking is not really bad for you' or
'climate change isn't really happening' debates of recent decades. This
alone should be ringing the alarm bells. Many studies do suggest that
'topical' application of fluoride, i.e. applying it to the teeth directly by
way of toothpaste etc does have some beneficial effect on cavity rates,
although these don't attempt to separate out all the other factors which may
play a part in tooth health, like diet, or attempt to discover other ways of
achieving the same benefits. While fluoride is proven (and accepted by all)
to cause dental fluorosis (pitted or mottled tooth enamel) - now widespread
in American mouths - little high quality study has been done on other side
effects like bone deterioration or cancers, which may mean a slightly
healthier smile is far outweighed by a shorter diseased life.

And the story with applying the fluoride by drinking it in water is even
cloudier. There is no unequivocal proof that it works. In fact, since large
parts of America started sipping it in the 1950s, numerous studies have
shown that, all else being equal, tooth decay rates for fluoridated and
non-fluoridated water areas are, er, exactly the same - or in some cases
even higher in fluoridated areas! This has led to nearly all of Europe long
since abandoning the practice - but it seems that governments in the UK (10%
fluoridated) and Ireland (72%) just can't resist the persuasive American

If you were of a slightly cynical mind (who us?!), it would almost seem that
nobody at the top wants to hear any evidence contradicting the fluoride
dogma. The approved studies are designed (and funded) purely to decide
whether adding fluoride for teeth can be considered 'a good thing'. This is
the result demanded by big business eager to turn an expensive-to-get-rid-of
toxic industrial waste product (left over in pesticide production, aluminium
processing and nuclear uranium enriching, amongst other things) into a
'miracle' health ingredient to be boxed up, re-branded and sold back in
small amounts to the general public in return for a handsome profit. Well
you can see their logic. Two birds with one stone and profits up. No wonder
that the many more recent long term-studies and peer-reviews of past data
showing no provable benefits (and many possible negatives) are swiftly
discredited or ignored.


And there are other (presumably weakened, deteriorating) skeletons in the
closet. In 1997, two American journalists dug out previously classified
documents revealing how fluoride policy and research was shaped by atom bomb
making at the end of the Second World War. The first court cases against the
government from people affected by living near to the bomb making facilities
were not for the effects of radiation, but for damage to crops from fluoride

The secret 'Manhattan Project' memos - the group of government and
industrial capitalists running the development of the nuclear option - show
that they knew about the problems and commissioned pro-fluoride research
merely to help fight these and future possible court cases. Despite
editorial approval and full referencing, the damning article was dropped by
the Christian Science Monitor and never widely published.

Despite Birmingham and other areas' water being contaminated, no new UK
regions have joined them since the mid 1980s when the rollout was put on
hold. But the threat is back. In 1993, despite no demand, the government
passed an act giving regional strategic health authorities (SHA) the power
to compel water to be fluoridated. It must have been frustrating for them
and their corporate sponsors that, to date, not one of them has done so. So
it seems like a whole new round of propaganda and pressure is about to be
applied. Anti-fluoride action groups have sprung up around the country (see and for example) who are working to try and
ensure that nobody else is unwillingly force-fed this harmful toxic poison
for no health benefit. As recent studies in China and Mexico have shown a
link between fluoride consumption and lower IQ scores, maybe they're just
out to keep us all dumb...?

* There's tons more info to get yer teeth into at and

Saturday, June 21, 2008

CCTV movie

London screening of FACELESS at LIFT festival

when: 1st of July, 20.00
where: The Lift, Southbank
a CCTV sci-fi fairy-tale by MANU LUKSCH (50 min)
choreography: THE BALLET BOYZ
soundtrack: MUKUL
In a society under the reformed 'Real-Time' Calendar, without history nor
future, everybody is faceless. A woman panics when she wakes up one day with
a face. With the help of the Spectral Children she slowly finds out more
about the lost power and history of the human face and begins the search for
its future.

FACELESS was produced under the rules of the 'Manifesto for CCTV
Filmmakers'. The manifesto states, amongst other things, that additional
cameras are not permitted at filming locations, as the omnipresent existing
video surveillance (CCTV) is already in operation. Footage was negotiated
under the Data Protection Act 1998 over a period of four years.

The screening is part of SpeedDataRadio (starting at 18.00), a round-table
discussion mixed live to air on Resonance104.4 FM. Join Cecilia Wee and her
three-dozen guests as they discuss surveillance, the art of seeing and the
art of being seen.

Eavesdrop on multiple fascinating conversations at once and, if a chair
becomes free, direct the discussion yourself. Part conference, part
absurdist theatre, SpeedDataRadio is the activity of minds travelling at the
speed of sound.



Medieval Festival on in July

Here is a film we made about this festival which is 25years old in July.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dramatic video shows attack on Brazillian Indian village

The video shows gunmen firing assault rifles and throwing homemade bombs at an unarmed group of Makuxi. The gunmen are believed to be working for Paulo César Quartiero, who is also the mayor of a nearby town. Ten Makuxi were wounded in the attack, six of them children.

Mr Quartiero was arrested but has since been released. Police found a large cache of arms on his farm.The video was taken by CIR.

An extraordinary video released by the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) and Survival International shows the moment hired gunmen attack a Makuxi Indian village in Brazil.

Although the Makuxi live in an officially recognised reserve, several powerful farmers are illegally occupying the territory and refusing to move. Gunmen hired by these farmers regularly attack the Indians.

The state government has petitioned Brazil’s Supreme Court asking it to let these farmers remain on Indian land. It is expected to rule within the next month.

Two Indians from the area, Jacir José de Souza, the founder of CIR, and Nascimento da Cunha, will be in London next week and are available for interview.

Survival’s Director Stephen Corry said today, ‘After Survival released the photos of uncontacted Indians in Brazil three weeks ago, some people said that such tribes should be encouraged to join the mainstream society. This extraordinary video shows what they can expect the mainstream will bring them – unremitting violence if they try to simply live on their own lands in peace.’

CCTV of cars crashing

Bollards to this

Inspiring grafttti video

Need music for your film?

From: Monica Max West
I'm an indie songwriter who is very interested in collaborating with film
makers, particularly with makers of documentaries about political issues
(eg human rights, animal rights, green issues, etc).

I completed an MA in Composing for Film and Television and have my own
home studio, and am therefore experienced in synching music with moving
image. You can view my work on or

If you like my musical style and would like a bespoke song written for
your documentary (opening titles? end credits?), I'd be happy to discuss
this with you. I recently wrote a song 'Chicken Out', in response to Hugh
Fearnley-Whittingstall's campaigning work about the plight of boiler

I am happy to work for free/expenses for the right project.

Please get in touch on info 'at'

Police steal banksy painting

Police stole banksy painting..taken away by police when they mounted a massive night-time operation to dismantle Brian Haw antiwar display on 23 May 06. This canvas is by the well-known street artist and supporter of Brian, Banksy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Japanese Knotweed

Anyone who notices this plant will know a pest..but did u know you can eat it?

HABITAT: Japanese knotweed grows on disturbed soil, along roadsides and riverbanks, in other moist areas, and in fields. Often displacing other plants and difficult to eradicate, it’s so tasty that some municipalities have surrendered, and hold annual Japanese knotweed festivals instead.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Documentary film festival

Emotive stories, shocking revelations and controversial opinions just
some of the elements that go towards making a good documentary. Whether
you're a Cocaine Cowboy, a Sicko or Super-Sized, there's a documentary for
everyone. From the extreme of Michael Moore to the expert wisdom of David
Attenborough, a good documentary always incites discussion and provokes
thought amongst the audience. Even if you don't agree with the opinions
offered they always give you something to talk about in the bar

So, this month Shot and Shorts is inviting you to 'Bowling For Bourne' to
have those discussions whilst showing you some of the best new documentary
talent in the UK, and so we need YOUR films.

Our only rule is that your documentary is no longer than 5 minutes. Don't
already have something in the can? Then get out there and MAKE it! Nothing
like a bit of time pressure to get those creative and investigative juices
really flowing

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Monday 30th June 2008 at 6pm.

We will need your films on a DVD that can play on a standard DVD player or
converted to a QuickTime on a data disk.

Download the application form at
and send with your film to:

Shots and Shorts
2 Percy Street

You will be notified by email if your film is going to be shown on the

This month's film evening will take place on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 at:

Bourne and Hollingsworth
28 Rathbone Place


Friday, June 13, 2008

Activists camcorder footage of dramatic protest used by the BBC

Activists camcorder footage of dramatic protest used by the BBC

About 30 climate campaigners have halted a train taking coal to one of Europe's biggest power stations in North Yorkshire. A giant banner reading "Leave it in the ground" has been draped over the train bound for Drax near Selby.

The train was stopped in Rawcliffe, on the border of North and East Yorkshire.
Watch the video here

Renaldo Ruggerio Cream Pied by activists

From our archives


Enter's new international short film competition and win $500 to
$3000 USD, PLUS entry into their contest for feature film funding. All you
have to do is make a 1 to 3 minute film about "Help Wanted" and upload it by
July 2. If you win, your next film will be watched by their Jury members
( - who include Paul Schrader, Zak Penn and
Werner Herzog. If the Jury likes your film, you could get your feature film
idea produced by Filmaka

Contest details for "Help Wanted" at


Australia calling

I had an great email from my past today..from an Ozzie woman who i worked on her organic farm in Adelaide in 1997

Hello Paul,
Ruth here. Yes I am still alive, many changes here since you stayed. Fuzzy has left.
Same lovely place, looking through old letters, remembering all the stuff we did
together on the farm and I would love to get in touch again.
+61 8 8390 1111

Fuzzy who owned the farm is battling with nutty developers

Be an USA video reporter


The American News Project ( is dedicated to
defending and promoting the public interest through high-quality,
investigative video journalism. Our staff includes video professionals who
have worked at CNN, BBC, National Geographic, PBS Frontline, Bill Moyers
Journal and other respectable media outlets. Our reports (some call them
mini-documentaries) regularly end up on prominent media outlets like the
Huffington Post.

We are building out our network of freelance filmmakers and video
journalists. ANP is run very much like a traditional magazine. Video
reports are produced by staff reporters and qualified freelancers. Our
stories are distributed to hundreds of blogs and major media sites.

We are assembling a community of video journalists and documentary
filmmakers who believe in quality, accuracy and in the transformative
potential of good multimedia storytelling. Some of the most incisive
reporting is produced by those who know the personalities and communities
directly affected by issues and events.

If you are a documentary filmmaker or professional video journalist who
would like to work with us on stories please click on the link below and
fill out your info.

We believe that these are seminal times, both in the evolution of media
and the project of America. By grinding away at pernicious problems; by
holding the powerful accountable; by seeking out universal stories of
struggle and transcendence; by highlighting voices overlooked by
mainstream outlets; by making a commitment to quality; by partnering with
our peers in the independent press; and by assembling an online community
of media junkies who hunger to participate, we hope to help pioneer a form
of online public-interest broadcasting that is both entertaining and

So, welcome. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you participate.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Jewish settler attack' on film

BBC have a story with Footage from a video camera handed out by an Israeli human rights group appears to show Jewish settlers beating up Palestinians in the West Bank.
more here

Video cameras are so important to show abuse!

The 2008 We the Peoples film festival will be held in late November. Our festival will feature the United Nations theme, 'The Three Pillars of Freedom': freedom from want - Development; freedom from fear - Security; and freedom to live in dignity - Human Rights.

We will screen the best films from around the world related to Development, Security and Human Rights. Information on film submissions for the 2008 We The Peoples film festival will be posted on our new website to launch in July. Join our mailing list below to receive all updates.

An exciting addition to this year's festival will be the Young Film Makers for Development programme which will screen films produced by schools, young peoples' film groups and independent young film makers on the challenges which face the peoples of developing countries. We believe that this will be the world's first festival of its kind anywhere.

We thank all those who made the 2007 We The Peoples film festival such a success; our volunteers, partner agencies, sponsors, patrons and our audiences. The compilation DVD containing some of the great films shown at the 2007 festival is now available for distribution to schools and NGOs in the UK. Copies can be sent to non-UK destinations for a nominal charge. For further information, please contact

Sign up here to receive updates for the 2008 We The Peoples film festival

Money theme video festival

BoSs 2008: Money Money Money

"Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. They have more money than we."
Dizzy Gillespie
Call for Submissions
Submission deadline: 15 August 2008

We would like to invite filmmakers from around the world to submit short films (animation, music video, artist films, feature films, documentary etc.) up to 10 minutes on the theme “Money Money Money”. Think about the poor and the stinking rich, the stingy and the philanthropists. Think about what you could do with a million, but don’t forget what some people can do without a penny. You could explore capitalism, communism or globalisation. If you feel like it check out the prize for a barrel of oil. If you think money can buy you love, then make a film about that. And what about haggling, gambling and shopping therapy? Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses but do better than them and send us the best film you can make!

Undercurrents of protest put on view by Wales' video festival campaigners

This is an article from last years paper about our festival

Nov 27 2006 Staff Reporter, Western Mail

IN a narrow street in Swansea's docklands, behind Morgan's luxury hotel, a revolution is taking place inside the Old Telephone Exchange.

And the revolutionaries, or Undercurrents as they call themselves, want to recruit you to the struggle.

"Promoting non-violent direct action in order to bring about environmental and social change using the media - that's our aim," said veteran video activist Paul O'Connor - and that's a big task.

Set up in 1993, Undercurrents next week hosts its annual international political video festival, Beyond TV, in Swansea.

Open to all, the festival seeks to turn us into video campaigners and will offer inspiration and guidelines to anyone who wants to project a different view of the world from that usually offered.

The Old Telephone Exchange seems an appropriate home for a group that aims to challenge how we currently receive our news.

Undercurrents shares its headquarters with a mixture of other educational and environmental bodies, so first you must pick your way through a communal kitchen and boxes of organic vegetables to reach them.

Their cramped but tidy office is packed with weapons of revolt - a number of cameras hang from pegs, shelves are stocked with campaigning DVDs and there are neat piles of the group's small orange revolutionary manifesto.

The Video Activist Handbook was written by founder member Thomas Harding and sets out tactics to be used by members.

It calls the camcorder a powerful political instrument and defines an adherent to the cause as "someone who uses video as a tool to bring about social justice and environmental protection".

The group began in London, campaigning against the Criminal Justice Bill, which they saw as an attack on raves and squatters whilst also limiting the right to protest.

But Undercurrents soon found themselves working with a whole range of marginalised people unable to get their voice heard through established media channels.

In the past, they have worked with Romany groups and protesters against new road construction.

Over the years, they argue, new media technology has made it easier to present such alternative voices.

"The camcorder is accessible to ordinary people who wouldn't have had a chance to make programmes in the past," said Helen Iles.

"And now, for example, we have a solar pack adapted to power cameras and laptops so that we can be ecologically friendly and operate in the field more easily.

"We're at the cutting edge of these changes."

Undercurrents has the dual role of making programmes for campaigns and teaching groups the skills to make their own output.

Whether Welsh peace campaigners, eco-villagers in Pembrokeshire, or Palestinian farmers protesting in the Gaza strip, they have all been helped by this charity.

However, mainstream media outlets have frequently been loathe to show this subversive material.

Undercurrents have been forced to seek alternative distribution methods and, once again, new technology has come to their aid.

The digital revolution in television has meant the growth of numerous small stations, such as the 'Community Channel', where their material can be aired.

Whilst, even more radically, material can be distributed via the internet.

But by using a more old-fashioned technique, they have returned to the early days of the film industry by taking their own cinema out to the people.

"We regularly put up a screen in a muddy field during a music festival but our most exotic location to date was in an old Army tent by a waterfall in Iceland," said Helen.

Undercurrents have developed a screening policy to reel in the punters as well. Firstly, they hit them with radical animation or pop videos by rap artists before introducing the heavier political material.

They describe themselves as vagabonds and are currently working to convert an old caravan for their travelling film shows.

By now, the small office is packed with people.

The preparations for the Beyond TV Festival are going on apace. Sessions will include screenings of animation and documentaries on the oil industry, consumerism and Palestine - to name but a few.

Whatever the topic it will be a colourful and lively debate - and they're keen to recruit you to the struggle.

"All people need is a story they want to tell and plenty of enthusiasm," said Helen. "We'll work with them and teach them the skills."

Poor old Lenin had to make do with a hand-cranked printing press - these revolutionaries have more modern weapons. And they're not afraid to use them!

For more information on the Beyond TV International Political Video Conference, call Undercurrents on 01792 455900, or visit

Friends of the Earth's One-minute

The 2008 competition has now launched!
This year we're asking filmmakers 'Which bit of the Earth are you a friend of?' Check out to find out how to enter.

Once again, we have a great line-up of high-profile judges for the competition - including Trainspotting Producer Andrew MacDonald and David Sproxton of Aardman Animation.

The competition is open until 29 August.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


"Control the oil and you'll control the nations; control the food and you'll control the people." - Henry Kissinger (1970)

Pirates break into Live Broadcast

Here is a video i made a few years ago to show the fund of being a TV pirate. It was broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel

Funding for asylum-seekers,


* Funding: £24 million, distributed in grants between £500 and £20,000.
* Funder: Lloyds TSB Foundation.
* Aim: To support under-funded charitable organisations in England and Wales, particularly those that help disadvantaged or disabled people. Priorities for funding are refugees, asylum-seekers, and projects tackling prejudice against black and minority ethnic groups.
* Who Can Apply? Registered charities in England and Wales.
* Deadline: Not fixed: rolling programme.
* Contact:
T 0870 411 1223

Ozzie TV wants yer videos

SKA Tv is inviting all documentary filmmakers world-wide to submit any
and all documentaries of a 24-25 minute duration, to broadcast on
Melbourne's C31.

We are asking for broadcast quality documentaries that contain stories
of a social justice, human rights, environmental, indigenous, youth,
cultural and political nature, from all parts of the world.

So if you have anything that you would like broadcast in our new doco
season, and have no problems with giving us the copyright to air it
for you, then please send us your dvd's/MDV tapes and copyright
release to:

SKA Tv at Suite 75
Trades Hall Building
54 Victoria St
South Carlton
3053, Victoria

And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on
03-9663 6976, or e-mail us here at

Alternatively, call me-Leesa Carriage on 0401-861 879 or e-mail me on

SKA Tv- 20 years in 2008, and still going strong, thanks to the help
and generosity of all local, national and global, past and present
volunteers who are trying to create a better world through creating
awareness of the issues that we all face.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Climate Change videos wanted

I am writing to you to request footage and to invite you to submit a
video to the United Nations Development Programme Youth Climate Change
Project. I am currently working with Peace Child International
( and managing the video component of the
project. We are looking for video submissions from youth all over the
world. The UNDP/Peace Child Youth Video Climate Change Challenge is an
interactive competition that aims to inspire and educate young people
on the key messages of the 2007 Human Development Report - the United
Nations' most comprehensive analysis of current scientific, economic
and political thinking about the threat of catastrophic climate change
and how to avoid it. To see these key messages, click here:

The contest invites young people aged 15-25 to make 30-150 second
videos that relate these key messages to their own lived experience of
climate change, their views about it and their actions and/or their
concerns about how the older generation have been, or should be,
reacting to the challenge of combating it.

Videos to Engage and Inspire the World:
The United Nations is made up of 193 member states - and young people
aged 15-25 in each of them are welcome to enter this contest. Even if
you do not own a Video Camera, or a computer, you can take part in the
contest. Click here for details:


An all expense trip paid to attend the World Youth Congress 2008 in
Quebec City, Quebec:

The 4th World Youth Congress will bring 600 of the world's most
dynamic young activists in the field of sustainable development to
Quebec from 120 different countries.

If you have any questions regarding the project feel free to ask me
anything and I look forward to seeing submissions from you if time


Adam MacIsaac,

Media Coordinator
UNDP Youth Climate Change Project

Monday, June 09, 2008

Growing food in containers

I am trying to grow lots of food in containers at home in Wales and here are my Potatoes in the green bin with cherry Tomatoes behind. I also have herbs, chives, beans and others.

GW Bush in London

George Bush's itinery for his UK visit on Sunday 15 June is now confirmed.He is going to Downing Street for dinner.

The protest now assembles at 5.00pm in Parliament Square.Please publicise the changed time as widely as you can and encourage everyone you know who opposes George Bush's endless warmongering, and the servile support he receives from the British government, to join us.

Stop the War will also be organising a protest when George Bush goes to Windsor for tea with the Queen at 3.00pm.

Called by Stop the War Coalition and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

New james Bond music video

Just came across this music video which hasn't been released yet...this will be the new James Bond music.The video is to promote the new James Bond book - The Devil May Care"

Sal Video - Devil May Care

Save our archive of dissent!

We need funds for storing our digital video archive. Would this do methinks?

Your Heritage (£3,000 to £50,000)
Your Heritage provides grants of between £3,000 and £50,000 to support projects that relate to the local, regional or national heritage of the UK. We welcome applications that help people to learn about, look after and celebrate heritage in a fun and enjoyable way.

In April 2008 we introduced new application materials and guidance for this programme. During this transitional year we will start assessing applications under this new programme on 1 September 2008 and will give our first decisions within 10 weeks of your application.

Please note: If you are applying for a Your Heritage grant under the old programme, please click here. You can apply using the the old Your Heritage application pack up to 30 June 2008. You will receive a decision by September 2008.

We have three aims which relate to learning, conservation and participation.

To receive a grant your project must:

* help people to learn about their own and other people's heritage.

Your project must also do either or both of the following.

* Conserve the UK's diverse heritage for present and future generations to experience and enjoy.
* Help more people, and a wider range of people, to take an active part in and make decisions about heritage.

Heritage includes many different things from the past that we value and want to pass on to future generations. Heritage projects might include:

people's memories and experiences
histories of people, communities, places and events
cultural traditions
historic buildings and townscapes
archaeological sites
collections of items, archives or other materials
natural and designed landscapes
habitats and species
sites and collections linked to our industrial, maritime and transport history.

Funding for community

The Barrow Cadbury Trust has launched a new funding stream aimed at
fostering greater cohesion in some of Britain's most diverse towns and

The trust will fund voluntary and community projects with grants
typically worth £30,000.

The new funding stream builds on the trust's existing work promoting
'Habits of Solidarity' between people of different ethnic, religious
and cultural backgrounds.

Projects that promote 'Habits of Solidarity' encourage people from
different backgrounds to work together in order to tackle mutual

In the trust's experience, uniting diverse groups of people around a
common cause is an excellent way to foster solidarity and
understanding between Britain's increasingly diverse populace.

The Ashiana Community Project in Birmingham is an example of a
community group helping to foster 'habits of solidarity'.

Ashiana uses local "community mentors" to encourage marginalised local
women to participate in health, education and confidence-building

Women from different communities forge close bonds as they overcome
their mutual concerns together. In doing so, this project not only
fosters cohesion but also helps address the poverty and inequality
that often lie at the heart of people's concerns.

Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs, Chief Executive of the Barrow Cadbury Trust said:

"In an increasingly plural country, it wouldn't be healthy for
different communities to live 'parallel lives' – side by side but with
little interaction. However, many of the initiatives aimed at
fostering a diverse and cohesive society appear superficial – often
focused around culture and identity and 'what it means to be British.'
The Barrow Cadbury Trust's 'habits of solidarity' funding stream is
about supporting grass-roots projects that demonstrably bring
different people together to tackle local problems."

The funding initiative marks a significant step for The Barrow Cadbury
Trust; one of the UK's most dynamic funding agencies.

Kaur-Stubbs went on to say:

"Some of the poorest parts of Britain are also the most ethnically
diverse. As a charitable foundation, we need to help local communities
join forces to tackle poverty and inequality, rather than compete over
limited resources.

"We will target local groups that bring communities together around
common causes, in order to provide positive examples of what can be
achieved when people move beyond cultural, religious or ethnic

Gypsy film festival 2008

New York Roma / Gypsy Human Right Film Festival, 2nd edition
July 8th-13th
Mehanata Bulgarian Bar
113 Ludlow St. NY

press contact:

You're invited to the Second Annual New York Roma / Gypsy Human Right
Film Festival!

The New York Roma / Gypsy Human Right Film Festival again brings
together highly spirited filmmakers, musicians and a broad public who
believe in the respectful voice and meaningful representation each
individual is entitled to. Join the Festival in its continuous pursuit
of a vibrant and dignified
portrayal of the global Roma and Sinti population.

The festival will screen over 25 films from all over the world: Chile,
Republic,Germany, Bulgaria,England,Serbia, Hungary, Netherlands,
Canada and Turkey, including many American debuts.

The Festival's two nights of special programs are dedicated to the
Sinti/Roma Holocaust, breaking the silence of a decades' long taboo.

Q&A’s and panel discussions featuring the filmmakers and invited
artists and musicians will follow many screenings.

For years theSinti/Gypsy Holocaust experience has been minimized,
ignored, and denied. Keeping quiet in society’s margins while culture,
heritage and spirit are stolen is not an option. To be heard, to be
seen: you need a face, a voice. And an audience!

So, join us for a closer look at the undeniable beauty of the Gypsy
people; to not look the other way when it comes to the adversity they
have been and are still forced to face. After centuries of slavery,
genocide, massacres and relentless ostracizing the Roma, presently
numbering around 15 million people worldwide, continue to suffer
unprecedented levels of violence in today's world.

Civilian attacks, fervent
segregation, police brutality and an
appalling lack of legitimate representation in art and media all
conspire to marginalize the Roma. We at the New York Gypsy Film
Festival hope to counteract these forces by exposing the public to the
art, music, history, culture and above all humanity of the beautiful
Roma people.

For full Festival details please view

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Denouncing the "welcome" George Bush will get in UK

Leading voices from the world of politics and the arts are
publicly denouncing the "welcome" George Bush will get from
the Queen and Gordon Brown on 15 June. The latest is Clare
Short, the former Labour government minister, who says,
"Where is Brown on this issue? Has Britain got any bottom
line? All that rhetoric about Brown being the change after
Blair has been exposed as nonsense."

We print below, some of the statements sent to Stop the War
by writers, composers, political campaigners, artists and

Not just responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands
of people, George Bush seized the very word Democracy
illegally, mocked it, tortured it and did his best to kill
it. This is a crime against the future.

BIANCA JAGGER, human rights advocate:
George W Bush is responsible for flagrant violations of
human rights and international law. His immoral, illegal and
unwinnable wars have cost the lives of more than a million
people. Bush is responsible for extraordinary renditions,
detentions without trial and the atrocities at Guantanamo
Bay and Abu Ghraib, and he must be held accountable. An
international tribunal must be established, along with the
inquiry into US war crimes that Amnesty International has
called for. If Bush and Blair had presided as CEOs over
comparable fraudulent and deceptive practices in the City,
they would have been immediately and unceremoniously

HAIFA ZANGANA, Iraqi writer & novelist:
If democracy is to return to America and Britain, both Bush
and Blair have to be charged with war crimes against the
Iraqis. As the US Commander-in-Chief, he is guilty of the
crimes committed in Abu Ghraib, and those committed by his
soldiers; in particular, the rape of A'beer Qassim Hamza al
- Janaby, the fourteen year old girl who was gang-raped and
set on fire by US marines after they had killed her parents
and her four year old sister.

KATE HUDSON, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:
I charge George Bush with illegally attacking Iraq on
trumped up charges, imposing a brutal occupation, wrecking
the infrastructure and public services, using chemical
weapons on civilian populations, littering the country with
cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions, causing
hundreds of thousands of deaths and untold human sorrow and
suffering. He must be brought to justice.

WILLIAM BLUM, US writer and journalist:
I charge George W. Bush with breaking the hearts and
crushing the idealism of an entire generation of young
Americans who have been forced into the realization that
America, their beloved America, has no regard for
international law and human rights, and worst of all,
tortures people, routinely and cruelly. They are
compelled to wonder: What kind of world is this we've been
born into?

SABAH JAWAD, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation:
We call for George Bush and his criminal gangs on both sides
of the Atlantic to stand trial for the unimaginable war
crimes they have committed against Iraq and the Iraqi
people. If there is any justice in the world they should be
locked up.

DAVID EDGAR, playwright:
Powerful UN members are refusing to agree a definition of
terrorism unless it excludes the actions of states. Our own
Terrorism Acts define terrorism as the use of force for a
political objective, against the state. Thank goodness the
Nuremberg trials - and now the International Court of
Justice at the Hague - provide an alternative way to get the
heads of government who order illegal acts of indiscriminate
violence against other people's countries.

IAIN BANKS, novelist:
Please charge Dubya with being a war criminal, a peace
criminal and unfit to be in charge of anything larger or
more important than a pretzel. Actually, including a

George Bush - with the assistance of Tony Blair- has
demolished any moral authority formerly commanded in the
world by the US and the West. The veil has been torn open
on the true nature of US global power, never to be replaced.
When Bush comes to Britain he should be detained like
Pinochet and sent for trial for crimes against humanity.

MOAZZAM BEGG, former Guantanamo detainee and spokesman for
History will judge G.W. Bush as the man who wreaked
devastation and destruction on the earth even as he was
having men tortured in the world's most notorious and secret
prisons. Justice cannot be done until such men are brought
to book for their crimes.

George Bush bears a heavy responsibility as the leader of
most powerful country in the world who has comprehensively
turned his back on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
of 1948 and the whole concept of international law, has
authorized world wide oppression, detention without charge
and torture and has attempted to put himself and his army
beyond the reach of the rule of law. He has betrayed the
Founding Fathers of America who were inspired by liberty,
fraternity and equality.

George Bush criminally lied and deceived a panicky United
States into starting an illegal, bungled, shameful and
counter-productive war. Bush also persuaded the eagerly
gullible Blair to believe anything that might seem to
justify needlessly dragging Britain in as well. These two
men, forever handcuffed together by history, will be
remembered only for the futility, the terrible consequences
and the unnumbered victims of their joint folly.

BEN GRIFFIN, former soldier:
President George W Bush, a vile war criminal, visits a
subservient client state to be feted as "The Leader of the
Free World". Meanwhile the subjects of said client state get
pissed, buy junk and watch TV. Wake up.

AL KENNEDY, writer and novelist:
Mr. Bush continues to contravene human rights law in his
treatment of prisoners in US custody across the world, in
his abduction of "suspects" and in his enthusiastic
endorsement of torture. He has dragged the US and its allies
into two illegal wars of pre-emptive aggression, using
illegal weapons and repeatedly contravening laws set in
place to protect non-combatants.

To add to the extensive list of crimes committed by the
heinous war criminal George Bush, I charge him with being
responsible for the birth of hundreds of babies deformed as
a result of the chemical bombs dropped on Basra and other
cities during the Iraq War.

George W Bush you face disgrace
For crimes against the human race.
Put these handcuffs on your wrists -
Terrorist of Terrorists.

ANDREW MURRAY, Chair of Stop the War Coalition:
George Bush bears the moral responsibility for the violent
deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq alone.
He should be in the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, not
Downing Street and if Gordon Brown wants to speak for
Britain, he will tell him so.

HAROLD PINTER, playwright and Nobel Prize winner:
There is no more suitable candidate for Leading War Criminal
than George Bush. The only person that comes anywhere near
him is Tony Blair. They are both beneath contempt. Bush
should certainly be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay
where he can rot forever.

George Bush is a war criminal who has murdered uncounted
hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Called by Stop the War Coalition and the Campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament

Swansea- the place to vomit!

Bizzare poster which welcomes you to Swansea when you arrive by Train. People get drunk a lot in Swansea streets but do we want to see it on a poster too?

Photo of me filming open cast protest

This is me filming at Ffos Y Fan in South Wales- planned to be the largest coal mine in Europe.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Your rights to film on the street!

5. Own-it event: [NEW DATE!] Photographing Public Spaces/Photographing
the Public

Having a camera and using it in public can lead to awkward questioning
by security guards or in the worst case scenario, having your camera
taken from you and photographs deleted. This is not only due to the
ongoing privatisation of streets and places that were formerly public
property but also to the fear of terrorism. Additionally, members of the
public are increasingly sensitive when being photographed even when they
only appear in the background of your image. This evening seminar is
aimed at press photographers, fashion photographers and illustrators,
who use photography or sketches of public spaces for their final product.

Date: Tuesday, 15 July 2008
Time: 6-9pm (6-8pm followed by drinks and networking until 9pm)
The October Gallery
24 Old Gloucester St

Cost: Free (when you book online)
Booking and more info:

Free filmmakers magazine

'Short Cuts' is the official magazine of this year's Super Shorts International Film Festival. It contains interviews with over 60 filmmakers, experts and experienced crew who share their experiences and advice on all areas of short filmmaking from script to distribution.

And best of all... it's FREE

Killer Coca Cola

Mark Thomas the comedian is writing a book about Coca Cola, which will be published this September and here?s your chance to be included in it! Yelp with joy
and holler with anticipation folks! Not only can you get a mention in
the book but you will also take part in a mildly annoying action
against the purveyors of gassy juice.
As many of you may know Coca Cola bottlers in Colombia face allegations
that the plant managers colluded with paramilitaries to bring about the
deaths of trade unionists working for the Coke plants.

In 2001 the Colombian union Sinaltrainal brought a court case in the
USA against the bottlers and also claimed that the Coca Cola Company
bore indirect responsibility. The Colombian bottlers rather than
investigate the claims of collusion instead brought legal charges
against the trade union in Colombia, claiming the bottlers had been

What was this libel? What did the union say about the company that
defamed them? Well, according to the bottlers the union committed
slander by bringing the court case in the US. So logically if the
victim of a crime can commit a libel by bringing a court case?well that
opens up all sorts of legal possibilities. So here is the plan...

Mark would like you to suggest a victim of crime or oppression who
should be taken to court for slander. This can be a retrospective
claim, something which is happening now, or for those of you who are
anticipating victims of crime, something in the future.

For example, a case against the suffragettes for claiming that men
can?t run the country, or the Bhopal families from inhaling Union
Carbide products without permission. The choice is yours.

The best suggestions will appear in the book and those that are
printable will be sent to Coca Cola Femsa who currently operate most of
the Colombian bottling plants, with the suggestion that they might like
to take on these counter claims too.

Send your suggestions to:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Naked Bike rides

In June 2008, in cities around the world, people will be riding bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against car culture.

Most Northern Hemisphere rides will take on Saturday 7 June 2008.
More info here

Hurricane - Bob Dylan

Ruben Hurricane Carter- a black man fitted up by racist police. Bob Dylan tells his story as only he can!

My favourite song when i was a teenager.

Ecologist magazien sets up film unit

In a major new venture, Ecostorm has teamed up with The Ecologist magazine, the world’s most widely read environmental magazine, to launch the Ecologist Film Unit
(EFU), which will make hard-hitting, investigative films to be streamed on
the internet, broadcast on TV and at film festivals and events.
Building on the Ecologist’s reputation for agenda setting reporting on
environmental issues and Ecostorm’s investigative film production skills,
the EFU will make documentary films that lift the lid on a host of
unreported environmental scandals that will shock viewers out of any
misplaced complacency that the planet’s problems can be solved simply by
switching light bulbs and more recycling! The EFU’s debut is “Hell For Leather”, an
investigation which examines the appalling, and unpublicised human and environmental
cost of the leather trade in Southern Asia (see below).
“The EFU will take the kind of leading edge environmental reporting we are known for
to a much wider and more diverse audience, in a much more immediate way” Ecologist
editor, Pat Thomas, said. “It will also offer an antidote to the kind of ‘tick-box’
environmental reporting of some mainstream news and provide a model of how print and
online media can work effectively together to drive change.”

“The launch of the EFU is an exciting move for the Ecologist” said publisher
Jemima Ransome “The world wide web is fuelling a new grassroots environmental
activism that the Ecologist believes will be crucial in motivating widespread and
meaningful action. At the same time it is also an invaluable medium for engaging a
new, younger audience with environmental issues – important since they are the future
caretakers of our planet”. The EFU is currently working on a number of
exciting follow ups to “Hell For Leather”, for release later in 2008, and is actively seeking commissions from television news outfits.
For further info see:

Pitch your film

The Current Pitch

Current TV and BRITDOC have come together to offer you an unprecedented
chance to be part of this year's festival: The Current Pitch!

Pitch us your idea* for a short documentary by July 4th. If your pitch is
selected, you will be one of five filmmakers to recieve a one-day pass to
BRITDOC '08. You'll also have the chance to meet with Current executives
on the ground and pitch your idea for potential commission & TV

Just go to Download the pitch form in the top
right. Fill it in and send it back to us. It's that simple.

Write a pitch for a short film addressing what is relevant to you, your
friends, your community, and the world. Subjects can include new trends,
counter-culture, social changes, cultural traditions, local or world-wide
controversies, and global technologies.

Be one of five filmmakers to receive a one-day pass to BRITDOC 2008 (July
23-25, Oxford, United Kingdom), and the chance to pitch your ideas to
Current TV executives in person at the festival. Your piece could be
commissioned for television distribution.

- The story must be non-fiction
- It can be made into a 3-10 minute long piece
- Be sure to include a link to your reel or work sample in the form

Submissions must be in by Friday, July 4th at 7:00 PM (GMT)

*The Current Pitch is only open to filmmakers based in the UK and Ireland


'Film People are kind of outlaws anyway: it's not a proper job.'

Bizzareness in Saudi Arabia

Monday, June 02, 2008

Home Secretary told “end police surveillance of journalists” - NUJ

The move comes after evidence that members of the Metropolitan Police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) have been recording the activities of journalists, especially photographers, covering demonstrations in London.

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear wrote to the Home Secretary following complaints from photographers that they were under surveillance by members of the FIT team which was impeding their ability to work. In the letter Jeremy Dear says, “The routine and deliberate targeting of photographers and other journalists by the FIT undermines media freedom and can serve to intimidate photographers trying to carry out their lawful work. The rights of photographers to work free from threat, harassment and intimidation must be upheld.”

The letter also calls on the Home Secretary to:

* provide information on whether the FIT team are issued with instructions to photograph and catalogue journalists

* to provide guidelines issued to FIT Team members about their duties/role

* to explain for what purpose is information gained by the FIT team held on journalists by the police

* to give detail on who has access to information being held on police databases about journalists

Jeremy Dear added: "Whilst the police deny they are targeting legitimate photographers we have plenty of evidence to the contrary. This abuse must stop".

"NUJ takes protest to Home Office"

"Street Journalists Under Surveillance"

"police surveillance of journalists - jeremy dear sends jacqui smith a letter."

Internet and activists

The price of dissent
Investigation reveals how using the Internet carries a deadly risk for activists in repressive regimes

In the UK, the Undercurrents video news network was at the centre of efforts by activists, particularly road protesters, hunt saboteurs, anti GM and arms trade campaigners, to use video on the Internet to expose and highlight environmental, animal welfare and human rights abuses. (Published in Index on Censorship

read more

Send an email to be held until the Future


uhhh... what the hell is this thing?

TimeMachiner is a new mini-app that lets you email people in the future. Use it to remind yourself to do something that you’ll more than likely forget, keep your future self on the straight and narrow, even wish your friends happy birthday...the possibilities are endless!
Click here

Funds for social change

The David Canter Memorial Fund
The David Canter Memorial Fund offers financial assistance to those working in the
crafts - for special projects, travel for specific research and for educational
work. Awards are made every other year, each time focusing on a specific craft
discipline. For 2008 this will be wood. Grants, which usually range between £500 and
£1,000, are available to those who have finished their formal training, and are
working full- or part-time, but need funds for special projects such as setting up a
workshop, buying equipment, or for research and travel. The deadline date is 19
September 2008. For full details and an application form please write, enclosing a
SAE, to Rachel Mackie, The David Canter Memorial Fund, c/o The Devon Guild of
Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9AF. Email

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has launched three new funding programmes to add to
those it has been running under its current guidelines, which have been operable
since January 2008. The topics cover Food, a pilot programme of work in Northern
Ireland, and a Finance Fund. The new Food Strand aims to promote an understanding of
the role of food in enhancing the quality of life. The Foundation is interested in
work that influences policy and practice across a range of food-related areas,
enabling as many people in the UK as possible to access, prepare and eat nutritious,
sustainable food. The budget is £3 million over the next three years. The Trustees
expect to support a mix of practical projects that have wide significance, and some
research and policy based work. Details of the new funding programmes are available
A breakdown of the existing funding options from Main Grants and Strands is
available via
You can also e-mail

, 14 May 08)

The Joanies Trust
The Joanies Trust is seeking applications for grants in 2008. Grants can support
projects working with young people, aged 11-25, within the UK. They average £1000
and applicants must be registered charities. Applications must show strong evidence
of how closely applicants consult young people in developing their service, and for
any community involvement or local financial support. The Trust will support about
30 charities with average grants of £1000. The Trustees receive ten times the
applications they can support, so they underline that applications that are succinct
and that give direct answers to the questions in the application form stand a
greater chance of success. There is an application form available from
The closing date for applications is 31 August 2008.
, 14 May 08)

Kelloggs Active Living Fund

Kelloggs Active Living Fund:
provides grants of up to £1,000 to charities, community organisations and schools
for activities that lead to people taking part in sustained physical activity.
Applications can be made at any time. The fund will give small grants to fund
projects and activities that directly lead to people taking part in sustained
physical activity. The aim of the fund is to help remove the 'barriers' which stop
people being active.

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Heritage Lottery Fund - important grant programme information
'Young Roots' and 'Your Heritage' programmes
Due to the high number of applications received and strong competition for funding,
HLF Wales are currently unable to accept any more applications to these programmes.
They are however accepting applications under the revised 'Your Heritage' and 'Young
Roots' programmes, both of which have a simpler application process and a 10-week
assessment period. They will begin processing these applications from September 2008
and decisions will be taken in competitive batches. The revised 'Young Roots' and
'Your Heritage' application materials and extensive guidance are now available
on-line. HLF still encourage all applicants to seek pre-application advice at the
earliest stages of developing a project. Please contact the Development Team for
more information on 029 20 343413 or email

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Inquiry calls for more self-sufficiency
The National Assembly for Wales should improve its voluntary sector funding by
reviewing its funding criteria, simplifying applications and developing an online
information service, according to an inquiry report released. The report recommends
that the Assembly Government should fund four pilot projects in rural and urban
areas to provide training and support to help small voluntary sector organisations
become more self-sufficient.

Other recommendations:
· The private sector should be encouraged to help voluntary groups to become more
sustainable, either by providing sponsorship or by lending staff with specific
skills for short-term secondments.
· The Government, local authorities and other public bodies should treat the third
sector as a strategic partner when planning, commissioning and delivering public
services. (Source: Third sector)

To view full report click here:

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Top 2,000 rich available for first time
This year's Sunday Times Rich List provides a goldmine of information for
fundraisers, particularly with the addition of an expanded list of the
UK's top 2,000 richest people:
, worth £40m and above. It sees the 100 richest people share £223.5bn, or 54 per
cent of the top 1,000's wealth. There are now 75 billionaires living in the UK, up
from 68 in 2007, but 40 of these were born outside of the UK.

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Youth In Action Programme
This programme seeks to support projects that draw the attention of young people and
youth workers to information and communication actions. Preference will be given to
innovative and wide-ranging projects focusing on subjects that are topical or of
interest to young people or youth workers, and which reflect the priorities of the
programme, namely:

· Participation of young people
· Cultural diversity
· European citizenship
· Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

Budget: 0.9m Euros / Deadline: 30 June 2008

WEFO Guidance on Procurement
New guidance on Sponsorship, Partnership, Procurement and Grants is now available.
The guidance offers advice to prospective sponsors, match-funders and interested
stakeholders so that they have a clear understanding of the role of the project
sponsor in the 2007-2013 programmes. It also describes the role of joint sponsor,
the importance of procurement, the distribution of grants to other organisations and
an overview of state aid implications.

WEFO Online Goes Live
The Welsh European Funding Office has introduced a new online service which will
allow projects to apply for European funding via their website. Once registered,
organisations will be able to use WEFO Online, to apply, view and manage their
grants securely. For further details, please visit:

European Union Grants Directory
The annual European Union Grants Directory is available on CD-Rom or online and
contains details of over 400 grants available from the European Commission. Grants
cover a range of activities: racism, women's issues, the environment, child
protection, education, training, the disabled, human rights, energy, transport and
more. Details on how to purchase the guide available at
(Source: NCVO)

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The Beacon Prize
Nominations for the 2008
Beacon Prize:
are now open. This has five categories plus regional awards recognising people who
have made a significant charitable contribution in giving time, money or skills to
a specific cause. Deadline 1 July.

Firebrake Wales achievement awards
Firebrake Wales Achievement Awards recognise and reward fire safety projects
throughout Wales. Applications are called for in the following areas: community,
education, business and arson reduction. Visit
to download an application form, or call 01633 654000. Closing date for
applications is 6 June 2008.
(Source: Public Health News, May 08)

The Guardian Charity Awards
The Guardian Charity Awards 2008 are open to charities with income of less than
£1million, closing date Friday, 1 August 2008. For further information visit
or telephone 01727 898146.

National Recycling Awards

The National Recycling Awards:
are considered the only awards event rewarding and recognising excellence within
the recycling and waste community. Now in their 10th year the awards provide an
opportunity to get together with peers from across the recycling sector to honour
this years' achievements in the industry. Entries to all categories must cover the
period 1 January 2008 to 22 August 2008. Deadline for entry is 22 August.