Friday, August 29, 2008

The world's smallest campaigners strike

One inch high activists have shut down Kingsnorth coal-fired power station. The drama unfolded at E.ON's replica of the plant at Legoland (sponsored by E.ON) while people at Climate Camp protest the planned new coal plant at Kingsnorth. Lego police were in attendance, along with a Lego police helicopter - but neither the campaigners nor the police would comment...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Culture Unplugged

green unplugged
Share your vision, your spirit, your film.
Reach audiences across borders with your voice, your consciousness.


Culture Unplugged Studios will be launching 'Green Unplugged' - the festival where
we unite to share our voices, not only as film-makers but culture-makers. The
festival will facilitate contemplation, connection & celebration of life, culture &
nature through cinema. We invite your green & socially conscious films that bring to
light nature's demand to wake us to our future - an integrated individual and the
human society. Share stories that reveal where we come from, our collective journey
leading to our present and contemplating the path beyond.

With this, Culture Unplugged will also be initiating a global archive of Asian &
Middle Eastern cinema. Films from this archive will be showcased on the web and in
film festivals around the world. We believe Asian/Eastern cinema is at the right
stage today to be promoted at a global arena, to be connected to a seeking and eager
community worldwide. Culture Unplugged wants to establish the infrastructure
necessary for this. We wish to establish a meaningful partnership with the
filmmaking community to get there.

FESTIVAL DATE : 2008-2009

(At presents this venue is running the film festival : East Speaks, Here. C.U.S’
debut festival and first online film festival for Asia + MiddleEast.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
To submit your film to us please go through the following information:
1) Films: On Social / Cultural / Environmental Issues.
2) Any form: Shorts (less than 15 min.) Short Features (upto 60 min.) Full Feature
(upto 180 min.) + Mobi-
films (upto 3 min.)
3) Film projects which are open to non-exclusive distribution (online and /or
broadcast worldwide).
4) Films which are in English or suitably sub-titled in English (films originally
produced in regional
languages are welcome).
Multiple submissions welcome.

Please fill the form at and mail your film to either
of the following locations:

For India & SE Asia
Culture Unplugged Studios
Clover Centrum, 2nd Floor, Galaxy Society, Plot No.5, Boat Club Road, Pune 411001,
Maharashtra, India

For USA, Canada & Europe:
Culture Unplugged Studios
1825 South Grant Street, Suite 200 San Mateo, CA 94402 USA

For Australia & New Zealand:
Culture Unplugged Studios
P.O. Box 21077 Henderson, Auckland, AZ

Swansea- the place to be unhappy

I was wondering why i wasn't too happy living in Swansea and there is a reason-
A survey of the happiest places to live concluded that the most sparsely populated county in Wales is where you will find Britain's happiest place, say researchers....The former coal mining district of Rhondda Cynon Taff in south Wales was second from bottom, while Swansea and Doncaster also did poorly.

1. Edinburgh
2. Cynon Valley and Rhondda
3. Amber Valley and north east Derbyshire
4. Clydesdale; Cumnock and Doon Valley; Kyle and Carrick
5. Swansea

Tube Mogul

You can see how many people are watching our videos now thanks to our partners Tube mogul who said-

'We are getting ready to launch “TubeMogul Marketplace,” a section of
our site featuring profiles that showcase your show to the world,
including the latest data on your viewership. Essentially, we are
hoping this will be a matchmaking site for online video producers and

The Pool

The Yes Men are excellent people and they have a new film out.

(Speaking of New York: Chris Smith, one of the directors of "The Yes
Men," has made an incredible new film, "The Pool," that will open at
Film Forum in New York on September 3:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Distribute in the USA

Choices, a specialty distributor of documentaries, educational programming
and independent feature films is currently seeking new films for
distribution in North America.

We distribute films from directors all around the world on every subject.
Our recent titles include "In the Tall Grass", "The Perfect Life", "The
Miseducation of Pakistan", "Reckless Indifference", "Checkpoint" and
"Daughters of Afghanistan".

To submit a film, please email us at with a brief
synopsis. You can also visit our website for more

Best Regards,
Erik Gudris
Choices Inc.

Make a film

Reduction Festival is a new arts festival dedicated to content with an
environmental/green agenda. The first event is a short film competition
and this is where shooters come in...

We're looking for UK filmmakers or filmmaking teams to take part in the
24/7 filmmaking challenge in which you will be paired randomly with
environmental issues/ideas suggested by our sponsors and given exactly
seven days to produce as creative and original a film as possible on that

Top prize is 2000 plus a beautiful recycled trophy and of course the
mantle of 'award winning filmmaker'.

The competition will take place between October 10th and 17th. There isn't
an expectation that you work on it solidly for seven days and you don't
even necessarily need to leave your home town to take part.

All of the details can be found at There's also
a competition (the Online Jury Prize) for which you just need to submit
your existing environmental docs for a chance to win 1000.

Motocross at Langrish International,Hampshire

This is where i spent the weekend..mud and it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Activists hijack public CCTV signal

A team of Austrian computer activists have demonstrated a method of hijacking police CCTV cameras, in protest over increased surveillance of public areas in their country's capital.

A group called Quintessenz used an off-the-shelf satellite receiver to intercept the video signal transmitted by a surveillance camera overlooking a busy square in the capital Vienna. The feed had been crudely scrambled by modifying the analogue video signal but the activists were able to unscramble it using commercial video processing software.
Read more

TV commision- funny video

Friday, August 22, 2008

Political DVDs in USA

Great DVD library in the USA

Ironweed works like this
Each month you'll receive a one-of-a-kind DVD with an outstanding independent documentary and two or three short films on related subjects. These thought-provoking, honest, quality films are hard to see outside the festival circuit. Ironweed is your source for environmental, political and socially-conscious documentaries from independent filmmakers with messages that matter.

Ocean festival- films wanted

6th San Francisco Ocean Film Festival
February 19-22, 2009

Swimmers braving the waters of the North Pole.
Sea birds returning from extinction in Bermuda.
Sailors navigating a home-made boat across the Atlantic.
Eco-savvy fishermen protecting their reef in Papua New Guinea.

Ocean lovers of all species find a second home on both sides of the screen
at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival (SFOFF), the first, largest, and
most influential showcase of its kind in North America. Now in its sixth
year, the festival returns February 19-22, 2009, to present more than 40
documentary, fictional, and animated films from around the world. Themes
range from marine science and industry to wildlife, conservation, coastal
culture, exploration, adventure, and salt-water sports. The four-day
festival of films and events includes premiere film screenings, student
programs, media arts, awards, lively discussions and revelry with
filmmakers and ocean experts from around the world. SFOFF 2009 will
attract over 4,500 ocean-minded enthusiasts to one of the most anticipated
and inclusive ocean events of the year.

***Film submissions are now accepted for the 6th San Francisco Ocean Film

We welcome all ocean-related entries including documentary, fictional, and
animated short and feature length films. Films relating to the following
themes will be considered:

* Ocean Sports (e.g. surfing, sailing, fishing, kayaking, swimming, scuba
and free diving)
* Environmental Issues
* Marine Sciences
* Ocean Exploration
* Coastal and Island Culture and History

Accepted entries are eligible to compete for Awards in Adventure, Culture,
Environment and Wildlife categories.

Submit online through Withoutabox at
or download the entry form from our website at Please download the Entry Guidelines for
full information. The general deadline is October 15, 2008.

For further information, please visit us at
or call +1 (415) 561-6251 or email

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the Push

Coming soon- our latest film will be launched in September
Stunning surf photography, funky music and beautiful locations. On the Push offers an approach to global warming which is enjoyable and accessible, but also inspiring.
On the Push is a story about how Anne, an ordinary surfer girl from Wales becomes an eco-activist. We follow Anne’s journey from Porthcawl to Cornwall, Spain and Switzerland as she learns about the serious threat of climate change- and how a surfer can help protect the marine environment.

Featured Surfers include - Pete Jones, Chris Hines, Sarah Bentley, Tony Butt, Will Henry, Beth Mason, Gwen Spurlock, Jo Dennison and Greg Owen

War on Terror- the board game

Makers of War On Terror game in street protest
THE makers of board game War On Terror will today take to the streets after it was banned by a High Street giant

War On Terror revolves around creating empires that compete and wage war.

Players can poke fun at the rhetoric of world leaders like George Bush and Tony Blair.
read more

Buy the Game here

Funding for nonprofit sucess

The Center for Nonprofit Success is pleased to invite you to the
Fundraising Summit series taking place in Leeds on 23 September
and London on 24-25 September, 2008. The Summit features 2-3
local experts speaking in each of the sessions, and will explore
creative ways to raise money from grants, sponsorships,
individual gifts, as well as other funding sources. For charities
that are dependent on these types of funding sources and are
looking for new funding sources, the event is not to be missed.
Sincerely, Jennifer Pedri Gillissen

Event Manager
Center for Nonprofit Success

Leeds Fundraising Summit
Date: 23 September 2008
Location: Leeds Town Hall
The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD

For more information about the Leeds Summit, go to:


London Fundraising Summit
Date: 24-25 September, 2008
Location: Skempton Building
CL Room (Level 2)
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

For more information about the London Summit, go to:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The story of Google

Now the biggest issue facing Google - the one that an unnamed Google executive has dubbed the 'atom bomb' - is privacy. Google is the most efficient information-gathering machine ever more

Googol Mathematical term for the figure 1 followed by a hundred zeros, after which Brin and Page named their company (complete with spelling mistake).

4 Number of people in the company when it started (in a garage in Menlo Park, California, in September 1998).

19,604 Number of 'Googlers' (employees) worldwide, many of whom work at the 'Googleplex', the kooky HQ in Santa Clara, CA.

70:30 Ratio of male to female employees.

60% Proportion of worldwide internet searches made on Google.

86% Proportion of total UK searches made on Google.

25,000 Number of web pages indexed by Google early on; today it's in the billions. Each time the company catalogues the web, the index grows by 10-25 per cent.

£0 Amount it costs Google staff to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner are free).

$157 billion Google's current market value.

40% Proportion of online advertising controlled by Google.

1 Days per week Google engineers are encouraged to spend on other projects that interest them. Google News is said to have resulted from this policy.

112 Number of languages Google 'speaks', allowing users to set their homepage to Latin and, of course, Klingon.

1 million+ Number of CVs sent to Google every year from would-be employees.

International Community Film Festival 2008.

Heard today that one of our films was accepted for a film festival which is good news.

They said
'We are delighted to tell you that your film(s) have been selected for screening
during the International Community Film Festival 2008.

Films will be screened 11th Sept-12th October 2008. A detailed provisional timetable
will be available shortly.

May I offer our congratulations and wish you success in the final selection. The
Jury's Selection of ICFF 2008 Prizewinners will be announced at the end of the
festival. Further information will be posted on our website in due course.

Best wishes,

Dr Ian McCormick
Professor of Community Regeneration and the Arts
The School of the Arts
The University of Northampton
St Georges Avenue
Northampton NN2 6JD

Tel 0044 1604 893240
Mb 07966 430 752

Climate Change in 1958

In the 19th century the sientists Jean Fournier ( French) and John Tyndall (English) published about the influence of CO2. In 1896 the Swedish sientist Arrehnius came to the conclusion that a double of the amount of CO2 would give a raise in temperature of 4 to 6 degrees. In the years 1910 until 1940 Earth already was becomming warmer due to industrialisation. In 1936 a English scientist namaed Callender pointed at the influence of CO2. This video is from 1958


A new Video site for Eco minded.
Our mission is to build a community of like minded people. More than just a video sharing website, it’s a one stop video portal allowing viewers to make up their own minds about the issues facing our civilization today.

As an organization Ecotube holds no affiliation with any view points, we provide a forum for people to express their opinions on video and give them a right to reply about the issues facing our civilization today. We let you add your own comments to films that are submitted to our site, using words or video.

We are a more than profit company, we accept paid advertising in order to keep the website running so we can help be part of the tipping point in changing the way we live on the planet.

We advertise products for sale to maximize awareness of alternatives in the market place that are less damaging to the environment and encourage responsible use of the planet’s resources.

Music video maker wanted

Anyone want to put together a video for Autons song- Politicians?

It doesn¹t have to be a band jumping around like frying beans kinda thing.
It could be a graphic video featuring images, anything you want. The idea
is to leave a piece of art that reflects the multitude of ways we on the
edge may feel about mainstream politics.

If you go to Autons website: you can view a few
previous videos the band have made:
1. Their climate change ŒMaybe¹ song has gained a lot of attention from the
media (and continues too)
2. Their ŒElection Singer¹ song pins their flag bold and clear (Politicians
is like neither of these two tunes though)

We have no expections as to what can be done with the video. But, whatever
it is it has to be out there, making a point (when few are in music) and
looking fantastic.

The lyrics are printed below. We are currently mixing the song and we can
send you a copy this month. It is kinda like Massive Attack/Low era Bowie,
Echo and the Bunnymen in a weird way.

We have no money ourselves. But perhaps someone can attract funding, or
wants a project like this to work on.


I¹ve been through a million changes
I¹ve been through a million changes
Happy to see that you¹ve been gunning for me
Happy to see that you¹ve been hanging on me

Politicians won¹t pay the price
They find an answer, yeah, they always find a way
I think I¹ve turned
I think I¹ve turned a corner
I found religion by the side of a motorway

I¹ve been through a million changes
I¹ve been through a million changes
Happy to see that you¹ve been gunning for me
Happy to see that you¹ve been hanging on me

Politicians don¹t play the game
They find redeemers and escape the policy
I think I¹ve turned
I think I¹ve turned a corner
I found my lover in a lighthouse by the sea

Politicians won¹t stay the course
They run ahead but they never feed the race
I think I¹ve turned
I think I¹ve turned a corner
I found the answer in a great big open space

Come on answer me!
Come on answer me!
Happy to see you¹ve been depending on me
Happy to see you¹ve been relying on me

Politicians won¹t stem the flow
They take your details but they will not take your pain
I think I¹ve turned
I think I¹ve turned a corner
I found my soulmate lying in the pouring rain


Hope someone can help, email Tony at Permaculture Magazine: Solutions For
Sustainable Living ( if you are interested and wish
to know more.

Many thanks!


Tony Auton
Autons HQ
The Sustainability Centre
Droxford Road, East Meon, Hampshire, GU32 1HR

Mob: 07768 002 593

Interview with Video Activist from undercurrents,

This was a BBC program about what i do.

Calling all surfers (the sea type not web type)

Undercurrents latest film 'On The Push' goes on tour!

The film's just in the final stages of it's online edit. Not long and it'll all be
finished. In the mean time we're sorting out a screening tour for the Autumn and
here's a list of the dates so far! I'll keep you updated on the latest dates as they
come in and will email you about individual screenings and timeings closer to the

29th/30th August- Surfstock Festival, St. Agnes

Sunday 21st September- Surfcult Festival, Porthcawl Pavilion

Friday 26th September- Jill Craigie Cinema University of Plymouth

Friday 3rd October- Blue Bar, Porthtowan

Saturday 4th October- Croyde Village Hall Deckchair Cinema

Saturday 18th October- Mariners Pub, Nolton Haven, Pembrokeshire

Sunday 26th October- Aberystwyth Arts Centre Cinema

Sunday 23rd November- BeyondTV Festival, Waterfront Museum. Swansea

Climate Cycle

This is about my new film- Climate Cycle

In 1993 I co-founded the award winning undercurrents, a non-profit alternative news service. My drive is to use video to bring about social or environmental change. I have directed 24 short docos and supplied images to movies including Human Traffic, Fahrenheit 911, and Glastonbury.My work has also been screened in the Tate Modern. In 2000 I co-founded the annual BeyondTV international video activist festival in Wales. I am currently producing a series of podcasts on Bushcraft skills.I write extensively for newspapers and books on the use of video for social change. I have 15 years experience of using DVCAM and HD cameras and I edit in FCP.

Climate Cycle is the epic adventure of a young school teacher and a train worker in Oxford.After teaching her pupils about global warming, Lowanna decided she couldn't risk damaging the climate by flying home to Australia. With her partner Kevin, the couple travel the 12,000km to Sydney using only sustainable transport- the train, bicycle and cargo ship.

Pedalling through 16 countries, the couple joined in Car Free day in Italy,escaped arrest in Iran,got groped in Pakistan but fell ill in India.
Their journey brought them through storm ravaged forests in France, torrential downpours in the Mediterranean and severe drought in Iran. The effects of Climate Change could be seen everywhere they went.

To gain interest in the story, I have released 5min podcasts entitled Bike2Oz for the last 5 months which has built up a growing audience. Over the coming months I will design an online forum and resources to support the film and promote climate friendly travel. The lively interest in the podcasts have confirmed that there is support for a 30min film.

The couple won an Australian National Geographical young explorers award for their epic trip.The entire trip was professionally filmed in DVCAM by the couple, cycling much of the journey twice as they set up a tripod to film themselves going over mountain passes and landmarks. I am working with Kevin and Lowanna to tell their story and the editing is with FCP.The film is narrated only by Kevin and Lowanna.

6. Tell us about a documentary you loved and why. (100 max word)

Favela Rising
This documentary inspired me watch it again and again, to relive the inspiration of Anderson Sa, a former drug dealer in the poorest areas of Rio to give his community hope through AfroReggae music and dance. Despite his family being killed by Police and being crippled by gunshot, he overcame all this to bring about real change and inspire young people to be their bigger selves. Favela Rising gave me a real insight into the violent world created by poverty but also gave me hope that we can unite to effect grass-roots social change.

Money for your films

FourDocs is launching a brand new bursary scheme to help filmmakers
professionally finish their short documentary films. We'll be awarding 3
bursaries of £1000 in this first round to people who have already started
making a documentary intended for film festivals. Films can be any length
up to 30 minutes, and it's up to you to decide how to spend the money. It
could be used to hire a professional editor, get a sound mix and grade
(highly recommended) or other production costs such as archive and music,
or gathering additional footage.

We've just opened the scheme, and you can find out how to apply at:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Change name to confuse Police's the simple things in life!

Wild Horses of Newbury

One of our more popular films

Mid Wales gets our Tv studio

We may be hosting VisionOn.Tv at the 2008 Llanidloes Green Fair in Mid Wales

Oct 4-5th

Smalls awards

The search for amazing new talent and brilliant short films continues in
The Smalls Awards 2008.

This year in the name of creative freedom, we've thrown out all the rules
but two.
As long as your film is under 5 minutes and demonstrates great film making
skills, it's eligible for entry.

With the recent explosion in popularity in originated online content, The
Smalls love of all things short and pithy is more relevant than ever.

So if you think big ideas come in Small packages, prove it. Submit your
film to be judged by our panel of industry leaders at The Smalls Awards

Deadline 5th September 2008

For more details go to

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pitch your film idea

MeetMarket at Sheffield Doc/Fest is a unique pitching initiative which uses online systems to match-make documentary makers’ most innovative project ideas with UK and international buyers for one-to-one meetings in a fully supportive environment.

Submit your project online, along with one-page treatments and a one-minute trailer teaser clip, in advance of Doc/Fest, allowing buyers to view your submissions of innovative documentary ideas. The application process is fully online

Selected projects have project information and trailer available on our (password protected) website for the commissioners and other executives to review before the MeetMarket.

From this, they select which projects they would like to discuss in one-to-one meetings at MeetMarket.
MeetMarket 2008

Submissions are open for documentary projects in development with international appeal in any format or genre (including cross-platform) and in any stage of development. Projects do not need to have any financing already secured. The 2008 Deadline for submissions is September 12. Please use the online form below to submit.

In 2007, 39 projects were pitched to 88 commissioning editors, distributors, funders and other executives from the UK, Europe and the world. Together these generated £93,068 of secured financing and £4,321,980 worth of deals in negotiation. 452 meetings took place at MeetMarket 2007.

How do I apply?

All applications must be done online (hit the SUBMIT A PROJECT button below) by close of business, Friday 12 September 2008. Late applications will not be accepted. Please do not submit more than is requested.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final show at Climate Camp 2008

VisionOn.Tv host their wrap up chat show with Conor and Jenny who look back on the weeks events. Was the Climate Camp a sucess? 

Climate Camp 2008 - Sky News

Honest report but 'people split their heads when batons were used'..odd phrase to use.

Climate Camp 08 - Meridian ridiculous police claims

Mainstream rubbish giving a voice to violent cops doing it for our 'safety'- the cops had pepper spray, batons and shield- we had bongos and guitars!

YouTube censors one of our films

Today YouTube smacked us on the wrists for publishing a naked protest against coal at climate camp 2008. This is what they said-

The following video(s) from your account have been disabled for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines:

* Naked animals say no to coal - (undercurrentspaulo)

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning sanction, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the termination of your account.

You can watch the film here on Blip.Tv

Pirate TV

Pirate TV

This came from Ofcom today
'Illegal broadcasting is a menace which can cause interference to safety of life communications services and legal radio stations,denying listeners their choice of service. Ofcom, together with the police and local authorities takes swift action against this illegal activity. Ofcom today published a factsheet on its work in tackling illegal broadcasting, which contains information on how to contact
Ofcom to report illegal broadcasters.'

The factsheet can be found

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Art show in Swansea

A great art exhibition starts next week and you (yes you) are cordially invited to the opening of One Four All by The Marsden Family

on Friday 22nd August 6-8pm
at the
Oriel Ceri Richards Gallery
Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea University
01792 295 526
this exhibition continues until Sat 27th Sept

Reducation Film festival- eco-films wanted

Got this email today
A new arts festival (Sheffield-based) dedicated to environmental content and which this year is focusing on short film. I was really pleased and excited to come across your website and just wanted to make you aware of the event as there may potentially be means of collaborating in future?

If you have a moment, please check out and let me know if
you have any thoughts or advice.

The main reason for contacting you is that we need short films! Our 'Online Jury
Prize' offers a top prize of £1000 and all filmmakers need to do to be considered is
send a link to their film. Do you by any chance have a mailing list to which you
might be able to send this information? Or could you otherwise let your filmmaker
contacts know about this?

Police at Climate Camp 2008

How did the Police behave during this years Climate Camp? A chat show with two campaigners

Climate Camp 08 - BBC report

Climate Camp 08 - Meridian

Mainstream News report at Climate rubbish about weapons.

Local Activists Support Climate Camp

Climate Camp 08 - Police Raid - BBC report

VisionOnTV trailer for Climate Camp 2008

We will be reporting from the camp so tune in

VisionOn TV- Trailer

We are going for a funding meeting next week to get money to get our TV channel is a trailer to watch and cross your fingers for us!

Two Tarts in a Kitchen

This is a film Melissa made back in 1995 and still going strong today

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day of Action- Climate Camp

2000 people shut down Kingsnorth polluting power station in Kent. VisionOn.Tv reports as a daily chat show about the events

Over the fence- Climate Camp 2008

VisionOn.TV chat show about the day of mass action to shut down Kingsnorth power station. We talk to 3 of the people involved in the action who give their views. From boats to fence jumping.

Debate- how to campaign against Climate Change

Two authors debate how best to tackle climate change. Go down the path of Anarchy or paddle amongst the mainstream environmental groups?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheat Neutral

Off-set your infidelity by paying someone else to be faithful. Just as good as carbon off-setting.

Confiscations by Police

Did you know you can commit criminal damage with a child's crayon,wig and top hat. Find out how from Kent police. 

Magnificent revolution

UK’s largest bicycle generator - Why do we bother?

Apart from the fact that it’s a lot of fun, the pedal powered system stimulates thought and discussion about energy consumption, its links to global warming and the need for development of lifestyle alternatives. It nurtures learning and critical thinking in a new and non forceful way. It has great educational value as our system demonstrates the generation of power locally and independently of fossil fuels. And of course, Magnificent Revolution promotes cycling as a healthy transport option with low environmental impact

Our system can use up to 12 bikes, and therefore 24 legs, to power up to 1200W of DC or AC mains power. This gives us the unique ability to power a projector, laptop, sound system and lighting for film, music and art events.

Photos from VisionOn.Tv sudio

Watch our film on

Rainbow over Avebury stone circle

Caught this view on my camera after being drenched.

Funding for Welsh projects

Grants management
Are you responsible for grant giving, a fundraiser receiving grants, or running a
grant funded project then guidance on the
Wales Audit Office website maybe of interest. It provides guidance on the 'grant lifecycle',explaining what needs to be considered at each stage with answers explaining good practice and benefits, a directory of terms to help demystify jargon used in grant funding and various case studies. For further details visit
WAO's website:

DFID Development Awareness Fund Mini-Grants Programme 2009-10
The Department for International Development (DFID) provides support for the
activities of organisations working in education for sustainable development and
global citizenship through this funding programme, which is managed in Wales by
Cyfanfyd, the Development Education Association for Wales.

To be eligible for funding, projects must be able to demonstrate how they will
contribute to DFID's development education and awareness aims. The programme has
funded a wide range of activities in the past and particularly welcomes innovative
projects that target new audiences. Projects must, however, have a global
perspective or an international development component.

Projects can be of one, two or three year's duration. Grants will be for a minimum
of £1,000 and a maximum of £10,000 per year. Guidelines for this funding programme
are now available on the DFID
Completed applications must be returned by Friday 31 October 2008.

To give potential applicants information and advice on how to apply to the fund,
Cyfanfyd will be running two training days in September:

Friday 12 September, Temple of Peace, Cardiff
Thursday 18 September, Media Resource Centre, Llandrindod Wells
(Seminars will run from 10.30 am -3.30pm with a break for lunch.)
Cost: Cyfanfyd Members £10 / Other organisations or individuals £15

For guidelines, further information and to book places on the training days contact:
Dominic Miles or Annette Boyle, Cyfanfyd, Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff
CF10 3AP. Phone: (029) 2066 8999, email

TalkTalk Innovation in the Community Awards 2008
TalkTalk, the telephone and Internet service run by The Carphone Warehouse, has
launched its
Innovation in the Community Awards:
2008. The guidelines have changed since last year's Awards and projects must now

fit within one of five categories. 30 projects will be selected to get £2,000 each
and five overall winners will be able to get additional technology equipment of
their choice. Community groups and charities from across the UK are invited to
apply for new or existing projects that make use of the Internet to aid the
delivery of a service or activity. The five award categories are: work and
training, play and sport, learning and knowledge, creativity and culture, body and
soul. You have to apply online. The closing date is 30 September 2008.

New concern over Olympics money
Umbrella body the NCVO has said it will continue to police the Government's
commitment not to raid lottery funds in the wake of predictions that the 2012
Olympics budget will rise again. John Armitt, chair of the Olympic Delivery
Authority, said recently that the Government would have to bail it out after costs
continued to spiral. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has said taxpayers in the
capital will not contribute 'a penny more'.Voluntary organisations are already
expected to lose £250m in lottery funding to London 2012. 'The Government has made a
commitment that there will be no further raids on lottery funds to pay for the
Olympics,' said a representative for the NCVO. 'We expect it to uphold that
commitment. We will continue to police the Government's commitment to prevent any
more funding diversions.'

George Monbiot about Climate Camp 08

I can't believe its another 911 theory film!

I don't buy into most of the 911 theories but here is another film which hopefully will shed light.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - Full Film available to watch for free or buy on DVD from
the 1st September 2008. Exclusively at :

Brand New Exclusive Clip !!!
excerpt from the film featuring Cynthia McKinney a former US congresswoman for the
State of Georgia and the current Green Party presidential candidate. She has
consistently asked the question 'What did the Bush administration know and when did
it know it?" regarding the tragic events of September 11th


Watch the Original Trailer
You Tube:
HIGH DEFINITION version here -

The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett
through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of 'conspiracy
theorists' who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is
totally or partially inaccurate. The filmmakers travel from middle England, across
Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film
takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are
suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they
breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event.
Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the
film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy theorists? Or is 9/11 Truth a
credible political movement?

Surfers make chain

I am not a surfer but this may be of interest just down the road from me plus you can watch our films about surfing on

On the 13th of September 2008, on Swansea Bay, there will be an international gathering of surfers taking part in what is hoped will be the largest surfers’ chain ever recorded, with the aim of setting a new world record.

The event is being organised and primarily sponsored by Siro’s Bar of Swansea, and already over 600 people have signed up to participate. This will be a momentous event and you can be part of it!

If you would like to take part you must first join this Facebook group, as it is from here you'll be kept up to date with any news and developments.

If you would like to participate in the event, you should email an application form request to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jay & Siro Doyle
Siro’s Bar 136A St. Helens Road, Swansea SA1 4BL 01792 410903
Contact Info

Activist superglued to mining corporation in London

Undercurrents reporter Hamish filmed the activists that superglued themselves to BHP Hq in London-the world's biggest mining corporation. Based in Australia, they are responsible for mining hundreds of tonnes of coal, as well as for human rights abuses worldwide. One example is their involvement in Cerrejón, the world's biggest opencast mine, in Colombia, which has displaced 14'000 people.

With all this in mind they decided to disrupt business as usual at BHP's head offices in London. They scattered coal in the lobby, glued to the revolving doors and nearby windows, while a second door nearby was D-locked.

BHP Billiton Plc
Neathouse Place
London SW1V 1BH

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AgriFuels Protest- climate camp 2008

Activists explain why growing crops to fuel our engines is a disaster. Filmed at the Climate Camp 2008, the chat show includes dramatic images of the direct action against an Agrifuel corporation. Watch more on

Monday, August 11, 2008

Building Democracy- funding

If you can think of a way to get people talking, there is £150,000 available to develop about ten proposals.
Applications are due by 26 September 2008.

Climate Camp was a Sucess

Climate Camp was a blast- we set up and managed an entire TV studio in a field powered entirely on Solar power.

We produced daily chat shows and news and uploaded them to the web. Incredibly rewarding and the first outide broadcast for our VisionOn.Tv project.

The energy corporation EON said that the power station had been running normally all weekend but I learned the truth from a most unlikely source: the police.

On Saturday, four bold rebel rafters got very close to the power station water intake pipe before being boarded and captured. They were arrested and charged with aggravated trespass and, according to their charge sheets, “they did an act, namely disrupting the running of the power station by causing the water inlet cooling system to be shut down.” That doesn’t sound like E.ON’s claim of “business as usual” to us!

Despite EON spending millions on extra security, and the Government spending millions on policing; despite the extra fences, the smear campaigns, the scare stories, and the most repressive and heavy-handed policing of peaceful protest for many years; despite all of this, the activist got over the fences, disrupted the power station, and massively embarrassed an international energy giant. They outsmarted 26 police forces to run the biggest climate camp ever. They covered the river in boats,filled the streets with people, covered the power station gates with banners and hit at least eight other targets with autonomous actions. They flooded the national, local and independent media with stories and messages. E.ON and the Government threw everything they could at themn, and they still couldn’t hold them back.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Naked animals say no to coal

Naked animals (mainly humans) say no to coal-fired power, and make police stop and search much easier.

Climate Camp 2008 TV

VisionOn.Tv is a new internet TV channel showing you the views you aren't getting about environmental issues. We are at the Climate Camp in Kent this week.
Reporting daily from the most radical resistance to Climate Change in the UK. Click on to watch the latest videos.

Currently Police are seizing home made rafts to stop activists from shutting down the polluting coal fired power station at Kingsnorth. Police have spent a week intimidating campaigners and local people alike. From head to toe searches (including between peoples toes), blocking an ITV broadcast van for 3 hourss, sending riot polices in at dawn, stop and search every single person.

But it hasn't stopped nearly 2000 people having a festival spirit. VisionOnTv are co-ordinating video reporters including Undercurrents crew to report from the many aspect of the demonstrations, direct actions and Camp life.

Click here to watch all the videos.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Climate Camp Movement: George Monbiot's View

Environmentalist George Monbiot gives his views on Climate Camp 2008

Arthur Scargill on the Right to Protest

The veteran of police violence in the miners strike '84/'85 defends Climate Campers rights

Local Activists Support Climate Camp

Local campaigners in Medway against the building of Kingsnorth coal fired power station stage a protest to support the Climate Camp.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Climate Camp- Protest ignores Police Stop & Search

VisionOnTv reports 100 people walked through Police barriers to attend the Climate Camp in Kingsnorth. The law states that people can be detained only for a 'brief' time. After 1-4 hour waits to be searched, people had enough and ignored police.

Climate Camp 2008 Chat Show at Kingsnorth.

VisionOntv reports from inside the Climate Camp 2008 at Kingsnorth.
http://www.visionon.tvVisionOntv reports from inside the Climate Camp 2008 at Kingsnorth.

Media getting trouble from Police at Climate Camp

Media getting trouble from Police at Climate Camp
A Reporter just looking in the direction of the Kingsnorth power station was stopped by Police (from Liverpool) and had their car seized. The daft reason being that the driver had 'amateur' rather than 'professional' insurance as he had a video camera.

Photographers are getting harrassed and searched for no reason. When the media are allowed inside the climate camp, the police send an Essex Helicopter (the protest is in Kent) over the media trying to conduct interviews. Imagine the sound problems this causes.

Even mainstream media are having problems.The ITV broadcast van had problems getting near the Camp with a 3 hour stand off before cops relented.

Meanwhile,we have been producing daily chat shows about the events so please watch them on

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Funding for VisionOnTv

We had a funding meeting in Londons posh Pall Mall club to finalise funding to set up our internet TV channel. It went really well so should know by end of September

CCTV threat

Funny how CCTV can turn a simple call for help into a threat?
I saw this in Swindon train station.

Weather Forecasting stone

I am off to the Climate Camp and figured I would bring one of these. Click on photo to read.

Turnips win first prize

I really thought this only happened in sit-coms but i actually went to the Gower festival and they had prizes for best was very funny. Sorry photo is on its side..i will fix it later

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lying reporter condemned by Press complaints

Photos is Rashid Razaq, undercover at the climate camp 2007. He has been proved to be a liar for his newspaper.

Tabloid Fabricated Heathrow Plot

Evening Standard condemned by press watchdog for coverage of the Camp for Climate Action's Heathrow protest. Claim of fabrication upheld.

In a much awaited ruling the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) issued a
stinging rebuke against the Evening Standard today. The usually mild-
mannered PCC slammed the Standard's coverage of last summer's Camp for
Climate Action at Heathrow as 'materially misleading' and 'alarmist'.

On 13 August last year, the Standard ran a front page story headlined
'Militants will hit Heathrow' the day before a climate change protest camp near Heathrow airport opened. Chief reporter Robert Mendick said he had
uncovered a plot to paralyse the airport via invading runways and placing suspect packages. The story was subsequently echoed in several media outlets, all of which ran the false claims believing them to be true. The Camp for Climate Action immediately wrote to the PCC declaring that the article was "fabricated". The PCC adjudicated the complaint as "upheld".

The PCC gave the strongest possible reprimand in its powers, finding that the
article was a 'serious breach' of the PCC code of journalistic standards.
They found that adequate care had not been taken by the Standard, despite
the Standard's claim that their reporting was the result of an 'extensive
operation organised by an extremely experienced team of executives and
senior reporters'[Doug Wills, Letter to PCC, February 12, 2007].

The rare PCC ruling comes after seven months' worth of submissions, in which the story's authorship, sources and credibility are all called into question. Alexandra Harvey, one of the team responsible for pulling apart the Standard's story, said today:

"This was a political hit job of the worst kind. There was no plot, and the Standard's ever changing claims throughout this process show that this was a fiction created for political ends - to stop the growth of a mass
movement taking action on climate change".

Chief reporter Robert Mendick has previously denied writing the very article he authored and the PCC condemned. The Standard subsequently claimed the story was the work of a different junior journalist, Rashid Razaq, working undercover.

Mr Razaq has a history of being accused of fabrications which the Standard has ignored. Last year Mr Razaq wrote a story falsely alleging the showing of films sympathetic to terrorists at the Freud Museum. The alleged interviewee said the interview Mr Razaq reported in the article never took place. A complaint by the museum's director and curator was never answered. An undercover story by Mr Razaq about his work at Barnet Hospital as a cleaner was called into question when the Hospital stated that he was in fact employed as a porter, and had misreported significant facts.

"This is a disturbing pattern, and the Standard ought to examine why Mr Razaq was allowed to continue writing these stories for so long," said Ms Harvey.

Natasha Edlemann said, "This summer will see increased direct action aimed
at stopping climate change. This growing movement expects and deserves
scrutiny from the media, but we need to draw a line under dangerous
propaganda by those who claim to care about climate change while seeking
to destroy the reputations of the people who are actually doing something
about it."

More from George Monbiot about this case

This year's Camp for Climate Action will take place 4 to 11 August at
Kingsnorth power station in Kent.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Climate Camp 2008 is Open

To get to kingsnorth directions at

Video shows eco-warriors how to storm power plant

Read this today in the Evening Standard

Environment campaigners planning a mass protest at a power station in Kent have circulated a video showing how to pull down its new protective fence.

Thousands of people are expected at a "climate change camp" at the Kingsnorth plant from Monday. Hundreds of police are expected to be called in to maintain order.

Organisers of the demonstration have circulated an "inspirational" video via YouTube showing scenes of mobs pulling down security fences and cutting through wire barriers, as well as views of the power station from the river Medway.

They have said they intend to use rafts to get inside the plant and "shut down the climate criminal", and will employ "green guerrillas" to look for "weak points" in the fence. They may even attempt to fly across the perimeter.

The video ends with the statement: "We will shut it down."

Kingsnorth is the intended site for what would be the first coal-fired facility in Britain in 30 years, and the first of a tranche of new generators, making it the focus of anger for climate activists.

It is also regarded as a particularly "dirty" power station - its four generators will create too much pollution to meet emissions standards coming into force in 2015.

The camp will last until Monday 11 August, with activists declaring Saturday 9 August a "day of mass protest and direct action".

The video, prepared by members of Climate Camp, shows people at other protests around the world cutting their way through fencing, using iron bars to break links and swamping barriers through sheer weight of numbers.

There are also scenes of police confronting demonstrators.

The video has been circulated to scores of activists known to be heading for the plant this summer.

The perimeter fence at Kingsnorth was put in place last week and the power station's owner, E.On UK, was granted an injunction banning protesters from breaching it and entering the site.

A senior police source described the video as "like a training manual". The source said: " It clearly shows protesters intend trying to break into the power station, which is dangerous and has severe security implications."

Some organisers have claimed the protest will be more "confrontational" than last year's climate change camp at Heathrow, which led to 58 arrests and an estimated £7 million bill for policing.

A spokesman for E.On UK said: "We don't have a problem with the climate campers. What we will not tolerate are people endangering our team, the police and themselves, and breaking the law on what is effectively a publicity stunt." Caroline Charlier, spokeswoman for Climate Camp, denied the footage of protesters pulling down fences was a training video.

She said: "It is a metaphorical, inspiring video about taking fences down and about shutting the station down. It is not going to be more confrontational."