Friday, February 27, 2009

Dogs Die In Hot Cars is making Pop Nonsense (read in HD)

Clever video made by a friend of mine

Get clean coal clean! (NEW Air Freshener)

Coen brothers target US coal industry

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* Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment corespondent
*, Thursday 26 February 2009 19.28 GMT
* Article history

The Coen brothers have applied their slightly off-kilter sensibility to the campaign against America's coal industry, with a new television advertisement debunking the notion of clean coal.

The filmmaking brothers, working from a concept and script supplied by the ad makers for the environmental campaigners, the Reality Coalition, Reality Coalition environmental campaign, produced a spot showing a salesman spraying black smog from an aerosol can around a home.

Using music in your films

There are two copyrights on a piece of music; one on the idea (the notes &
lyrics) and another on the recording. Both of the copyrights must have
expired before you can use the music without getting permission from the
copyright holders.

The copyright on the idea expires 70 years after the year of the author's

The copyright on the recording expires 50 years after the year it was

If you find you need to licence a piece of music for your film the first
point of contact is PRS for Music (formerly PRS/MCPS Alliance).

Women on the big screen

Birds Eye View celebrates international women filmmakers with its fifth
London film festival at BFI Southbank, ICA, and Picturehouse cinemas. 9
days jam-packed with over 70 events!

Documentaries at BEV this year include the "undeniably entertaining"
(Variety) Sundance Best Feature Doc 2008 break-out hit American Teen from
Oscar nominated Nanette Bernstein, and The Art Star and The Sudanese Twins
following internationally renowned conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft. Get
an insight into the world's third largest film industry after Hollywood and
Bollywood, Nigeria's Nollywood in Peace Mission, and women documentary
filmmakers in extraordinary circumstances in Risky Business: Afghan Women

Plus Special Preview of Franny Armstrong (McLibel)'s latest campaign flick
The Age of The Stupid, and a gorgeous portrait of the active elderly in The
Time of Their Lives.

See for more details,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Auction of video equipment

The Centre Conference Venue
Farnham Road
(1 mile from J6 of M4)

View & Test on Wednesday 11 March from 11.00 to 19.30
Viewing only from 9.30 on the Sale Day.
A selection of Non-Linear Edit Suites
Digital Betacam, Betacam-SX, Betacam-SP,
DVCAM, DVCPro, High Band-SP & VHS formats.
A Large selection of Cameras & Camcorders including
High Definition, Digital Betacam, DVCPro & DVCAM.
Telephoto, Wide Angle & Standard Lenses
and Camera Support Equipment.
A large selection of Studio Equipment and Lighting
including Vision Mixers, Standards Converters, Plasma Screens,
Caption Generators, Test Equipment, Monitors,
Audio Equipment, Matrices, Talk Back Systems etc.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fund my film (please)

My latest film proposal has been sent to the ITVS International Call 2009 in the USa. They tell me that they are happy to report that they my application is currently under Phase 1 Internal Review.

'We will notify you of the progress of your proposal by Monday, March 16, 2009.Once a year, ITVS invites international independent producers to share their vision and propose documentaries for American television through its International Call initiative. This year, we received over 480 submissions from 80 countries, spanning six continents. These proposals will be advanced or declined in a five phase process over a period of five months'

Fingers crossed!

Mental film festival

The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival (1 22 October 2009) aims
to transform social attitudes to mental health. Now in its third year, the
festival has grown to become one of Scotland's most significant cultural

For our film competition, we're looking for exciting documentaries that
combat stereotypes, challenge perceptions and stimulate debate. We're not
just looking for films that deal with specific mental health problems, but
ones that address issues of mental health in society at large (poverty,
equality, family dysfunction, addiction etc) in a surprising and
thought-provoking way.

To find out more about the festival, please visit our website To submit a film, please send an email to and we'll send you an application form.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Watching Them Watching Us

Ever been angered by police filming you when out on a demonstration? Find out here what to do about it.


Everyone invited to world's biggest film premiere - just don't fly!

At 6pm on Sunday 15th March, London's Leicester Square will be hosting the world's
first premiere in a solar cinema tent for the highly anticipated climate change
film, The Age of Stupid.

Oscar® Nominee Pete Postlethwaite stars as the narrator of the film and will be
joined on the "green" carpet by a glittering array of British talent all lending
their support to the film and the climate action campaign, "Not Stupid".

Held in a tent in the gardens of the square, the premiere also gives the British
public an opportunity to be included in the events on the night. Green carpet
arrivals and a post-film Q&A will be beamed around the UK via live satellite link-up
to over 70 cinemas including the Eden Project in Cornwall, creating a truly
exceptional experience and a "People's Premiere". The public can buy tickets at
their local participating cinema from today.

With 16,000 expected attendees across the country, the Guinness Book of Records will
hopefully confirm it's the largest ever premiere.

All profits from the premiere ticket sales will go to the NOT STUPID climate
campaign, supported by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF and Stop Climate Change
Chaos which Pete Postlethwaite will be launching at the Leicester Square event on
the night.

The Age of Stupid stars Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living alone in what is a
devastated world of 2055, looking at "archive footage" from 2008, asking "why didn't
we stop climate change when we had the chance?". Directed by Franny Armstrong
(McLibel) and produced by Oscar® winning John Battsek (One Day in September), the
£450,000 budget for the film was raised entirely by "crowd-funding" whereby 228
people invested between £500 and 35,000.

The UK Film Council, which is keen to support new and groundbreaking methods of
distribution, is supporting the film's distributor Dogwoof with funding towards the
live satellite transmission of the premiere and Q&A to cinemas across the UK.

The Age of Stupid is released nationwide on the 20th March 2009.

List of venues & booking info for the people's premiere is available at

Journalists wanted

From: Paul Egglestone
Allow me to introduce a cutting edge cross platform journalism
training course designed and delivered by the BBC and the University
of Central Lancashire (UCLan) School of Journalism, Media and
Communication 'Meld' team.

The programme is called 'inFUZE and we're looking for talented
professional Journalists wanting to learn how to produce cutting edge
content for TV, radio, online and mobile. The course features input
from top creative and technical talent from the industry as well as a
4 week paid placement in a digital newsroom.

The 6 week programme starts in Preston at 'Sandbox' UCLan's Digital
and Creative Industries centre on March the 23rd.

You can apply for a place on line by visiting the
website and clicking the inFUZE tab or following this link
( directly to the application

Demand will be high for this programme and places are limited so
follow this link ( to the application
page, read the simple instructions and apply as early as you can.

This activity is funded by the Skillset TV Freelance Fund and the
Digital and Media Skills Programme, delivered by Northwest Vision and
Media in partnership with Skillset, and supported by the North West
Development Agency

Paul Egglestone
School of Journalism, Media and Communication
Greenbank building

Tel: +44 1772 894733

Artists to protest in London

Protest organised by East End artists at refusal of right of reply by National
Theatre to racist play

National Theatre refuses to debate racist play ENGLAND PEOPLE VERY NICE with East
End artists

Artists from the East End will be holding a protest outside the National Theatre at
5pm on Friday 27th February in the run up to the platform discussion at 6pm with
Richard Bean, the writer of the play. At a meeting on Friday 20th February
Nicholas Hytner, the boss of the National, refused to organise a proper joint debate
in the next few weeks on a play that is anti-irish, anti-Bangladeshi and

Playwright Hussain Ismail, who will be leading the campaign, said: “Hytner is
scared of a debate. We are from the East End and we know that it is the most
multicultural place in the world. Brick Lane in particular is the centre of the
multicultural universe. It’s the coolest place on the earth and that’s why people
come from all over the world to hang out there. Bean and Hytner haven’t got a clue
about the East End. That’s why the play is bonkers!”

“We want a right of reply – a proper debate – not a 40 minute platform discussion
where the director just asks some bland questions to the writer and we all go home.
We want a vigorous and robust debate with Bean and Hytner with the media and public
present on mass.”

Organisers of the protest are asking everybody to come celebrate multicultural
London and demand that East End artists have the right to a debate, and challenge
misrepresentation of their communities. They are asking protesters to bring whistles
and drums to stand up for multiculturalism.

Protest details: 5pm 27th February

National Theatre, Southbank, London SE1 9PX

Embankment and Waterloo tube.

For more information contact.

Hussain Ismail

07890 324 552

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Roll up, Roll up! Defend civil liberties and have a laugh at the same time, with Policewatch or Filming them Filming us Filming them etc It's yer once-in-a-lifetime chance to win War on Terror, the only game with suicide bombers, political kidnaps, intercontinental war, filthy propaganda, rampant paranoia and secret treaties....... All you have to do is send us your videos or photos of the British constabulary's finest moments. Why? On 16th February 2009 the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 comes into operation, which threatens to make it illegal to take a photo of a police officer, or to elicit information about them. So bang goes alerting people to cops spying on peaceful protestors, and bang, clunk go journalists investigating police corruption or malpractice. How? Fitwatch is launching a competition which will give a copy of the award-winning to the winner of each of three different categories: 1. Scary for the most shocking bit of police abuse recorded. Dixon of Dock Green it ain't! 2. Funny for the most piss-yourself classic copper moment. 3. Effective Did you make the police help you with your inquiries? - for the pictures which proved a case against the police or had most success in defending civil liberties (please tell us what it did). You can enter still images or video footage. Just post them on flickr (preferred for stills), (preferred for video), youtube or anywhere else (please put the tags visionontv and fitwatch) then send us a link. We welcome images from anywhere in the world, but only the best of the British constabulary can win a prize. For more detailed stuff on how to make your images available, go to the bottom of this page. Where? On 16th February, the first day of the new legislation, Policewatch series commences. Films and photos submitted to the Fitwatch competition will feature in this series on visionOntv's grassroots channel. When? Closing date for entries: April 9th 2009 Winners declared: April 16th 2009 the two-month anniversary of the new legislation Who? is a group of people who have come together to resist and oppose the tactics of the Forward Intelligence Teams (cops who harass protesters). We aim to act in solidarity with each other, supporting campaigns by being at meetings and protests, making it harder for the police to film and gather intelligence. We get in the way of their cameras, taking photos and publishing as much information as we can about them on our blog. is a new online TV station from It has all the ease-of-use of mainstream TV, but with content that is very very different. To watch the whole of the Policewatch series, plus the best of activist video from around the world and a whole lot more, go to On this link you can watch the streaming version, but to get the full TV experience download the player app and enjoy! Please email for further info on the Policewatch series. If any police officer would like more information on the Policewatch competition, please contact as it is not an organisation, and has no spokespeople. How? part 2 We strongly recommend giving your pictures a so they can be distibuted as widely as possible. Please let us know which license you prefer. The creative commons license we advise choosing is Non-Commercial Share Alike which allows people to use your footage for anything non-commercial, and as long as they release it under the same license. That's what visionOntv puts its own films under. Come along now, you've had your fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Film Festival want your flicks

Wigan's, "North by North Western" festival is currently open for submissions of film/animation/music videos etc. The chosen films will be screened during the festival on 5/08/2009 in Wigan The deadline is 1/07/2009.

The Festival is Wigan's only arts/music/literature festival. It is currently in its 3rd and biggest year showcasing new artists/writers/musicians from across the globe. At the moment NXNW has over 30 events planed over 8 days.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Want a free Tatoo?

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." Charles

In celebration of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, UHC
wish to invite 100 volunteers to become the ambassadors of 100 endangered UK species - by being permanently tattooed.

Cops assault Bishop

I have seen British cops punching protesters, breaking the arm of a journalist and belting out with truncheons on young female students. So now the cops have started punching Bishop!

A bishop who claims he was assaulted by police after photographing his two sons sitting on top of their south London home has threatened legal action. read more

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top secret police force to spy on political Campaign groups

Yes, this is the news, first leaked by the Mail on Sunday, that bored plod at the Association of Chief Police Officers have started up a new super secret group to investigate any groups which have anything nasty to say about capital and the state. ACPO is the private company that masterminds the nutkins at NECTU, last seen leaking reports to the Observer that pretended environmentalists were dangerous terrorists. They've named Plane Stupid as one of the groups singled out for special interest.

Other groups under investigation are anti-Israeli groups, those who instigated the recent wildcat strikes and animal rights groups. We shouldn't be surprised really: history shows that the state and industry will do anything it can to protect itself. At least they got one thing right: they're also looking into groups of fascists; suggestions that they might like to start with ACPO or NETCU should be sent to Steven Pearl, Constabulary HQ. Hinchingbrooke Park, Cambridgeshire. PE29 6NP.

More news about super-duper police spy team

Yesterday we covered the Daily Mail story about the Confidential Intelligence Unit - a special task force set up to tackle "domestic extremism". For those of you who missed the memo, the new unit has been set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers: a private company which is unanswerable to the public, believes itself outside of the remit of the Freedom of Information Act and generally lords it about the place.

Thanks to the power of t'interweb we've found the job description for the head of the CIU (pronounced 'cooo-eee'). Successful applicants will be tasked with "manag[ing] the covert intelligence function for domestic extremism, and the confidential intelligence unit" and "Develop[ing] the business of the confidential intelligence unit to support NCDE [National Covert Domestic Extremist] units and the wider DE policing objectives."

They will be asked to "Represent NPOIU [National Public Order Intelligence Unit] at Public Interest Immunity hearings, and legal meetings regarding sensitive source material" - basically refusing to give any info about who they are and how they work, should anyone be prepared to risk arrest and ask. It's very important that officers "Consider and shows respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and members of the public, no matter what their race, religion, position, background, circumstances, status or appearance"... unless those opinions and feelings happen to be anti-state, in which case it's open season.

What is the best SMS text you sent last month?

SMS is the new Black ( is launching a new competition for the best text message sent or received in January 2009.

For the best messages AQA ( is giving away five versions of its excellent book, Brilliant Answers. Featuring the most brilliant answers on subjects ranging from Russell Brand to Dangermouse, from holy handgrenades to the world's most bizarre experiments, Brilliant Answers is an unputdownable compendium of essential and not-so-essential facts and opinions for everyday life in the UK.

The competition is open to anyone and is simple to enter. To enter, just email the text to, with the subject line ‘Competition', or forward it to +44 (0)7957 197817, before the closing date of February 13th.

Happy Television!

BBC Wales seek Happy Contemporary Documentaries

Transmission: Autumn 2009
Channel and Time: BBC One 10.35pm
Guide Price: £40/£60k per Hour
Deadline: 16th March 2009

This commission is open to both in-house and independent producers.

For this slot we are looking for compelling documentary subjects that will offer a
timely view on an aspect of life in Wales. While we are open to ideas from the more
serious end of the spectrum, our priority for this series is to bring some warmth
and humour into our schedule. Contemporary documentaries are all too often confined
to darker subjects and can offer a rather humourless view of life. We are
particularly interested in ideas that will be made with a lighter touch and leave
our audience with a smile.

This will inevitably be a largely character-driven series and the key contributors
should be strong, engaging, and memorable. However, there needs to be an overall
narrative to the series which develops and resolves over the course of the
programmes. The series will almost certainly be filmed over an extended period and
be largely observational in style. We are not looking for a series of stand-alone
profiles or for formatted ideas.

The series must be set in Wales and focus on a contemporary phenomenon, place, group
of people or institution. The focus of your idea may not be overtly humorous or even
obvious subject matter for a documentary series, but as series such as BBC TWO’s
Meet the Armstrongs have demonstrated, the right personalities, producer and access
can be very entertaining. Passionate people doing unexpected things is also a good

We are keen to commission an idea that will be especially attractive to the 30-45
age range.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Be on the Jury

Are you aged 16-21, and interested in the media and young people's
issues around the world?

You could sit on the One World Youth Jury and choose the media that
changes people's minds

The One World Media Awards is a leading awards event in the UK. It's
open to films, radio programmes, newspaper articles and websites, and
it's there to recognise the best media coverage of the developing
world. The Awards are presented in a televised ceremony each year by
Jon Snow of Channel 4 News.

The One World Media Awards are made up of 12 categories, and each has
its own jury panel. Right now we're looking for four young people to
judge one of the awards – the Children's Rights Award, sponsored by
Unicef. It's for media that acknowledges the voices of young people in
the developing world. In 2008, the winner was China's Stolen Children,
a major documentary on Channel 4 about the trafficking of children in

Could you be one of our young judges? We're running a competition to
find them – and if you are selected, you'll participate in a day of
media workshops, followed by the jury meeting. You'll also be invited
to the awards ceremony in June, where you'll meet Jon Snow and present
the award.

Go to and click on the link for the
One World Youth Jury to find out more. Also, please find attached a
simple flyer and poster, which you are welcome to use in publicising
the initiative, and the entry form.

The closing date for the competition is Monday 9th March. Good luck!

One World Media Awards Team

Phone: 020 7922 7943
Derek Thorne
One World Broadcasting Trust
CAN Mezzanine
32-36 Loman Street
London SE1 0EH
Tel: +44 (0)207 922 7943
Fax: +44 (0)207 922 7706

Friday, February 06, 2009

Boycott the flowers on Valentines day

I recevied a press release for a Valentine days Mass Demonstration against Carmel-Agrexco

The Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaign and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will hold a mass picket at the depot of the Israeli state export company on Saturday February 7th at 12 noon.

Carmel Agrexco is the largest importer of illegal settlement goods into the UK. The Valentine's Day period is one of their most profitable as the company imports thousands on tonnes of fresh flowers from Israel and the illegal settlements.

Shoppers on the British high street probably know Agrexco better as the Carmel,
Coral and Jaffa brands importing a wide range of produce including peppers,
tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, spices, flowers and avocados. ENDS For further
information and press interviews contact for
interviews/pictures Tel 0207 700 6192 / 07957431276

France calling

Canal ti zef organizes from 12 to 17 October 2009 the 8th festival
intergalactique de l'image alternative.

The festival menu is films from around the world and this year, a
spotlight on Belgium and is different video activist group.

If you want to submit a film, send it to Canal ti zef 19 rue Bruat 29200
Brest, accompanied by the entry form available on-_www.festival _.

You have until July 15 for films over 60 minutes and 15 August for films
less than 60 minutes. More information and 0033 (0) 298434965.

Short Films Wanted - Rotoreliefs at Vibe and Roxy

Short films of any style and genre: drama, experimental, videoart,
documentaries, music clips, animation, etc. below 20 minutes for
Rotoreliefs, a free networking screenings every month at Vibe (Brick Lane)
and Roxy (London Bridge) in London.

To submit your work for the selection process please go to: => 'Contact' and download the Submission Form.

Rotoreliefs is a free networking platform oriented to emerging and
upcoming talents in the independent art and film industries. Through
regular events it renders a different concept of short films and video-art
screenings that focuses on providing a serious and accessible alternative
to an increasing demand for valid networking events in the industry.

At our events the artists showcasing their works, representatives of
companies and professionals collaborating with us, they all have a chance
to talk to the audience and share their experiences behind the scenes,
their view of the industry, upcoming projects, needs, passions...
Altogether Rotoreliefs is a live experience of the industrys heart and
soul in a relaxed and professional environment

I like it when i find new bands to listen to

I am probably way behind everyone else but i just found a new band i like- the pigeon detectives. I was looking at Sin Citys website- a club in Swansea and one of the tracks was i looked them up and found them to be very catchy
Check them out.

Make money from your film

GreenCine's Video-on-Demand
GreenCine welcomes submissions from independent filmmakers and distributors for their Video-on-Demand service.


Deadline March 10th 2009

Video sharing sites like Youtube and DailyMotion are now the norm, and remixers
everywhere are busy mashing-up film clips, movie-trailers and music videos and
posting them for the world to see.

French music and digital arts festival Tilt are launching a video mash-up
competition in collaboration with curators who have been screening work
of video remix artists for over a decade, and trail-blazing audio/video remixers
Addictive TV, who’ll sit on the judging panel. The winner will receive €1000.

The deadline to submit a piece to the Tilt Festival is midnight on MARCH 10th 2009,
contestants are invited to create a short video mash-up by sampling and remixing
public domain video clips. For more information on how to participate, entry rules
and to get links to some public domain archives, please visit:

To see examples of video remixes and mash-ups of competition juror Addictive TV,
check out:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Online TV blocked

If are like me, you don't have a TV but do watch great content online. I have hoped that Channel 4 would be online for my MAC soon. But their project-Project Kangaroo has been blocked by Competition Commission. Project Kangaroo, the online TV joint venture between ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Worldwide, has been blocked from launching.

The commission said the case surrounding Kangaroo was about the control of valuable UK-originated TV content.

"BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 together control the vast majority of this material, which puts them in a very strong position as wholesalers of TV content to restrict competition from other current and future providers of video-on-demand services to UK viewers,"
Read more

Protests continue against BBC

Protests against BBC continue.On Monday 2nd February, 40-50 campaigners braved the snow [ lots of snow!] and cold to protest outside the BBC offices in Nottingham. They were demonstrating against the BBC's refusal to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for the devastated people of Gaza, but also criticised the BBC's reporting of the recent Israeli assault on more

Back in London the International Solidarity Movement, used the BBC's Portland Place Broadcasting House building as the backdrop for a public projection of the DEC appeal.

Filming in the Snow

I was out filming yesterday for the latest episode of A-Z of Bushcraft. We filmed how to light a fire in extreme conditions. Watch the series here

Eco film festival want your film

Planet in Focus
10th Anniversary Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival
Toronto, Canada, October 21-25, 2009

Attention Filmmakers: Call for Submissions now open!
Planet in Focus, Canada's most acclaimed international environmental film
and video festival, showcases outstanding and compelling films and videos
covering a broad range of environmental themes by Canadian and international
filmmakers. Our mission is to screen and promote the use of film and video
across Canada and internationally as a catalyst for public awareness,
discussion, and appropriate action on the environmental, ecological and
social health of the planet. Recognizing that the 'environment' is contested
terrain, both as a biophysical entity and as a philosophical frame, Planet
in Focus invites submissions in all genres that critically examine the
concept of 'environment' and challenge current human/nature relat

Early deadline: May 22nd, 2009 / Final deadline: June 19th, 2009
For guideines and submission forms please visit

Monday, February 02, 2009

Film festival

Republic has created a film competition for all aspiring film directors. From November 08 participants can upload their own unique interpretation of state your independence onto You Tube and view others on the Republic blog all entries will be considered and judged at the start of April 2009.

Remix: Lawrence Lessig on IP in the Digital Economy

Good insight into creative commons on the net

Sunday, February 01, 2009

BBC bans Gaza charity appeal

Re-broadcast under Fair Use Policy: Ex-cabinet minister and long-term MP Tony Benn takes on the BBC over their refusal to show the Gaza Crisis appeal ad.