Friday, March 27, 2009

Fake Financial Times wakes up London

Press Release

*Fake FT wakes up London to radical action*

Concerned Londoners today handed out copies of a spoof *Financial Times*,
urging journalists and big business to make the future possible by putting
people first.

Set in 2020, the 12-page paper revealed how action in 2009 reined in climate
change, saving billions from extinction. Carbon rationing didn’t kill us, it
explained, despite the inconvenience to multinational companies. But we
couldn’t have endless growth with finite resources. Editors even apologised
for suggesting otherwise.

“We live on financial crimes,” the paper confessed in a front-page advert,
which satirised a recent *Financial Times* billboard. “In a world of cold
harsh truths,” it said, beside a panting St Bernard atop a mountain, “we
rescue stories from the facts.”

Launched at dawn from behind Waterloo station, this coup was aimed at
everyone’s excuses for apathy. Unless we change the way we live radically,
we’ll make our world uninhabitable within decades. It’s time for drastic
action, and if governments won’t take it, we have to do something ourselves.

“Journalists frame public debate, and the City frames public policy,” said
Raoul Djukanovic, who edited today’s fake FT. “If they reframed their
thinking, they could help build a different world instead of conning us with
lifestyle porn and bubbles.”

The paper was a full-colour replica of the iconic pink ‘un, including news
from Britain and abroad, and editorials and comment, poking fun at FT
columnists. It was funded by donations on the Internet, and given away for
free by volunteers. Tens of thousands of copies were printed – almost as
many as the FT sells here daily.

Why bother, some commuters asked. “Newspapers won’t change the world, but
they do spread words that can make people think,” said Marcos Marcuse, who
handed out papers near London Bridge. “What are we going to tell our
children? That we thought about trying to save ourselves, but it wasn’t
‘good business’ or ‘objective reporting’?”


For further information, call +44 7779 792 559, or visit our website:

A PDF edition, photos and videos are available at

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Extreme Sheep Art

This is funny- LEDs on sheep

A lot of trickery involved but as an advert it works i think

Afghan Festival happening in London

please find details of the Afghan Festival happening in London one the
following weblinks. The second is a weblink to the festival brochure.

The festival with an amazing line up of theatre, a film festival with
lots of guest speakers, including Siddiq Barmak coming from
Afghanistan, exhibitions, discussion and concerts by the Sham Sufi
Qawali Group, also coming all the way from Afghanistan which you can
see on the following link

Any money raised through the festival will be going towards saving the
National Archives and buying a digitalisation machine and supporting
Afghan artists in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Work

Anyone who uses technology will like this

Government wants to snoop into your Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook could be monitored by the UK government under proposals to make them keep details of users' contacts.

The Home Office said it was needed to tackle crime gangs and terrorists who might use the sites, but said it would not keep the content of conversations. I say bollox to what the Government thinks..this is an invasion of privacy. read more

Turn your mobile into cash

You can sell any unused old mobile and make serious cash. Special web companies will
price it online, then send a freepost bag to get it; yet prices vary hugely per
company per phone, e.g. for a Nokia 8800 Sirrocco phone, prices ranged from £50 to
£90. Previously my advice's been to try a few different sites; now we've built a
tool that does it for you. Mobile Selling Checker: It's a superspeedy comparison
service, tell it your phone's make and model and it tells you how much each of the
ten main companies will pay you. Urgent £5 Boost: Two providers currently offer
short term bonuses, Love2recycle* offers a £5 gift voucher (Boots, Debenhams, New
Look etc) for every mobile over £15 you recycle or get an extra £5 cash up to three
handsets using a special code with Money4urmobile. Yet first use the Selling Checker
to ensure they're offering a decent price.

Updated Guide & New Tool:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Cock in the News

An 18-year-old has secretly painted a 60ft drawing of a phallus on the roof of his parents' £1million mansion in Berkshire. It was there for a year before his parents found out. They say he'll have to scrub it off when he gets back from travelling.

Didn't video kill the radio? ....perhaps not

The first round of Ofcom’s 2009/10 Community Radio Fund will open on
15 April 2009. Grants are available from an annual fund of
approximately £450,000 to support the core functions of Community
Radio Stations.

There are no fixed upper limit for grants, but applicants are expected
to use the size of previous awards as a guide; in 2008-09 the average
grant size was in the region of £14,000. Grants will only be made to
community radio licensees who are broadcasting under a community radio
licence (and not an RSL) and eligible licensees must be broadcasting
by the time the panel meets on 24 June 2009.

Deadline: 12 May 2009

For further information visit Ofcom's site here:

Community Connections

Are you a community or charitable organisation that is looking to
extend your work with a laptop and a year's free broadband?
If so, you could apply for a BT Community Connections award today.

is an award scheme which enables community
and charitable organisations to get online and make use of information
and communications technology (ICT).

Organisations, working in any field of community benefit, located
throughout the UK or ROI can apply for a laptop and a year's free
broadband connection. There are more than 1,000 award packages
available to groups who can demonstrate how an award will benefit
their work and the local community.

Simply apply now:

People's Millions

People's Millions has proved to be an exciting venture for Big Lottery
Fund, breaking new ground by giving people a real say in how lottery
money is spent in local communities throughout the UK.

The aim of the competition is to fund projects that provide
opportunities for people to enjoy their local area, whether indoors or
out, and improve local facilities for all to enjoy.

They have already funded 318 projects across the UK.

This year People's Millions intends to fund a further 69 projects of
up to £50,000 (including VAT) across the 15 ITV regional news areas

There will be head-to-head competitions in each of the 15 ITV Regions,
and the fund will continue to make the ‘bonus’ awards, that proved so
popular in previous years.

Future of the newspaper

Revolutions create a curious inversion of perception. In ordinary times, people who do no more than describe the world around them are seen as pragmatists, while those who imagine fabulous alternative futures are viewed as radicals.

The internet turns 40 this Autumn. Access by the general public is less than half that age. Web use, as a normal part of life for a majority of the developed world, is less than half that age. We just got here. Even the revolutionaries can’t predict what will happen next.

Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a century, the imperatives to strengthen journalism and to strengthen newspapers have been so tightly wound as to be indistinguishable.

Read more

Get your films seen in the USA

If any producers or producers representatives have documentaries or
educational films they would like to distribute to educational markets in
the U.S., Canada & the U.K,, please send us a DVD screener to review.

At, we currently have nearly 200 titles in 21
educational categories. What we are looking for are documentaries that can
help promote lively discussion in college classrooms.
To date we have sold titles to more than 800 schools and libraries in the
US, Canada, Australia and the U.K. What sets us ap art from more
traditional documentary dis tribut ors is:
(1) We offer our producers a 40% royalty which is double what the vast
majority of distributors offer.
(2) We do not force producers to sign a 2-3 year exclusive agreement. We
are only interested in selling programs to specific educational markets and
allow producers to opt out in 45 days if they are unhappy with the our
marketing efforts.
(3) Producers have the option to supply the DVDs for sale or to have us
handle the duplication and printing for them.

We have just recently developed an new site --
-- for sales to public libraries, public school libraries and approved
non-government agencies at reduced prices.

Thank you.

Stanley Stern
Parallel Lines
5507 Nesconset Hwy. #301
Mount Sinai NY 11766

Freedom of speech ban at University of Nottingham

Police get stupid

Monday, March 23, 2009

Homeless media project award

Homeless Link is pleased to announce that this year’s Michael Whippman
Award is now open for entries!
The Michael Whippman award was set-up to find the best examples of
service user involvement and, this year, we’re asking for innovative
entries which have been created using some form of multi-media.
Whether it be a radio show, digital photography project, community
blog or group video – we want to hear about it!

You don't have to be a homelessness organisation to enter the Michael
Whippman Awards but entries must have been created by or with homeless
people. For instance, a community radio station could link up with a
local hostel to produce a show about homelessness or even just a music
show which is presented by homeless people!

The most important, however, is that the digital project has had a
positive impact on the lives of the homeless people involved.

The winning entry will be awarded £500 and be widely promoted across
the sector, including being featured in Connect, the quarterly
magazine for the homelessness sector, on Homeless Link's website, and
in a press release.

The 2nd place entry will be awarded £300 and third place will receive £200

The top 6 shortlisted entrants will also be eligible for two free
one-day delegate places at Homeless Link’s Annual Conference in July
(at least one service user must take one of the free places).

The deadlines for entries is: 29th May
For more information please visit:

Police use music to make war

A report into the policing of last year's Climate Camp demonstration, to be presented today in parliament, has criticised Kent police for its apparent use of "psychological operations".

To wake protesters during the week-long protest last August, police are accused of using vans to play loud music that included Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and the theme from 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi.

On the final day of the protest the van departed and - in what was taken as a smug gesture of triumphalism - blasted out "I fought the law and the law won", the lyrics to the Clash's rowdy cover.
Read more

Friday, March 20, 2009

At the Age of Stupid premiere

Ed Miliband is challenged by director Franny Armstrong and the movie's star, Pete Postlethwaite, pledges his support to the Not Stupid campaign by vowing to return his OBE if the UK government fails to secure urgent and drastic global decarbonisation at Copenhagen. Find out more about the movie at

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Equipment for sale

A friend is having a huge clear out of equipment now on Ebay includes
Studio 800W lights
Betacam SP recorders
Sony Camcorder
Flight Cases in all sizes
Sony U-Matic recorders
Projection Screen
Video Wall
40m Firewire cables
plus more

FIlm Fesitval in Wigan wants your films

Wigan's, "North by North Western" festival is currently open for submissions of film/animation/music videos etc. The chosen films will be screened during the festival on 5/08/2009 in Wigan The deadline is 1/07/2009.
The Festival is Wigan's only arts/music/literature festival. It is currently in its 3rd and biggest year showcasing new artists/writers/musicians from across the globe. At the moment NXNW has over 30 events planed over 8 days. For submission forms, please email
Vivien at:
or visit the downloads page at

Want to be in a film?

These guys are filming a short no budget film next weekend, part of it has already been filmed in Pakistan.

They say-
'Checkpost' directed by Aneel Ahmad and produced by myself has been partly
filmed in Lahore last October and tells the story of a 'fictional
documentary filmmakers assassination' in Pakistan and the international
media reaction to this story, which in the wake of current events out there
is very relevant.

We are currently filming the UK section of the film outside Greater
Manchester Police Headquarters and due to film Studio News Anchor with BBC
News Anchors.

I need people to come along and stand in for News Crews and journalists to
attend a Press Conference where Kate, the girlfriend of the fictional
assassinated filmmaker will make a Plea along with a detective from Greater
Manchester Police for the capture of his attackers.

If you can make it and think you would like to be involved with this
project which will receive good exposure and be sent to film festivals
worldwide, please get in touch.

We are looking for:

Camera Crew with own cameras.
Photographers with own SLR cameras
Journalists with notepads who can ask questions. to our panels.

Guarantees to be a fun shoot and we will provide snacks and of course an
invite to the premiere.

This film is the second of four different shorts to be produced by our
team this year. We are looking to expand our network of talent and people
we can work with to produce high quality visual stories that comment on the
world we live in.

We will be filming the Press Conference in Salford (Greater Manchester) on
Saturday 21st March. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in
this project. ...

This is unpaid project due to the nature of this film as foot on the
ladder to bigger and paid projects in the future, we are looking for like
minded people to come along and give their time and passion voluntarily of
what will be a great interactive performance that will be well worth being
part of.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pro Capitalists gather for G20 in London April 1st

As the world finances start to spin and the roulette wheel of international finance starts to turn increasingly dark, this is not to abandon the ideas that have made a select few people very rich. Too often protests are left to the hoi polloi. The tribe of the unwashed ladies and gentlemen must not go unchallenged. As the media fight against the institutions and theories that made international banking great, it's time to take to the streets and make our message heard. Capitalism represents acceptable Policy! C.R.A.P!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Investigation of Policing at Climate Camp 2008

The harassment and exclusion of legal observers, the violent arrest of women refusing to be searched, the aggressive interrogation of local residents, the threatening of journalists with arrest for doing their job, the confiscation of 100s of items such as childrens' costumes and crayons, attempted dawn raids on the camp, the use of batons and CS gas against peaceful protesters, and the forced search of 1000s of people and the adding of their personal data to a secret database. This type of political policing has to stop, and the right to legitimate protest re-established.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Police raid houses in Swansea

A story i have been filming for a while just heated this press release.

Police raided three houses yesterday and arrested two people – on suspicion of 'conspiring to commit racially aggravated criminal damage.' They seized three computers and a lot of papers relating to
Palestine/Israel affairs.

The police, in several vans and cars, were from Bridgend. The charge was related to a minor incursion at the Bridgend Sainsburys last week, during which a couple of boxes of Israeli peppers were sprayed with red paint and a 'Boycott Israel' slogan spray-stencilled on the floor.

The police assumed that the Bridgend and Swansea actions (see below) were co-ordinated, or conspired, by some sort of organisation or command.

Greg Wilkinson had already been arrested in relation to the Tesco Protest in Swansea a few weeks ago, though not charged. D Murphy, who was charged also had her house raided, but happened to be out. The two arrested have been bailed until June 4th.

Greg Wilkinson said: ‘The use of the words 'Israel' and 'Israeli' is no more racist than the use of, say, British, in relation to invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. No conspiracy exists or is needed to explain the use of red paint in boycott gestures here and there in South Wales - especially since the Swansea action was so widely publicised in local press and online. Raids and searches involving at least 20 police and guards on that one day alone, were a gross waste of police time and public money, not to mention civil liberties.’

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Sol Cinema

Undercurrents will roll out our new Solar Powered Cinema this Summer. Built by Jo' The Dukes Box' Furlong. we are taking bookings now so get in touch if you would like the funkiest cinema in town. Email

Obama and Brown have a sing song

Monday, March 09, 2009

Political Policing and the Criminalisation of Protest

Photo:Destinys Agent

An MP and activists are launching a new report into the policing of the 2008 Climate
Camp, unveiling further video footage of the disproportionate and repressive policing that took place there.

The event will be hosted by David Howarth MP in association with the Climate Camp Legal Team. The event is taking place this Thursday 12 March at 12pm in the Grimond Room in Portcullis House, Westminster.

For further information on the issue, please see the two recent news


All are most welcome to bring any colleagues and/or friends that may be interested in the issue. When you arrive at reception please simply make your way up the stairs to the Grimond Room.

Friday, March 06, 2009

L for Lighting Fires (

We will have a DVD out soon of Bushcraft skills

Put me on the telly!

Anyone who still watches the telly anymore may want to know that I will be on The Wales Show (ITV1 Wales) talking about Undercurrents.

Thursday 12th March on ITV 1 Wales from 10:35pm to 11:05pm
Andrea Benfield is joined by Billy Bragg to mark the 25th anniversary of the miners' strike, asking him how artists protest through music, art and popular culture.

Funding from Ferguson Trust

I have just applied to these for our citizen journalist network..fingers crossed

Phil Woolas pie eyed!

Labour immigration Minister Phil Woolas gets a cream pie in the face from the group NO BORDERS at Manchester Uni Students Union. Read the story at

Custard thrown in the face of politician

I have reported politicians being cream pied by activists but now it is green custard time..Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has had green custard thrown over him by a protester as he arrived at the launch of a low-carbon summit in London.
The protester, Leila Deen, is a member of the Plane Stupid group campaigning against a third runway

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Third sector groups in England and Wales only have until 3 April to
bid for support from a £4.5 million fund that hopes to steer young
people away from a life of gun and knife crime.

Charities, social enterprises and community groups are urged to apply
for grants worth up to £10,000 from the Home Office Community Fund.

The scheme, which is aiming to tackle gang crime across a number of
key “hot spot” areas, is looking to support organisations that have a
strong track record of working with vulnerable young people.

It will offer funding to provide mentoring, outreach work and
educational activities for young people involved, or at risk of
becoming involved, in gang crime.

Projects must take place in one of the following Tackling Knives
Action Programme police force areas:

* Essex.
* London.
* Lancashire.
* West Yorkshire.
* Merseyside.
* West Midlands.
* Greater Manchester.
* Thames Valley.
* Nottinghamshire.
* South Wales.
* Northumbria.
* South Yorkshire.
* Bedfordshire.

In addition, they must also look to address at least one of the
following key themes:

* Reducing knife crime amongst young people.
* Reducing gun crime and gang-related violence amongst young people.
* Combating and changing the negative influence of delinquent peer groups.
* Preventing young people from initially becoming involved with
gun, knife and gang-related crime.
* Breaking the cycle of re-offending amongst younger people.

Applications will be assessed against a range of criteria, including
the project’s potential impact, who will benefit from the activities,
and the applicant’s capability to carry out the project successfully.

Launching the programme last month, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said:

“Everyone has a role to play in tackling knife crime and getting
knives off our streets. We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder.”

Bids for funding must be made by 3 April, with the successful groups
set to be revealed by the end of May. It is anticipated that up to 150
organisations will receive support.

For more information and to download application forms, visit:

Age of Stupid

The Guardian is hosting a 50-minute Making Of doc following six years of adventures making The Age of Stupid, from crowd-funding and disastrous test screenings to escaping kidnap in Nigeria and filming Pete Postlethwaite in a carpet warehouse in Willesden.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Animated In Bed - Wonderful Stop Motion Video

Building Green

A USA couple build their eco home

Refugee films wanted

Refuge in Films is calling for films produced between January 2006 and
April 2009, on the subjects of Immigration, Refuge and Displacement. The
call is open to national and international
filmmakers from all backgrounds. The festival will run during Refugee Week
2009 on 19th to 21nd June in London at the British Film Institute, South

The deadline for film submission is 30th April, 2009. Please send your
film in DVD format, with two stills in JPEG format, and a short synopsis.

Refuge in Films 2009
357 Kennington Lane
SE11 5QY

For more information please contact Beatriz Villate at: or (+44) 07903494703.

Music and Videos

Are you looking for music for your film? HUMFEST is here to help you find
great music for your film.

HUMFEST is an exciting opportunity for film makers and music makers to
work together on

Simply by posting your short film (or part thereof) in search of music on, you'll be eligible to win a 450 prize to finish your short
film! And the best music posted for your short film will be eligible to win

Your film can be of any length and at any stage of development, but
between 30 seconds and 10 minutes of footage must be uploaded to

The film can be of any genre, but it must need music! The footage can be a
rough cut from your film, but the footage must be shot by your team for the
short film project.

Further information can be found at - it's totally free to
sign up and create a project. - connecting music makers and content creators.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Life of Wales

Two Monty Python stars will be at the first screening of their classic film Life of Brian in a town where it has not been seen since a ban 30 years ago.

Python, Terry Jones has chosen to donate the funds to Truthout, a news agency dedicated to establishing a "powerful, stable voice" for independent journalism.