Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Lunch for film makers

Shooting People has teamed up with The Big Lunch, Channel 4 BRITDOC
Foundation, v The National Young Volunteering Service and BOOM! to launch
a brand new Young Film-Makers competition.

The Big Lunch is a new initiative run by the Eden Project, encouraging
people to sit down with their neighbours and eat lunch together. It aims
to bring communities closer through growing food and flowers; creating
street music, art and theatre; dressing the street and, of course, cooking
for a Big Lunch on Sunday 19th July.

The brief is to tell the story of The Big Lunch, your neighbourhood and
local life before, during and after The Big Lunch in a short film. Simple
as that. There's 1000 for the winning film and 150 cash for the most
loved by public vote on Big Lunch TV.

Director of "Sounds Like Teen Spirit", Jamie Jay Johnson said: "Meeting
your neighbours is a rich topic for any film-maker and I included it in my
film: Holiday Around My Bedroom. Competitions are a great way to get your
first break and I would encourage young film-makers to enter and give it a

For more info on the brief and details of how to enter go to

Monday, June 22, 2009

Free magazine for radical economists

Adbusters #85, Thought Control in Economics, is only a few days away from
deadline. We¹ve got maverick economists like Herman Daly and Lourdes Beneria
offering their views about the current crisis and interviews with Nobel
Prize winners George Akerlof, Paul Samuelson and Joseph Stiglitz. But we
need your intimate epiphanies peppered throughout Š send something juicy to

If you¹re an economics student anywhere in the world craving a different
point of view, get in touch with us and we¹ll send you a complimentary copy
of the issue

Undercurrents at Glastonbury 2009

If you heading to the festival- drop in and say hello to us. Undercurrents will be screening films in the Groovy Movie Picture house in the Green Futures field. The big blue and red big Top marquee. It is a solar powered cinema and we start at midnite until 2am

Can't wait to be in a field again!

Activists block Coal ship

Around midnight last night three women eased themselves off one of the Greenpeace inflatable speedboats and into the cold water of the river Medway in Kent.

In the dark, in the cold water, with the looming lights of a large ship getting closer. But however difficult to imagine it is, it must have been even more difficult to do, because Cathy, Emma and Hannah knew that they were swimming out into the channel to block a coal freighter carrying twenty thousand tonnes of coal from docking at the Kingsnorth jetty.

Zoe, one of the co-founders of Undercurrents is in the boat filming the action..read more

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number

Two female protesters who challenged police officers for not displaying their badge numbers were bundled to the ground, arrested and held in prison for four days, according to an official complaint lodged today.

The incident was caught on camera, and footage shows officers standing on the women's feet and applying pressure to their necks immediately after the women attempted to photograph a fellow officer who had refused to give his badge number.

The images are likely to fuel concern over the policing of protests, which is already subject to a review by the national police inspectorate and two parliamentary inquiries after the G20 demonstrations and the death of Ian Tomlinson.

read more

Police delete London tourists' photos 'to prevent terrorism'

Tourists have said they had to return home to Vienna from London without their holiday pictures after two policemen forced them to delete the photographs from their cameras in the name of preventing terrorism.

Matzka, a 69-year-old retired television cameraman with a taste for modern architecture, was told that photographing anything to do with transport was "strictly forbidden". The policemen also recorded the pair's details, including passport numbers and hotel addresses.

Once again cops out of control..read more

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Police raid film makers home



At approximately 8.30am on Tuesday 2nd June, Sussex cops arrived at
the home of Paul Light, now revealed as one of the SchMOVIES
collective. (For anyone thinking that SchNEWS was still stuck in the
Dark Ages with just a scrappy sheet of A4, we've moved right
into the twentieth century and have our own slightly estranged
film-making department.) Paul's arrest has wide ranging
implications for anyone who reports on controversial issues.?

When the cops came round Paul was getting his ten-year old son ready
for school. He was immediately arrested on suspicion of being involved
in the 'decommissioning' of the EDO ITT weapons factory in
January. The actual charge was 'conspiracy to
commit criminal damage'.

This vague charge was enough for the police to launch into a
full-blown fishing expedition.'The only evidence they [Sussex
police] have is that someone phoned me, asking if I wanted to film the
police response,'

Paul told SchNEWS, 'I said I couldn't because I had my son and his friend sleeping over that night. That was the end of it as far as I was concerned. As a film
maker I frequently get phone calls about possible incidents to film
- this was one shoot I couldn't and didn't make.'

Paul was held and questioned for eight hours and his home was raided.
The police took Paul's son to school in a police car, where he
burst into tears due to the stress. His father was released on bail
and is awaiting the outcome of the arrest.

Police took every item that could possibly be used for data storage
as evidence, including cameras, computers, external hard drives,
software, mobile phones, personal accounts, diaries and even his music
collection.'Put bluntly they have concocted this arrest to see
what material I have,' said Paul, who regularly films at
protests and demonstrations.

Police have recently attempted to use a film credited to SchMOVIES as
evidence in court. The film 'Batons and Bombs' documents events at last year's Carnival Against the Arms Trade and was downloaded from the web by cops. They were
refused its use as evidence in court on the grounds that the film was
edited and they did not possess the original footage. The Crown
Prosecution Service are currently appealing that decision via judicial
review. The discovery of the original footage would greatly strengthen
their hand.

'The raid has effectively shut me down and I am no longer able
to make films,' said Paul. 'Film work is my livelihood, so
effectively they have put me on the dole.' Paul makes films
about many different campaigns and issues, and the arrest and raid has
been a major setback in his ability to earn a living.'They have
left me with nothing,' he said, 'I have three commissions
in production at the moment and I have had to phone people up and tell
them the news - that their films will have to be postponed

* See www.schnews.org.uk/schmovies

* SchMOVIES is not new to controversy. The release of the 2008 film 'On The Verge'
(www.schnews.org.uk/schmovies/index-on-the-verge.htm), a documentary about the Smash EDO campaign was met with bans across the UK by various police forces, claiming the film would need certification to be publicly viewed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our A-Z of Bushcraft DVD will be launched at Glastonbury!

We launch the DVD of woodland skills next week at Glastonbury.Our A-Z Bushcraft DVD will be available in some shops during Summer 2009 but we are offering our loyal supporters an introductory offer. You have the opportunity to get the DVD now,at the price you can afford.

If you are on a low wage then please donate what you can afford. But if you have the funds, then we ask you to please donate as much as you think the DVD is worth. This offer is available until July 1st 2009.

Iranian Protests

A brief story Distributed by Tubemogul.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Build a round house course

The Next Course - Sun 19th - Sat 25th July 2009
The Next Course is a one week only woodland shelter roundhouse course taking place in Longwood, near Lampeter. We will camp right by a prehistoric hill fort with fabulous views in all directions. No traffic, or even houses anywhere near. Lots of birdsong. The woodland shelter roundhouse will be about 50 metres from the camp in a glade in the broadleaf woods. The nearest town, about 3 miles away, is Lampeter, in Mid-West Wales. This will be a simple, funky structure of big roundwood uprights, wood henge, reciprocal frame roof and turf covering. The walls will be logs with a bit of forest floor between them. If you want to get hands on experience of building a roundhouse den in beautiful surroundings and are willing to go for it with good energy, there is a booking fee of £15 now, and nothing more! I'm looking for a committed core of 8 - 10 people for the week, supplemented by some daily visits from local volunteers.

So email me now if you want to come, and be willing to book within 2 weeks. Thanks.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008. This was tons of fun to present. I decided to forgo the PowerPoint and instead worked with students to prepare over 40 minutes of video for the 55 minute presentation. This is the result. more info: http://mediatedcultures.net 0:00 Introduction, YouTube's Big Numbers 2:00 Numa Numa and the Celebration of Webcams 5:53 The Machine is Us/ing Us and the New Mediascape 12:16 Introducing our Research Team 12:56 Who is on YouTube? 13:25 What's on Youtube? Charlie Bit My Finger, Soulja Boy, etc. 17:04 5% of vids are personal vlogs addressed to the YouTube community, Why? 17:30 YouTube in context. The loss of community and "networked individualism" (Wellman) 18:41 Cultural Inversion: individualism and community 19:15 Understanding new forms of community through Participant Observation 21:18 YouTube as a medium for community 23:00 Our first vlogs 25:00 The webcam: Everybody is watching where nobody is ("context collapse") 26:05 Re-cognition and new forms of self-awareness (McLuhan) 27:58 The Anonymity of Watching YouTube: Haters and Lovers 29:53 Aesthetic Arrest 30:25 Connection without Constraint 32:35 Free Hugs: A hero for our mediated culture 34:02 YouTube Drama: Striving for popularity 34:55 An early star: emokid21ohio 36:55 YouTube's Anthenticity Crisis: the story of LonelyGirl15 39:50 Reflections on Authenticity 41:54 Gaming the system / Exposing the System 43:37 Seriously Playful Participatory Media Culture (featuring Us by blimvisible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yxHKg... 47:32 Networked Production: The Collab. MadV's "The Message" and the message of YouTube 49:29 Poem: The Little Glass Dot, The Eyes of the World 51:15 Conclusion by bnessel1973 52:50 Dedication and Credits (Our Numa Numa dance) The Numa Numa quote is from *Douglas* Wolk (not Gary Wolk as I mistakenly said in the talk).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Banksy V Bristol Museum

Banksy on show

Graffiti artist Banksy has pulled off an audacious stunt amid tight secrecy to stage his biggest ever exhibition.

A burned-out ice-cream van is among 100 works Banksy has installed at Bristol's museum on Queens road, replacing many of the museum's regular artefacts.

The reason the museum was closed was kept secret from top council officials.

Banksy said: "This is the first show I've ever done where taxpayers' money is being used to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off."
Watch video report

Or go direct to the man http://www.banksy.co.uk/

A bit of Wales in the USA

For all our friends in the USA
A free public conference on making the transition to zero carbon emissions. Featuring a team of expert speakers from both sides of the Atlantic, including:
Richard Heinberg (Launching new book: Blackout)
Sir John Houghton (IPCC - 1st & 2nd Assessments)
Colin Hines (The Green New Deal) & Paul Allen (Zero Carbon Britain)
The Convergence on Zero conference brings together leading environmental thinkers and doers to share their experience with the public. Opening with an analysis of our global challenges, the event moves on to explore the options available to fix our broken systems and strengthen those that are still working.

The conference is part of the Wales program of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2009.

A transition to zero emissions is required in energy, economics, buildings, land-use and all aspects of modern life. The Convergence outlines how we can to roll out solutions at a pace capable of delivering energy security, economic recovery and the greenhouse gas reductions so urgently demanded by our science.

The Convergence on Zero will be grounded within real life experience and will focus on implementing solutions that are applicable to all communities in this time of change. Two days of knowledge exchange and collaborative problem solving on the 25th - 26th June will inspire a movement from words to action.
More here

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Poem by Danny at Climate Camp in The City

A bard with attitude

Street tagging- eco style

Following a multimillion pound refurbishment, and using little more than seawater, SEA LIFE London Aquarium ran a (close to) zero-impact advertising campaign in the streets of London earlier this week.

You might recognize the masterminds behind the campaign: Curb, the media agency that uses natural materials to build brand awareness for its clients. (We previously wrote about their sand sculptures, turf cutting and snow tagging innovations.) Dubbed 'sea tagging', Curb's newest tool simply entails spraying seawater through custom-made stencils. Salt water evaporates more slowly than fresh water, and the stencilled graphics are visible for 5–15 minutes up to two hours.

For Monday's SEA LIFE campaign, over 2,000 images of sea turtles, sharks and seahorses were sprayed on streets, walls and sidewalks in 300 locations by a team of taggers dressed in scuba diving gear. Since the adverts are temporary and consist of nothing but water, Curb didn't have to worry about permission or permits.

Considering the amount of visual clutter in public spaces that's created by non-stop marketing efforts, a campaign that leaves nothing behind but a dusting of seasalt is as appealing for aesthetic reasons as it is for its low impact on the environment. While it may not work in hot cities, we expect to see sea tagging appear (and disappear) in other parts of the world soon.

Website: www.mindthecurb.com
Contact: info@mindthecurb.com

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alternative Parliament for the Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Parliament, Outside Parliament, Wednesday 15th July at 6.00 pm

Join the Online Alternative Parliament for the Climate Emergency

Submit your Climate Emergency Measures:

Go to www.campaigncc.org/onlineemergencyparliament

Measures to reduce the UK Greenhouse gases by 10% by the end of 2010
Measures we need to take now to put in train longer term deep emission cuts

We’re looking for arguments for Green Jobs, an emergency insulation program, banning
all domestic flights by the end of 2010, a 55 mph national speed limit, halving the
cost of public transport, terminating the roads program or your suggestions on how
to reduce emissions fast.

Give us your views and expertise: we will select best submissions for presentation
to the Climate Emergency Parliament on the 15th July. Also you can vote for what
you think is the best of other peoples submissions.

The current parliament is not facing up to the climate emergency and there is still
a huge gap between what the science is telling us we need to do ….and what
politicians are willing to do. Tell the politicians what they need to do !

And add your voice to the demand for radical action now – we should not just be on
the defensive saying ‘no’ to airports, new coal, road building etc.. etc.. we should
be pushing forward our own positive agenda for real solutions to the climate crisis

We in the UK cannot deal with this problem on our own but our best chance of
influencing the critical international Climate Talks in Copenhagen at the end of the
year is by committing to really radical measures here in the UK in order to lead in
the only effective way we can :by example. And the time to do that is RIGHT NOW

Funding for Eco homes

Funding news - 05/06/2009
“Green Building” Competition Coming To A Close

Expressions of interest to a £10 million initiative aiming to reduce
the environmental impact of social housing must be made by 24 June.

Retrofit for the Future is major competition funded via the Technology
Strategy Board’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

SMEs and registered social landlords are asked to come up with
innovative demonstration projects that test and develop the most
effective methods of cutting carbon emissions from homes.

Housing currently accounts for more than a quarter of the UK’s total
carbon emissions. It is thought that up to 80% of the homes that will
be in use by 2050 have already been built, and finding ways to reduce
these properties’ environmental impact will be a key factor in whether
the Government is able to meet its ambitious target of an 80% cut in
carbon emissions by 2050.

Through Retrofit for the Future, up to 50 demonstrator projects will
be funded to explore “whole house design solutions” that will lead to
cuts in energy use and carbon emissions, whilst also providing high
levels of comfort at a reasonable cost.

At the moment, interested organisations can apply for up to £20,000 to
help them carry out a technical feasibility study into a more advanced
retrofit project.

The projects with the most potential at this stage will then be
offered grants worth up to £150,000 to implement carbon reduction
retrofits to either a single property or a small number of
demonstrator houses.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by 24 June – successful
applicants will be given until the end of October to undertake their
feasibility studies. The most impressive projects selected to proceed
to the full retrofit phase will be revealed in November.

For further information about the Retrofit for the Future competition,
visit the Technology Strategy Board website

Source: j4b, 04/06/2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been pelted with eggs

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been pelted with eggs and forced to abandon a press conference outside Parliament.


Eco film festival want your film

The next International Environmental Film Festival organised by the Ile-de-France
Regional Council will occur in Paris in the Cinema La Pagode from 18th till 24th
November 2009.

Previous editions festivals have screened features films, documentaries and short
films dealing with ecology, sustainable development, global warming, urbanism,
evolution of the world …

We invite you to visit our website http://www.festivalenvironnement.com and to subscribe your documentaries
(shorts and features), fictions, short films on our website:
http://www.iledefrance.fr/index.php?id=4030 and to send us the printed and signed document along with DVDs of your films/

Shell pays out $10m over execution of Oil activist

Undercurrents have reported on the murder of Shell activist Ken Saro-Wiwa since the early 90s when the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa sparked a global outcry.

Today we hear the great news that Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a $15.5m (£9.7m) out-of-court settlement in a case accusing it of complicity in human rights abuses in Nigeria.

The lawsuit alleged that Shell officials helped to supply Nigerian police with weapons during the 1990s.

It claimed that Shell participated in security sweeps in parts of Ogoniland and hired government troops that shot at villagers who protested against a pipeline.

It was also alleged that Shell helped the government capture and hang Ken Saro-Wiwa and several of his colleagues. read more

Free video training

Do you want a career in the media? Have you ever wondered what goes into a
news item on TV or web sites? Or perhaps you'd like to post something on You Tube but don't know how? Would you like the chance to produce your own broadcast piece or work in a studio?
Well this is your opportunity.... Come on our unique hands-on day working with professionals and to deadlines and get a real flavour of working in this fast paced adrenaline fueled area.

Ravenbourne College - one of the leading providers of broadcast and
digital media education and training in the country - supported by Podium Skills London are offering 15 young people (aged 16 - 25) the chance to get your hands 'dirty' and make some news of their own.

Working with skilled professionals in small teams you will spend a day
putting together your own news report or studio based 30 second piece - we will show you who does what, and how its edited and you will have the chance to 'work' the public and interview them. Each group will decide on their interview topic and help edit their own footage and will go away with a DVD of their report - this may
be just the break you are waiting for... The footage will suitable for
posting on social media and personal web sites and could just help fast track your own media career.

This event is totally FREE - all you have to do is bring your enthusiasm
(and a bit of talent)

Where - Ravensbourne College
When -- 4th July 2009 - 9.30 - 17.30 (and we will even throw in some
lunch) To book a place - and it's first come first served)
e-mail shortcourses~at~rave.ac.uk and we will send you a booking form.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ministry of Truth

Ministry of Truth Press Release
Dom Joly calls for the ultimate test of accountability for MPs – the law that stops

Award-winning television comedian and journalist, Dom Joly, is backing the Bill that
makes it illegal for MPs to deceive the general public.

The ‘Elected Representatives(Prohibition of Deception) Bill’ makes it an offence for
elected politicians “to make or publish a statement which they know to be
misleading, false or deceptive”.

Says Joly: “Surely an honesty law that would result in MPS losing their jobs and
even being prosecuted is the silver bullet the public now crave. In the wake of the
expenses scandal, a lot of hot air has emanated from Westminster about parliamentary
reform, the new politics, etc, etc, why should we believe them now ? This is the
acid test.”

Do we believe MPs really want change?

Dom Joly has teamed up with Spirit Level Film to put this to the test.

The move follows The Ministry of Truth a documentary, Spirit Level made for the BBC
which revealed exactly how to find out if an MP genuinely believes in accountability
and led to the Bill’s original introduction.

Says Ministry of Truth director, Richard Symons: “We filmed Jack Straw, Harriet
Harman and a host of other senior politicians from all parties. Asking them if they
believed in honesty, transparency and accountability. Then we asked them if they’d
support our Bill. The result was incredibly revealing.”

At the time over 30 cross party MPs supported the principle. Unsurprisingly, there’s
now a call to re-introduce the Bill from it’s original proposer Adam Price MP.
Letters have been sent to all 646 MPs asking if they will support the bill.

“As we discovered, it’s the perfect test, the ultimate proof of whether MPs really
want to clean up their act. It gives true accountability back to the electorate on
the basic issue of trust in their honesty. We’re hoping Dom Joly will help us bring
the idea to the wider public.”

While the bill is deadly serious, Joly, who before achieving success with programmes
like Trigger Happy TV and World Shut Your Mouth worked as a researcher in the House
of Commons and European Commission, is hoping to inject some humour into the

On the Ministry of Truth website, which allows supporters to sign up to the
campaign, he puts himself forward as the mysterious Professor, an expert in the
Science of Lies” and unveils a number of tools to help test the truth behind the
words, among them the ‘Kantometer’, a scientific device for detecting Kantiness.
Dom Joly, aka The Professor, uses one of his many deceit-detecting methods on Tory
MP Alan Duncan.

Other methods used by the Professor and revealed on the Ministry of Truth website

Alternative Reality Clarification (politico psycho-babble translator)

Lies: Public Gullibility Index (the method behind the madness)

The website also includes shaming clips (link) of MPs and cabinet ministers who felt
the idea of a law that compelled them to tell the truth was absurd. Richard Symons
has also written an article (attached) explaining the bill and why it is needed.

Note to editors:

Dom Joly, Richard Symons and Adam Price MP are available for interview.

All enquiries to Spirit Level Film
Email: Joanna@spiritlevelfilm.com

Upcoming media

Dom Joly will be appearing on BBC 2’s This Week on Thursday, June 4th, and as a
panelist on BBC 1’s Question Time on June 11th.

Richard Symons also written an article explaining the bill and why it is needed*.

The Ministry of truth is available on DVD www.ministry-of-truth.net

Adbusters take on the mainstream TV

So this guy is the news anchor for Canada's leading media conglomerate Canwest. They have refused to air Adbusters' anti-ads and have been fighting them in court for 15 years. Recently Canwest lost an appeal in the Canadian high court, but refused to report it on any of their TV stations or newspapers. Adbusters drive to "Reclaim the airwaves" is a rallying call for all who cherish free speech and free media.

TV makers switch footage to tell different story

If you like the other 8m of us watching the Apprentice then it won't come as a surprise that the producers of TV have lied in making it.

The 27-year-old winner told BBC News she had "made a complete fool" of herself when grilled by Claude Litner as part of a series of interviews for the episode.

On the show, she seemed to tell fellow contestants it had gone well, but those comments came after another interview.

"They cut the wrong exit which was really, really unfair," said Siadatan.
"I've had an apology so that's fine," she added.

The show's production company Talkback Thames said in a statement that Siadatan accepted there was no deliberate attempt to misrepresent her.

I recall the BBC doing the same thing to the miners during the strikes. They switched the edit to show miners attacking police rather than showing the truth of Police attacking miners and the miners defending themselves

read more

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Where the Water Meets the Sky

I have just seen a film narrated by Morgan Freeman about video activism.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Where the Water Meets the Sky is the story of a remarkable group of women in a remote region of northern Zambia, who are given a unique opportunity: to learn how to make a film, as a way to speak out about their lives and to challenge the local traditions which have, until now, kept them silent.

Many in the group can’t read or write, most are desperately poor, and few have been exposed to film or television. But with the help of two teachers, this class of 23 women learn to shoot a film that portrays a subject of their own choosing. It involves an issue that is traumatic for them all, and rarely spoken about: the plight of young women orphaned by AIDS.

Their film recounts the real-life experiences of Penelop, an 18-year-old orphan, and her struggle to provide for herself and her siblings in the wake of her parents’ deaths.

What begins as a workshop about filmmaking, and a quest to tell Penelop’s story, becomes a journey in empowerment as the women rise to the challenge of pressing their community to change.

Uplifting and poignant, Where the Water Meets the Sky is the story of an unforgettable group of women who defy long traditions of silence and who demonstrate with courage, humor and resilience that their futures are once again something of promise.
Where the Water Meets the Sky is the inspiring story of a group of women in rural Zambia who learn how to make a film as a way to speak out about their lives. Produced in partnership with Camfed, all funds raised through the film will support Camfed’s work to educate girls and invest in economic and leadership opportunities for young women in Africa.


Ecohouse tours in Wales

Monthly Eco-house Tours 10 – 4
June 14 2009
The tour is around Cilgwyn, although the first stop is the other side of Newport.
We drive from the first stop in convoy, to the next stop where we have coffee, there are convenient loos here and at the third stop, then it's a long walk. Remember to bring what you need out of the car at the second stop.

In case of lateness the second stop is about 11.10 am and it's 'Constant', SA420QR, ph. 01239 820839. However it is strongly recommended not to miss the first stop which is with a very knowledgeable architect with a passive house building. Bring your questions, usually costs a lot to get this sort of information.

More here
1st Stop:
Danygarn, Mountain west,
Newport, Pembrokeshire SA42 0QX
01239 821150

To get there:
From A487 (Fishguard – Newport road)
On the outskirts of Newport from Fishguard direction, turn R into
Ffordd Bedd Morris. (watch out for EcoTour signs).
The road forks after a mile or so, follow the main part of the road to the left. Danygarn is the second house on the left after the fork. Satnavs have led people astray.
Tour content:

Julian Bishop architect: Passive house standard office

Constant: Ground source heat pump, under-floor heating, local species hardwood interior., solar hot water, extended family lifestyle.

Fachongle Isaf: Wind turbine, solar pv for outdoors, reed-bed sewage treatment, electric bikes, solar hot water panels, efficient wood heat equipment, wood management. Neighbourhood living in shared houses, shared vegetable growing.

Round houses, low impact, off-grid, home-made for peanuts, different lifestyle. Eat our lunch here.

Brithdir Mawr house: Community living off-grid, all the renewables including hydro, working in synchronised fashion. Talk on lifestyle and carbon impacts.

Cilfair: Lime and traditional conversion, Efficient wood range, solar panels etc. Tea and relax.

Vicky – 01239 820971

Umbrella over lens

Police in China's capital, Beijing, have ringed Tiananmen Square on the 20th anniversary of the violent suppression of student-led protests

Police use umbrellas to stop a reporter. Very bizzare.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Channel

Our new series is on the way- A-Z of Climbing

Need to know how to climb that tree or that building to drop a banner?
stay tuned to www.azclimbing.com

Solar - win a prize

Celebrate Daylight!

We Support Solar has launched a photography competition, open to anyone, which aims to celebrate daylight in the UK.

Enter for your chance to win one of SANYO’s latest High Definition Dual Camcorders, a Wattson energy meter, tickets to the Eden Project and London Duck Tour, and a chance for your picture to be exhibited at The Big Chill Festival this summer!