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90sec film festival

The entries are streaming in from around the world, but there's still time
to create your 90 second masterpiece some classic DepicT! films were made
over a weekend with just a couple of mates and a camera. Fancy or not,
we're looking for shorts of any genre which are original, imaginative and
engaging. Simple as that?

Don't forget that DepicT! could be your ticket to you and countless others
seeing your filmmaking brilliance on the big screen, both at Encounters
Short Film Festival and in cinemas across the UK with the Digital Screen
Network (see below for news on last year's winners). Not to mention, there
are some great prizes: 2000 for the main DepicT! '08 award which could
help you make a new film or get you a new piece of kit; a package of career
development opportunities for the top British film for the Special Mention
Award; and a lifetime membership to Shooting People for the audience's
favourite film.

Can you do it in 90 seconds? To read the rules and enter your film, visit

DepicT! '09 deadline: Mon 7 Sept '09, 1700hrs (BST)

The DepicT! '09 shortlist will be announced on Mon 5 Oct at, from which time you will be able to rate each film
to help decide the winner of the Shooting People DepicT! Audience Award.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

EcoVillage Ireland open day

Cloughjordan, home of Ireland's first Eco Village will be hosting a Building and Energy Fair on Saturday 12 September 2009. With talks and workshops, children's activities, films, tours of the ecovillage and over 20 stalls from energy and building services to browse, it's a family friendly day out not to be missed.

Report from a blogger on

A report from Climate Camp which mentions us
In the media tent there was an organisation called "Vision on Tv", who were producing material to be broadcast on the internet. The media centre was being powered by 1.5 Kw of solar energy. Climate change activists are a media savvy bunch of people, even holding morning sessions on citizen journalism at the more

Peter Beaumont from The Observer moans that
'Climate Camp, with its often hazy message and complex inner negotiations, with its indulgent obsession with its own workings, its insularity and the suggestion of elitism of its direct-action hard core, is in danger of becoming about Climate Camp, the institution, rather than about the wider fight to halt global warming. With all its energy and motivation, that would be a shame.'

Police at Climate Camp London 2009

It was bizzare not to have tonnes of riot cops at the Camp this week- obviously their violence being caught on camera and broadcast to the world made a difference.

The police they did send to liase with the camp were so smarmy that it was a bit sickening listening to the silver commander- Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry squeaking about her astonishment that you can get Vegan biscuits.

Her £50,000+ salary ensured that she was the perfect face of the Police Force. Perfect make up and nails, crisp uniform and always willing to talk or have tea with activists.
But when the Camp refused to let her or any other police on site, in an interview we filmed, she stated-

'I am not going to be goaded or intimidated by climate camp. If you think about the energy you could put into sustainable living and education rather than trying to intimidate and goad the Police, you would be a really successful camp.By not letting Police on site, the campers missed an opportunity to educate the Police 'community'.

Now from what i saw- it was a very successful camp without the Police and if they want educating- they can go to the cinema.As part of the ongoing local outreach, there will be a showing of 'Climate Camp Uncovered', a premiere screening of a documentary of the Camp so far, at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, Brixton at 2.00 - 3.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.

Community Shares Project

Second Round of Community Shares Project opens
Community-owned enterprises can apply to take part in a
Government-funded research project which is looking at new ways for
social enterprises to attract more funding.

The research is examining the potential of community shares and bonds
as a way to attract extra investment. This includes inviting ten
projects to test the idea, looking at barriers that could restrict
their growth and how they can be overcome. Their experiences will be
used to benefit future learning.

Five projects have already been chosen to take part and in this second
round, another five will be chosen.

Any project for example, a small village shop, a large scale housing
development or a community recycling project is eligible to apply
providing they are community-owned and work for the benefit of the
community. Community-owned enterprises will receive a package of
funding and consultancy and must show that they:

* Intend to raise finance through community investment ie. “The
sale, or offer for sale, of more than £10,000 of shares or bonds to
communities of at least twenty people, to finance ventures serving a
community purpose.”
* Will issue non-transferable securities.
* Have a committed group of project champions and an established
steering group, unincorporated body, partnership, association, or
corporate body.
* Have community support for their venture.

More information:

Media prespective at Climate Camp 2009

Journalist Natasha Bird discusses the media coverage and local reaction to 2009 Climate Camp. Recorded using solar power inside Climate Camp overlooking London

Will you pay to hear the news?

Interesting view on the future of News
Against this backdrop the certainty that commercial news groups will start charging for online access is relevant. We should be in no doubt about this. Every news organisation - with the exception of the BBC - will start charging very soon for any information that has any proprietary element to it at all.

Report from Climate Camp 2009

I am just back from Climate Camp in London to organise our cinema at a festival in Wales this weekend. It has been an odd camp, spent mostly trying to organise our technology to run a TV studio powered only by the Sun.

The people on the Media team of the Climate Camp ended up in Daily Mail and Evening standard as 'Key protesters' rather than just the people who bothered to talk to the mainstream media. Even Emily who was working hard to make sure every aspect of the Camp was been filmed for some future film ended up with her face splashed across the papers and labelled as 'Key'.

Emily James, 37, a documentary filmmaker, has been involved in environmental issues for several years. Her film for Climate Camp capturing police assaults at this year's G20 protests got more than 150,000 internet hits and led to her becoming more directly involved in its activities. She said: “A lot of people got involved since G20.”

From California, Ms James studied at the National Film and Television School. At Blackheath she is training others to film the work of the camp for website Climate Camp TV. Ms James, who lives in Hackney, said: “My job is to amplify the message of the camp.”

The police are ... err ... joining in! Much nicer than the la... on Twitpic
Photo shows Emily (top left) filming at a protest at Climate Exchange

Friday, August 28, 2009

Alternative media in The Guardian

VisionOntv at Climate camp has been featured in The Guardian today on page 19 or read here

Climate campers get a lesson in citizen journalism

Mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and camcorders were laid out on bails of hay – a display of weaponry at the heart of the UK's increasingly technological protest movement.

Huddled beside the equipment on a a patch of grass today, legs crossed and notebooks open, were the environmental activists who had arrived for a lesson in "citizen journalism". This was the first and, some said, most important workshop in a week-long programme at the Climate Camp demonstration, a sustainable campsite constructed in Blackheath, south-east London.

The lesson in how to "shoot, edit and distribute" a 60-second report using a mobile phone in less than 10 minutes is considered as important as learning how to invade airport runways or throw sludge at politicians.

But the course teachers, Hamish Campbell and Richard Hering, who have been making political activist films since the mid-1990s, were circumspect about what amateurs can achieve.

For a bystander with a mobile and a nose for a story, practicalities and speed are paramount.

"If police are doing something really stupid and you think they're going to smash your camera, quickly upload the clip remotely on to the internet," said Campbell. "They can confiscate or break your mobile but the film is out there."

Their curriculum included instructions on making audio-slideshows using other people's pictures and, for the more ambitious, a simple explanation of how to turn 15 minutes of raw footage into a three-minute news report. "What will make the difference between you and old media, or dying media," said Hering, "is that they have lighting for indoor shots. So do your interviews outside."

The importance of amateur reporting became apparent at the G20 protests in April, when dozens of cases of alleged police brutality were captured on mobile phones and cameras by protesters and bystanders in the crowd.

Citizen journalists came to prominence again in Iran in June, when protesters took to the streets to complain about alleged fraud in the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,.

For Campbell and Hering, who post footage via their own site, visionOntv, amateur journalism will become more effective once reportage is refined.

With activists unhappy with sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, which they complain are censorious "corporates", much citizen-generated content at protests is posted on Indymedia, an online forum. A founder of the site, who asked not to be named, said: "The mainstream media has realised the value of reports from people who are participating in an event. It's the power of crowd-sourced information."

Somthing must be changing when even the Daily Mail writes something close the actual truth of Climate here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Eco-Village in UK gets planning permission

Undercurrents has been reporting the battle to create an Ecovillage. The good news is that they got planning permission! Watch the full video series on

First Eco-Village in UK gets planning permission
The UK’s first eco-village development got the go-ahead today from the Welsh Assembly after more than 2 years in a planning saga.

Lammas, the group behind the innovative eco-village, first applied for planning permission in June 2007. After being refused twice by Pembrokeshire County Council the group appealed to the Welsh Assembly Planning Inspectorate and following a well attended public hearing have finally won permission.

The project consists of nine eco-smallholdings, a community hub building and a seasonal campsite on land near the village of Glandwr in North Pembrokeshire. Lammas founding member Paul Wimbush explains: “We want to build an ecovillage in which people can live lightly on the earth in modern eco-houses. The project is unusual in that on the one hand it takes a green approach to all aspects of living and on the other hand is structured very much like a conventional village.”

“The project has been designed so that the nine smallholdings, while being essentially autonomous, will also fit into an overall permaculture design plan for the whole site. Permaculture is a land-management approach that meets people’s needs through replicating natural ecosystems. It is diverse and human-scale by its very nature as opposed to agriculture which tends towards big machines and monocultures. This way we can turn what is considered as poor land into something incredibly productive.”

The project has met a mixed reaction from local people despite promising a range of benefits including new footpaths, a seasonal shop, fresh local produce and a minibus service.

Cassandra Lishman, a local businesswoman and a prospective resident of the eco-village said today: “At last we can begin building our homes. We are delighted that the Welsh Assembly Government is bold enough to put their policies into practice.”

Because of the strict regulations imposed by the planners, the buildings erected on the site must have a very low visual impact and blend into the landscape and cannot be made out of conventional materials such as concrete blocks and cement. Instead, largely natural materials from the locality must be used, including earth, turf, timber and straw, and the buildings have been designed using a combination of the latest in green technologies combined with traditional building skills. The houses will incorporate many sustainable technologies such as passive solar heating, rainwater harvesting and electricity generation from renewable sources such as wind, water and solar, and the whole site will not be allowed to use any mains services.

Cassandra Lishman and the other prospective residents know that life in the eco-village is going to be hard work. The planners require that 75 per cent of all household needs must be met directly by land-based means. Each smallholding has had to be meticulously planned to meet this requirement with a broad spectrum of enterprises ranging from strawberry production to basketry, from smoked hams to furniture making, from woollen crafts to medicinal tinctures.

However tonight the Lammas residents will be celebrating what could well be considered as a significant planning precedent and a sign of changing times.
Further details about Lammas and the eco-village can be found at including pictures and links to some short films on the project.

Interviews and pictures
Interviews can be arranged with persons quoted in this release and with other members of Lammas and prospective residents. We also have a small number of high-resolution photographs available.

Further details about Lammas and the eco-village can be found at
Watch the full video series on

Filming at Climate Camp London

That's me filming inspiring speaker at the Climate Camp- just spent a long night editing the videos to kickstart

London Climate Camp 2009 - Guardian report #1

Climate Camp 2009- Welcome to the site

Climate Campers have swooped and taken the site on Black Heath, near Greenwich. Tv chat shows will be here every day so tune into

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Battle at Kruger

Anyone who has read Orwells Animal Farm will remember the strength of the many against the powerful - this is a good example of that.

Tony Benn on Climate Camp

As I get ready to go film one of the Swoops to occupy the location of Climate Camp in London, I read Tony Benns view about political change

"This is how I believe change occurs. If you raise an issue, it's usually ignored. Then if you go on, you're labeled as mad. If you go on further, you're dangerous. Then there's a pause. Then you can't find anyone at the top who doesn't claim to have thought of it in the first place. That's how progress occurs."

In which case, where along this road towards change are the Climate Campers?

"Well, I think they're beyond madness," Benn says, "and halfway beyond dangerous towards that pregnant pause"

Ian Tomlinson's family break silence over his death

Sad interview with the son and widow of 47-year-old newspaper seller who died after being struck by policeman at G20 protests in London. They give exclusive first interview following conclusion of IPCC investigation into his death.
Watch the video here

Also just spotted a good friend of mine filming for Sky News (see photo on left)in a video from the G20 as Police baton charged the media

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Agency employed to 'oversee social media monitoring' for the Met Police.

Although the Met and 6Consulting refused to comment any further, other than to confirm the appointment, it is understood the brief includes monitoring of Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Bushcraft Festival Wales August 31 2009

On Bank Holiday Monday – 31st August 2009 Andrew Price will be organising the ‘Wild Wales Bushcraft and Environment Day’ in South Wales. ‘Come along and discover the great outdoors in Margam Country Park, South Wales.

The aim of the event is to give families the chance to learn something a little different about their environment and the wonder of the wilderness.The focus of the event will be a series of ‘have a go’ bushcraft activities run in conjunction with Andrews Dryad Bushcraft company added to with a selection trade stands, environment interest talks, walks and stalls…..all aimed towards a family audience.
Undercurrents will have our new solar cinema on display too.
Check out the details on the website

Calling all new and experienced filmmakers.

Do you have a short film that you are dying to show the world? Rotoreliefs
run a lively monthly London screening of short films of all styles and
genres at The Roxy Bar and Screen, London Bridge.
Share your masterpiece; revive a short you once made, give your new work a
test screen, or come to toast the success of your latest creation.
Our Roxy screening is a free event that attracts interesting and
interested individuals and there's always a good crowd. It uniquely offers
you the filmmaker an opportunity to interact with your peers and audience,
as we ask that there is a representative present from every film shown.
Short films of any style and genre under 20 minutes are selected and
shown: dramas, comedies, artist films, documentaries, music videos and
To submit your work for the selection process or to find out more about
Rotoreliefs and their other events please go to:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Climate Camp London prepares to swoop on new site on Wednesday

They say-
On Wed 26th August, the Camp for Climate Action will take back the city of London in a massive public swoop. Everyone is welcome to join us, as we converge on the secret location where the camp will rise. This summer, we are swooping together, and together we will transform a part of London into the physical manifestation of our desired worlds.

Note: You need to be at your starting point at 12 noon.

Here are the starting points for the Summer Swoop on Wednesday 26 August.
Read more

We will have our own TV studio too

CCTV only solves one crime in a thousand

Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city's surveillance network has claimed.
More here

Pro-Arab media in the USA?

A February 2008 report by the pro-Israel media watchdog CAMERA claimed the existence of an overwhelming pro-Arab,anti-Israel agenda in The Washington Post, The New York
Times, and The Los Angeles Times in "guest op-eds" over a 19-month period. The Electronic Intifada found CAMERA ignored articles that undermined its claims of bias. The Electronic Intifada finds that CAMERA's analysis fails to pass the credibility

Funding for art projects

Big Challenge is for open for applications. The £60,000 fund is for
projects addressing the theme Many cultures, many individuals, how can
you create unity in your community?
Anybody aged 16-25 and living in the UK who has original ideas on the
theme can apply online. Individuals can apply on their own or as part
of a group with other young people
The deadline for application is 28th September 2009.
Big Challenge is happy to talk through your ideas before you submit an
application, you can contact them either by email, telephone, 0207
5661 129, or visit the website here for more information:

Arts Council England is now accepting applications for Art in empty
spaces. The £500,000 scheme aims to help artists turn vacant high
street shops into artistic and vibrant places (hint: like community
media centres), which the whole community can enjoy.
This programme is running in partnership with the Department for
Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) scheme Looking After Our
Town Centres which will invest £3 million to reinvigorate ailing town
centres during the recession.

The fund aims to help artists and arts organisations to carry out
artistic activities in vacant premises made available to them through
the DCLG scheme.
Generally grants of £1,000 - £10,000 are available, however
applications for grants above this amount can will considered.

Grants are available for all eligible artistic activity as defined in
the Grants for the arts How to apply handbook which can be downloaded

Exclusions include fit-out, rent and other property costs, purchase of
materials to clean and decorate premises, running costs, including
insurance and utility bills, buying assets such as equipment,
instruments and vehicles.

There is no deadline for applications but this is a limited fund so it
is advised to get applications in ASAP.

For more information visit the Art in empty spaces information on the
Arts Council England website here:

Fifth of UK honeybees died in winter

Almost a fifth of the UK's honeybees died last winter, the British Beekeepers' Association has said.

Combined with an average 30% loss the year before, it means beekeepers are struggling to keep colonies going.Honeybees are worth £200m a year to UK agriculture because of their work pollinating crops.

How come the media aren't really kicking up about this? Our media should be banging the doors down of Government to find out why this happening!

Keep more bees in urban places

Modern Bee hives for urban dwellings

Earth Journalism Awards

Internews offers media award for best story on UNFCCC process and related

As part of its Earth Journalism Awards, the Internews Climate Change
Negotiations Award will reward the journalist with the best story focusing
on the diplomacy of climate change with a two week support programme to
cover the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The winner will participate in a high profile awards ceremony co-hosted by
the Nobel Peace Prize winning Chair of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, in
Copenhagen on the eve of the final negotiations. Journalists from all 192
member countries of the UNFCCC are eligible to enter the Award. See:

The deadline for entries to the Earth Journalism Awards is September 7th.

Further information on the Negotiations Award :

Coverage of international negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on
Climate Change (UNFCCC) that will culminate in an agreed outcome at the UN
Climate Conference in Copenhagen (December 7-18 2009) are the main focus of
this award.

Also considered eligible are stories about any aspect of climate change
diplomacy - including analysis of issues such as:

- The negotiations around greenhouse gas emission reductions

- Carbon trading agreements

- International financial arrangements

- Agreements on adaptation assistance

- Reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD).

Coverage of the international relations of climate change will be
considered eligible, even if not specifically focused on UNFCCC talks.

The Earth Journalism Awards support quality independent reporting of
climate change and the Copenhagen Process, are an autonomous initiative of
Internews, and are being implemented independently of the UNFCCC.

Friday, August 21, 2009

TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Reclaiming the cinema

A free symposium to be held at Filmhouse Edinburgh on Friday 25th September. I would be very grateful if you could forward this on to colleagues and others who may be interested.

"Reclaiming the cinema: popular funding, distribution and presentation of film for social change"
with speakers including Mike Bonanno (director, The Yes Men Fix the World),
Oli Harbottle (Dogwoof Distribution: Age of Stupid, Burma VJ, Black Gold),
Deborah Burton (Tipping Point Film Fund; Black Gold, Bamako) and Simon
Bateson (Take One Action Film Festival).

This is part of the 2009 Take One Action festival - site under construction,
but full programme can be browsed at

AirRobot tested out by Police for Protests

'AirRobot' were showing off their AR100B surveillance drone at the anti-BNP protests in Codnor, Derbyshire.

Pilot Mark Lawrence was from the German company, AirRobot. He was demonstrating the surveillance drone capabilities to members of the Derbyshire Police Operational Support Unit. The police haven't bought it yet but they said that they may share the £25,000 costs with Nottinghamshire Police, same as with the helicopter.
Full report and photos here

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Open Letter To The Met, re. Climate Camp

Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police wrote to the Camp for Climate Action earlier this week. The Climate Camp media team have written the following response...

Open Letter FAO Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas,
New Scotland Yard
London SW1H 0BG


Dear Chief Superintendent Thomas,

On August 17th, you wrote to the Camp for Climate Action, requesting further information on the location of our next Camp, which will take place from August 27th to September 2nd, somewhere in the London area. You say that you require this information in order to help with “community liaison”, to ensure the Camp is a “safe and healthy” event, and to help you put a “pre-planned and proportionate policing operation” in place. We are writing this open letter in order to alleviate your concerns, and to make our position clear both to yourself and to the public.

Community liaison has been a vital part of every Climate Camp. At Drax in 2006, Heathrow in 2007 and Kingsnorth in 2008, we put a lot of time and effort into spending time with local residents and allaying people’s concerns, and this year will be no different. We have a good track record of building community support for the Camp and for climate change campaigning, we’ve already been in touch with local Councils across London, and our friendly outreach volunteers will be chatting to the locals from the moment we arrive on site. We plan to be excellent neighbours for as long as we’re there, we’ll be open and welcoming to any local residents with questions or concerns, and we’ll leave the site spotless when it’s time to go.

As regards health and safety – thanks for your concern, but again we’ve got it under control. As with previous Camps, we’ll have great food, water, compost toilets, a team of medics, a wellbeing space, excellent on-site communication, emergency vehicle access, and a family space. We also have a “Safer Spaces” policy and a “Tranquillity Team” to help keep the site free from oppressive behaviour or aggro. Anyone who’s spent time at past Camps will tell you how friendly and safe the atmosphere is – better than most mainstream festivals.

Of course, there is one unfortunate exception to all of this. While most visitors to previous Camps have had an inspiring and positive experience, some of us have had to suffer violence, intimidation, theft, sleep deprivation and harassment, thanks to past examples of “pre-planned and proportionate policing operations”. Local communities have been disrupted by police road closures and indiscriminate stops-and-searches. Members of the public have been attacked with batons or arrested on trumped-up charges simply for standing on the perimeter of a campsite (nearly all of them have now been acquitted or had their charges dropped). Judging from past experience, the best thing the police could do to ensure the health and safety of the public at Climate Camp 2009 would be to stay as far away from it as possible.

Bearing all of this in mind, I hope that you, and the public, understand why we don’t feel able to reveal the precise location of the Camp at this time. Every other aspect of the Camp has been organised in an open, accountable and democratic way, via monthly public meetings. The only secret is the location. There’s a simple reason for this: I’m afraid we just don’t trust the police. Why? Because it seems as though every time we have a protest, the police turn up and start hitting people. Look what happened at the G20. That’s not really a very good way to win people over.

Just because you’ve started using friendlier language and talking about “lighter-touch” policing, do you really think we’re suddenly going to believe you’re our friends? Just a few weeks back the Big Green Gathering was shut down by the police on spurious grounds, for “political” reasons. If the police are really trying to build up trust within the climate action movement, then that’s a funny way to go about it.

The precise location of the Camp for Climate Action 2009 will be announced via mass text as part of the exciting August 26th “Swoop”. I’m afraid you’ll just have to sign up on our website,, and wait for the updates just like everybody else!

Yours sincerely,

The Camp for Climate Action Media Team

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiring stories wanted

Now in our seventh year, we’re going stronger than ever here at Post Carbon
Institute. During the course of those years, we’ve been continually amazed
at the progress and changes made in lives, homes, at schools, at work and in
political arenas by people like you. Your efforts have given us great cause
for optimism.

_We’d like to hear more about what you’re doing._ As you may know, our
Senior Fellow, [2]Richard Heinberg, is widely recognized as one of the
world’s foremost educators on the perils of a global oil economy. Right now,
Richard is starting his next book about how individuals and communities can
build resilience in the face of uncertainty and rapid change caused by
economic collapse, peak oil, climate change, and other crises. In short,
this book is about you. So, you see, Richard wants to hear your stories; the
stories of what individuals, families and communities are doing to
transition to a post-carbon world.

[3]Please contact us with your stories.

Tell us about your inspirational efforts, or maybe about those of someone
you know. Are there any businesses, communities, or families who inspire
you? Not only is Richard looking to illuminate these efforts in his new
book, but we’d love to feature them on our soon-to-launch, brand spanking
new website.

While we hate deadlines, publishers seem to derive great joy in imposing
them. Meaning we have to your stories by September 18, 2009.

e-mail us at: [4]

Climate Camp go to Riot City

Our VisionOntv studio got a mention in the newspapers today-

Climate Camp organisers planning the swoop on an undisclosed location in the capital next Wednesday say they are aiming to create a summer festival atmosphere, with wind turbines, vegetarian canteens, organic toilets and a TV studio powered by solar panels. They are divided over whether the Met's approaches constitute a genuine change in policy or a charm offensive designed to repair its battered reputation.

A trip to Riot City!
Separately, a delegation from this year's Climate Camp will be taken to the Met's public order training centre on Thursday in Gravesend, Kent, where they have been asked to brief officers being drafted in from across the country to help police the event.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Voting alternative

If voting changed anything, they would abolish it, so instead of being able to vote you should be able to 'unvote'.So instead of voting for a party, you can opt to vote against your least favourite. Every 'unvote' against a party cancels out a vote for them.

The Great Office War

So this is what goes on in corporate offices eh?

hattie hatstar - boyfriends

Funny song about Boyfriends

Tree House Gallery in London

The Treehouse Gallery is an innovative public project featuring a free daily program of events, arts, musicology and activities in Regent's Park, London,

The Treehouse Gallery is open from 19th July until 6th September.
Open Mon - Thurs 10am - 4pm and Fri - Sun 10am - 8pm
You can find us by the boating lake!
Please click here for a full schedule of daily activities, talks and workshops.

My Alien film goes Viral

My first film to reach 3m viewings on YouTube. It took 2 years to get the first 2million and only a month to get to 3 million

Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse?

The collapse of civilisation will bring us a saner world, says Paul Kingsnorth. No, counters George Monbiot – we can't let billions perish

Sin Nombre - Official Trailer

Here is a film to see this week

£45 Zombie film

A horror film that cost just £45 to make on a camcorder, is to be released in cinemas after it secured a distributor.
Colin was filmed in London and Wales and took 18 months to complete.
Its director Marc Price, who also wrote, filmed and produced the movie talks about the making of the film.

Straw Bale House building (

Job in Environment films

Environment Films is the first and only non profit company in the UK making
media solely for conservation organisations and charities. We are 11 months
old and have already made 8 films, including films for The London Wildlife
Trust, Greenpeace, Animals Asia, Fair Trade among others.

We are currently looking for a part time production assistant to up date
the website, prepare newsletters, be involved in communications, marketing,
distribution and general administration.

The chosen person will be required to work at the North London based
office for 2 days per week (days to be decided) from 10am to 5pm.

Being a non profit company we are not able to offer the same salary as
other production companies, but the chosen person will receive 50 a day
and will enjoy many of the benefits and adventures of working with us. You
will be joining and working with crews on location, working in an informal
office environment, accompanying the companies founder on meetings across
the UK, dealing with clients and working on the development and production
of our various films.

To apply you MUST have:

5 years experience in production.
Strong marketing, editorial and communication skills.
Knowledge and skill using iweb.
Have initiative, be a self thinker and work fast.
Be organised, reliable, professional and have ideas.
Have a good understanding of the key and current environmental issues.
Live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Interviews to be held at our office Monday Sep 14th.

Please send your CV and covering letter, plus any reels to Ella Todd.
Environment Films. 1st Floor. 78-79, White Lion Street. London. N1 9PF or
by email to Ella Todd at Quoting: Production
assistant in the subject box.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Climate Camp Wales

I am just back from the first Climate Camp Cymru in South Wales.
Climate change campaigners set up camp near a controversial opencast mine to hold three days of protest and workshops.

Work to mine 10m tonnes of coal over 17 years from Ffos-y-Fran, a hilly site overlooking Merthyr Tydfil, began in June 2007 after a skewed public inquiry.

Bit sad there was no direct action but good awareness raising. BBC used my images from last years occupation of the diggers. Watch the report here.

I held a workshop on video activism and using video in various ways to bring about social change.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Queing up for the Solar Cinema

Undercurrents cinema is go- the Sol cinema

Undercurrents heads to site of Wales’ first Climate Camp

Protesters set up the site of Wales’ first Climate Camp on the edge of Merthyr Tydfil, next to the controversial Ffos-y-Fran opencast coal mine.

Undercurrents will be hosting video making workshops on Sunday and will bring our Solar Powered cinema to showcase films over the weekend.

The Camp, which runs until 16 August, aims to highlight the hypocrisy in government policy of claiming to act on climate change while expanding coal mining. Coal is the most carbon-intensive fuel, and campers argue it should be left in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Campers also aim to build a strong grassroots movement against the causes of climate change in Wales. They are inviting anyone concerned about climate change to come for several days of family-friendly discussions, workshops and sustainable living.

The protest site is only 36 metres away from the edge of the mine – the same distance as several homes. This proximity is despite continuing local opposition to the noise, dust and fumes from the 1,000 acre site. A report funded by the Welsh Assembly Government in June 2007 [1] expressed concern about the health effects of air pollution and dust particles.

Local campaign groups such as Residents Against Ffos-y-Fran (RAFF) have long been ignored by planners and government.

Camper Jill Lloyd said: “We need work that does not destroy lives or trash the planet, and we urgently need green-collar jobs for Merthyr. Wales could soon be self-sufficient in clean energy but if we keep mining fossil fuels such as coal, we will cause death and hardship for millions of people around the world. To stop devastating climate change we must leave coal in the ground.”

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comedy in Portsmouth

A friend runs a unique comedy night with a difference within Portsmouths most unique venue!
The Gatekeepers Inn Presents 'The Comedy Shed'
This months top bananas is Phil Butler - Mike Manera - Ryan McDonnell
Checkout thier CVs on website

Portsmouths only independent community centre run as a not for profit with licensed bar (Cheaper than any pub in Portsmouth)
Mark E.W Lewis

The Lodge Arts Centre
Victoria Park
Anglesea Road
PO1 3HJ Tel: 023 9287 0880

How do we watch TV?

Want to know how we are all using media?
The latest Ofcom Communications Market Report 2009 summarises a range of communications market developments over the last twelve months.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Support music supporting climate activists

Undercurrents have received funding from a great charity called APE who are funded by
the biggest stars in the music industry. They all joined forces on the latest Rhythms del Mundo album, 'Classics' produced to raise awareness and much-needed funds for
climate crisis projects and natural disaster relief. The sublime talent of Cuba's
finest musicians together with the unmistakable vocals of artists including Amy
Winehouse, The Killers, Jack Johnson, The Rolling Stones, Kaiser Chiefs, Fall Out
Boy, and many others, result in a unique album merging Afro-Cuban rhythms with some
of the most memorable songs of the last 40 years. This album is the soundtrack to
the summer!

Rhythms Del Mundo - Classics is the latest project from UK climate change charity,
Artists' Project Earth (APE) which was formed in 2005 following the devastating
Indian Ocean tsunami. This album follows in the footsteps of their first release
Rhythms Del Mundo - Cuba! (ft. Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and others)
which went platinum and gold in many countries across the globe and was met with
much critical acclaim; " album made with such integrity and passion that turns
out as entertaining as this, is hard to resist." - The Independent. As a result 170
groundbreaking projects have been funded globally, all of which are developing
solutions to climate change, thanks to support from APE and the Rhythms del Mundo

Kenny Young, RDM's producer and founder of APE says: "These great artists have given
up their time to be part of an album that will raise awareness and funds for the
most crucial crisis facing us today. Climate change is our greatest global challenge
- so join us and act now to do something positive for our future."

Listen into the album here
The album is for sale in all good record shops, via Amazon and iTunes.
Buy a copy of this enjoyable album and help us to help save the planet!

Solar Powered Workshops in Swansea

Being photographed outside the Undercurrents Solar Powered Cinema by South Wales evening Post

Solar Powered Film Making Workshops
10–14 Aug 10am & 1pm

Improve your film making skills and learn about solar powered films.

Young people aged between 11 and 19 are invited to an exciting new solar cinema event at the National Waterfront Museum.

The unique mobile solar powered cinema has been created by Undercurrents with the help of local artist Jo Furlong and will be showing clips from the documentary - A Surfer's Guide to Climate Change.

As well as screening films, the Undercurrents crew will be hosting free workshops teaching media skills such as camerawork, sound recording and interviewing. Participants will also have an opportunity to question local people about their views on how to bring about a sustainable Wales in a live studio set-up.

The programme of workshops will run from Monday 10 to Friday 14 August.

The Welsh Assembly Government has sponsored Undercurrents,the Swansea-based filmmaking collective to run the workshops in line with their new policy calling for Wales to be a One Planet Nation. After a successful event for 400 young people at the Liberty Stadium in July, Undercurrents are planning a series of workshops for young people across Wales.

10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm.
Places are limited so booking is essential and groups are welcome. Contact (01792) 638950 to book.

1pm, Wednesday 12 August - Fully Booked
11 - 19 years / Free / Booking essential: (01792) 638950

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Calling all film makers and pranksters

Fix the World Challenge
A Yes Men game

* Challenges
* How does this work?

Liberate stupid footage
Find a piece of embarrassing footage that's not supposed to be public - for example, raw footage from a Video News Release. Edit and publicize it in such a way that the full stupidity of the footage comes out.
Read more

Aircraft mogul launches new solution to climate change

Aircraft mogul launches new solution to climate change

Sir Richard Branson is partnering with The Yes Men on a bold new program
to conquer climate change. Terms of the deal wil be revealed at this
Tuesday's national U.K. simulcast of The Yes Men Fix the World, the film
the Observer has called "Funnier and more useful than Sacha Baron Cohen's
Brüno". (Visit to find the
theater nearest you.)

"Sir Richard approached us when he realized that his plan to fuel aircraft
in a green way was impossible, and that his business model could only mean
one thing," said the Yes Men's Mike Bonanno.

"That's when Branson approached us with his exciting plan to 'pop people
into space'," said Andy Bichlbaum, who, like Bonanno, is bound by the laws
of physics.

"We also felt Branson could help us get 'bums in seats for this Tuesday's
21-screen national U.K. simulcast in the cities of London, Aberdeen, Bath,
Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley, Lancaster, Liverpool,
Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Prestatyn, Sheffield, Southampton, and York,''
added Bonanno.

"You forgot London," said Bichlbaum.

"No I didn't," said Bonanno.

Branson is the third major human celebrity to fall into line behind The
Yes Men Fix the World. The other two will be trotted out Tuesday night.

To learn the story behind Sir Richard's surprise endorsement, visit

Review of The Yes Men Fix the World:

Friday, August 07, 2009

Make your own clothes

NEW BOOK: Through the Eye of a Needle
The true story of a man who went searching for meaning – and ended up making his Y-fronts
INCLUDING: why his wife won’t always allow him to wear his home-made clothes in public.
and a journey across the political spectrum, leading him to disillusionment, and finally to a determination to do whatever needs doing himself, of which clothes-making is only one example, the others including tackling terrorism, economic revival through barter, and managing pest control.

Win tickets to see the Yes Men movie

The Yes Men Fix The World is launching nationally this Tuesday 11 August at screens up and down the country.

Directors Mike and Andy Bichlbaum (together known as The Yes Men) -
comrades in wickedness for good - are doing a Q&A from Sheffield, with
satellite link ups across the country
( Have a look at Mike's
profile - alongside the trailer, there's a couple of clips from the film,
and some exclusive outtakes. Mike is going to be guest editing the UK
Documentary Daily Bulletin next week.

Our friends at distrib Dogwoof are very kindly offering a pair of tickets
to the sites below to the first people to answer the following question
correctly: Which company are The Yes Men lampooning with their 'Survivor
Ball' antics?

* Brighton - Duke of York's Picturehouse
* Cambridge - Arts Picturehouse
* London - Ritzy Picturehouse
* Newcastle - Tyneside Cinema
* Oxford - Phoenix Picturehouse

To enter, please send your answer and preferred cinema with 'THE YES MEN
COMPETITION' to by midday on Monday 10 August.

The Colony= new TV program

A new reality TV programme airs in the USA this week looking at how people would survive devastation.

A narrator explains the season’s premise: a viral outbreak has decimated the world’s population. Chaos ensues. Los Angeles is devastated. Ten strangers try to rebuild a society in a warehouse called the Sanctuary.

To simulate the shock after a disaster, the volunteers were kept awake for 30 straight hours before they hiked along the concrete channel of the Los Angeles River to the warehouse. As the series progressed, the volunteers faced questions about leadership and interpersonal relationships. Mr. Cohn had recently finished rereading “Lord of the Flies” and found similarities to it in the staging. “We even had the equivalent of a conch when people would talk over each other in the meetings,” he said.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Funding for your films

Funding Grants to make your film from £1,000 - £5,000
Mini Mediabox is for grassroots and community organisations with a relatively small turnover. This is an entry level grant with a quick and easy application process, designed to enable smaller organisations to access funding for their youth-led projects.

Who can apply?
Open to grassroots and community youth organisations.
Round 1 opens: 1st May 2009
Mini Mediabox is ongoing

Police leave woman bleeding during protest

The investigation into the violent Policing of protests is exposing some sad tales.

Police have been strongly criticised for refusing to allow a woman who was bleeding from leaving a cordon for five hours during London's G20 protests.Her GP informed her that the bleeding she suffered could have been a miscarriage
read more on BBC

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Peace studies

I attended a course a few years ago hosted by Jake Lynch -a former presenter of BBC World News, Sydney Correspondent for the Independent newspaper and Political Correspondent for Sky News in the UK.

He is now Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the
University of Sydney, and he has been creating peace media resources for
many years. Some recent examples:

How America is always at war ­ and why:

How Israel¹s serial offending against international law is partly
Australia¹s fault:

Is the Big Green Gathering another victim of the crackdown on dissent?

Organisers of the long-running festival have reason to believe that an excuse was contrived to bankrupt them..George Monbiot writes.

As any old hippy will tell you, festivals aren't what they used to be. Gone are the days when you could announce a happening, call up a few mates with drums and guitars, and put the word out that something groovy and free was about to kick off. In these buttoned-down times, it would be treated like an al-Qaida training camp. Today, you must apply for a licence and spend months of your life filling in forms and liaising with the various responsible authorities. There are good reasons for this: it ensures that no one is crushed to death and that local people aren't harried by intolerable noise and disruption. There are also bad reasons: the controlling, snooping, curtain-twitching state tendencies which insist that all spontaneity be planned six months in advance, that no one can ever take her top off or smoke homegrown weed or get a little bit outrageous – even within a festival site – for fear of offending some tight-arsed busybody in desperate need of a life.

read more

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Citizen Video Journalists bring Police to account

How video is playing a useful role in bringing a violent police officer to account. When Ian Tomlinson died during the G20 protests in London after being struck by police, it was a video caputured on a phone which exposed police lies and deceit.

Most of the video evidence passed to the CPS was collected by members of the public on cameras or mobile phones.

"Over 190 premises were visited during a CCTV trawl. This resulted in footage being obtained from more than 220 cameras. In addition, police footage has been reviewed, including that taken from police evidence gatherers and the police helicopter, as well as footage from people's mobile phones and cameras. This amounted to over 1,200 hours of footage, which has been reviewed by a dedicated team of IPCC investigators."
Read more

When Tomlinson left his newspaper stand (where he worked)outside Monument tube station to walk home, he could never have imagined he would be the subject of the next edition's frontpage. The following morning the Evening Standard, which he had sold to commuters in for years, reported his death under the headline: "Police pelted with bricks as they help dying man".- it was total lies. Police put out false information about the death
Read more

Young Achievers Award

The Young Achievers award scheme to recognise young volunteers (16 to 25) in
community, arts, environment and sport is open for nominations until 27 September.
Further details are available from

Tidy Wales Awards 2009

Have you undertaken activities to clean up your local area?
Do you know of a group that has done work to make your area a cleaner, tidier place
to live?

If the answer is yes, then Keep Wales Tidy is looking to recognise this good work
for the 2009 Tidy Wales Awards. The presentations will be made at a special ceremony
in November 2009 and will recognise groups who have made a major contribution to the
cleanliness of their local area during 2008-09.

Groups and individuals are able to apply for one of the following categories: large
partnership award; river improvement; beach improvement; school; business; public
sector; long- term effort; woodland improvement; community group. The winners of
each category will receive a prize of £250 and then compete for the prestigious Tidy
Wales Award trophy - the winner of which will receive an additional prize of £500.

To apply, please complete an application pro-forma, and send in photos that
illustrate the work undertaken. The pro-forma, award criteria and additional
information are available on our website:
The closing date for receiving applications is 30 September 2009. Please submit
applications and photos to: Tidy Wales Awards, Keep Wales Tidy, 33-35 Cathedral
Road, Cardiff CF11 9HB. Tel: 029 2072 6962, fax: 029 2025 6768, e-mail:

Funding for community groups

The Baring Foundation - arts and older people
The Baring Foundation is to launch a new funding programme in October 2009 to
support arts organisations in the UK working with older people. The programme will
last for five years and will be worth £3 million overall. The new arts and older
people programme will invite applications through five annual application rounds.
Grants will be for core costs to arts organisations in the UK working with older

Currently the Foundation is in the process of producing a mapping report looking at
current practice in the field of arts and older people with a view to publishing the
report in September 2009. If you work for an arts organisation that works with older
people the Baring Foundation is keen to hear from you now, not with an application
but simply to know you are there and where you operate. You should email your
details to David Cutler, Director, The Baring Foundation, email

(Source:, 15 July 09)

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
The Foundation awards grants to a variety of categories including: education; youth;
community; environment/conservation; health and welfare. Generally grants awarded
will range from between £200 and £5,000. Grants will only be made to registered
charities including schools in the UK. There is no application form - all
submissions should be made in the form of a covering letter to the Director. Further
details are available from Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, 20 Berkley Square,
London W1J 6LH. Tel: 020 7408 2198, fax: 020 7499 5859, email

Cash 4 Clubs

Cash 4 Clubs:
, a provider of small grants to community sports clubs, has extended its remit and
will now cover the whole of the UK. The first applications are now being invited
from grassroots sports organisations that need a grant of up to £1,000 to improve
facilities, purchase new equipment, pay for coaching or develop the club's
sustainability in one way or another.

There are three tiers of grants: £250, £500 and £1000. Applications are invited from
any sports club within the UK that is registered with their national governing body
or local authority. Any sport is covered, and the guidelines are open ended. There
are no age restrictions or age-related targets; the main objective is that your club
should actively serve your local community. You are encouraged to apply for anything
that you need to make your club more successful. Applications are accepted at any
time and will be discussed at grant making meetings that take place every three
months or so.
(Source:, 1 July 09)

The Brecon Beacons Trust
The Brecon Beacons Trust is a charitable company established to help people,
communities and voluntary organisations achieve positive environmental conservation
and enhancement within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Trust was established
in 2009 with initial funding from the National Grid. The Trust supports:
environmental conservation, protection and improvement of the Park for the benefit
of the public; greater educational awareness and knowledge of the conservation,
protection and improvement of the Park's physical, natural and archaeological
environment. The Trustees believe that a resilient, healthy and diverse environment
is the essential foundation on which a thriving society and economy are built. They
subscribe to the principles of sustainable development while recognising that we are
all still exploring what sustainability means in practice at all levels of society.

The Brecon Beacons Trust sees its role as enabling local communities and voluntary
organisations, living and operating within the area of the Brecon Beacons National
Park, to positively conserve and enhance their local environments so as to
contribute to the overall quality of life for people who live, work in or visit the

In achieving its own objectives the Trust wishes to contribute to the purposes for
which National Parks were established ie to conserve and enhance the natural beauty,
wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Parks; to promote opportunities for
the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Parks by the public;
and additionally, to help foster the economic and social well being of the
communities within their areas.

Further details are available from Alan Underwood, Trust Secretary, Brecon Beacons
Trust, 'The Orchids', Blaenavon Road, Govilon, Abergavenny NP7 9NY. Tel 01873
832490, email

Elephant Trust
The fourth 2009 round for submission of applications to the
Elephant Trust:
is now open. Grants are available to artists, small organisations and galleries
within the UK. The Trust's aim is to make it possible for artists and those
presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of
funds. The Trust supports projects that develop and improve the knowledge,
understanding and appreciation of the fine arts. The deadline for submission of
applications is 21 September 2009.

Learning Launchpad Fund
The aim of the
Learning Launchpad Fund:
is to help create lasting projects that support young people between the ages of 14
and 25 to discover their potential, pursue their goals and achieve their dreams.
Launchpad is looking for ideas that help young people reach beyond academic paths
to success, encourage learning-by-doing, and develop their non-cognitive 'soft'
skills through real-world experience. Therefore, it seeks to support projects that
do not have traditional academic learning routes as their focus. The 2009
application deadlines for the Fund have changed and the current Round Two deadline
has been extended to 15 July. The Round Three deadline has moved forward to 24
November 2009.

Police mission is to 'disrupt' protesters

Undercurrents felt the brunt of the intrusive policing at the climate protest at Kingsnorht power station last year. The internal police reports are exposing the nature of modern policing.

“FIT deployment was highly effective and gained good intelligence and disruption”.

That was the view of a FIT (Police info gatherers)co-ordinator of the operation at Kingsnorth Climate Camp last year.

A FIT Silver commander also commended the way that Kent police had used their ANPR (automatic number plate reader) to pick up protesters vehicles so that they could be stopped, questioned and searched. “an innovative use of legislation for disruption”, he applauded.

These are the remarkably frank comments contained in the Structured Debrief of Climate Camp policing. This was produced by the NPIA, the National Policing Improvement Agency, the structure which is supposed to spread best practice across police forces.

In this case the best practice appears to be using legislation other than for the purposes it was intended, and doing their best to ‘disrupt’ protest.

The accompanying report from South Yorkshire police confirms the involvement of FIT in directing stop and search, and reveals that the massive collection of personal details through stop and search forms almost proved too much for police resources. “The capacity of the intelligence cell was clearly challenged when the scale of PACE/1 form submission became a reality.”

Stop and search legislation was written with the express intention of NOT allowing police to collect personal details in this way. So this must be yet another example of police interpreting legislation in an ‘innovative’ way.

Not only do the police feel confident in being able to bend the law as they see fit, they are arrogant enough to brag about it in a public document. Astounding.

YouTube launches local news feature

YouTube's local news feature 'News Near You' provides YouTube users with relevant news videos based on their location. This follows expansion by parent company Google into other areas of media coverage, but unlike the Google News service - viewed by some media agencies as a source of competition - YouTube's local news feature is being presented as a source of advertising revenue to broadcasters, and a means of attracting a wider, more relevant audience.
read more

Court rules that Vesta workers can be evicted immediately

The court has just ruled this morning that Bailiffs are free to enter the factory to evict the striking workers from the Vesta factory.

Activists including the band Seize the Day have spent the entire night on the roof of the factory in solidarity with the workers.

The workers are intent of resisting the eviction and have called for support from around the UK. Bailiffs are rumored to be on the island preparing for the eviction which could happen in the next 24hours.

The Vesta workers said
'We are seeking the urgent intervention of environment secretary Ed Miliband to save the Vestas wind turbine factory. We know he is committed to promoting green energy, but people will find it difficult to understand that just as the government has recently set out its low-carbon transition plans to tackle climate change, England’s only large wind turbine manufacturing plant is scheduled to close. Ed Miliband has said he is committed to consulting people up until the Copenhagen climate change summit in December and that, in this context, “it isn’t just about world leaders, but about real people affected by huge changes who need to make their voices heard”. We would now urge him to listen to the voices of the Vestas workers. Here are 625 people who not only want to protect their jobs, but also protect England’s wind-power industry.

The loss of jobs at Vestas will not only have a devastating impact on the Isle of Wight, even more so at a time of recession, it will also mean an almost criminal loss of expertise and jobs that are vital to fighting climate change. We believe that with the political will, even at this late stage, there is still time to take positive action to explore all the options that are available to save the production of wind turbines at the site and secure jobs for the future.'

Vesta Workers

Make a 60sec film about Trade Unions

A final reminder to those who are making adverts for the TUC 60 second
advert contest, there are just two weeks left to send in your entries.
This is an exciting competition. The challenge is to make a 60 second
advert about trade unions for youtube. The competition is open to everyone
and there are some great prizes to be won. The winning entry will be shown
at TUC congress.
It's up to you what techniques you use, you can be as mainstream or quirky
as you like. Closing date GMT Midnight, 17th August 2009
To find out more and for tips go to to
upload your videos go to

For further information

Monday, August 03, 2009

BMW stops making cars

The Yes Men at a cinema near you!

The Yes Men invite you to
* August 7-13 at the Odeon Panton Street in London
* August 11 in 20 cinemas across the UK

Full screening times and dates are at
Here are a few things you can do:

* Buy advance tickets: go to http://www.theyesmenfixtheworld/screenings.
* Invite ten friends via email. You will receive extremely good luck.
* Let all your Facebook or Bebo friends know, and also your MySpace
* Volunteer to circulate sign-up sheets at screenings (see below)

If we manage to get a full house during all of the opening-week
screenings, we'll get a "real" theatrical release, and the film will be
booked all over the UK. Can you help us get "bums in seats", as they say in
the biz? If you come to a daytime screening, or Monday-Wednesday evening
screening at the Odeon Panton Street London, August 7-13, you'll get a free
"Special Edition" New York Times.

You might also get something else, as this is a great date movie. So far,
audiences LOVE it! Almost every screening at festivals has gotten a
standing ovation. With our past projects, when the audience gets on their
feet we have to worry what is going to come next - strangulation? But this
time around it's been all love - except from ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and
Halliburton, who had to be the butt of our cruel jokes:

On August 11, we have the official premiere of the film, presented as a
simulcast at 20 cinemas across the UK. For this event we will be doing a
live Q&A afterwards. The cinemas are all over the place, from Aberdeen to
Brighton. And we need to fill them. If we don't sell them out we are

So why do we want people to go see this movie? In a word, we think it can
motivate people, and add even more juice into a movement that is trying to
save civilization itself, among other modest goals. As our part in this
enterprise, we are hoping to circulate a sign-up sheet at every screening,
and enroll as many people as possible in a database of folks willing to put
their asses on the line for political change.

The movie is so stupidly entertaining and motivating that we think we can
reach lots of people, and then in collaboration with other groups of
like-minded souls we can mobilize ourselves to make big waves before

We also need volunteers around the country who are willing to go to the
cinemas and sign people up. Yikes! That is lots of work, but we want to
know if you can volunteer to do such a thing at theaters in your area.
Okay? Okay!

Mike, Andy, Sarah, and numerous new friends

Job in music/radio studio

This may be useful to someone out there!
We are currently offering an opportunity to work with Ape-Media.
We are looking for someone with a technical background in sound and
working in a music/radio studio, some IT knowledge would also be
beneficial. The job would also require assisting and teaching others
about equipment. You would also repair and be in the position to
advise the company regarding technical facilities/issues.

Apart from a radio studio we also have a TV studio that requires
maintenance and upkeep. This would be a regular freelance opportunity,
with weekly and monthly tasks.

Pay - dependent on experience and skills.
If you are the kind of person who likes to solves problems and possess
self initiative please send you CV to or email for
more information.

Life is a dream...

If, as the poets say, life is a dream, I am sure in a voyage these are the visions which serve best to pass away the long night.
Charles Darwin

How the Eye works

If only school had made it this interesting!

How the Eye Works from Word Worms on Vimeo.

The Rap on Permaculture

Power to the Tree

Going Green Film Festival

With the motto "REthink, REplenish, REcommit", the GOING GREEN FILM
FESTIVAL launched its official call for entries on July 15, 2009. The
festival's first place prizes include Hybrid electric bicycles, a tree
planted in their names in Central America, Africa or Asia, as well as Fuji
Film and screenwriting software.

A pending Grand Prize will include a HYBRID CAR!
$20 of all entry fees will go towards Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)
which produce clean energy.
The film categories are:
* GREEN PRODUCTION, where a film's production worked to lessen the carbon
footprint left on the planet
* OUR PLANET, where the film's topic covers third world issues,
ecology, nature or the environment; and
* HYBRID/ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION, where the film features a hybrid
vehicle, bicycle, electric scooter or public transportation.
Films can be any genre, but must be between 20 minutes and 120 minutes in
length and have been completed between 2008 and 2010.
EARLYBIRD/DISCOUNT DEADLINE: August 31, 2009. Submit by going to

Preparedness for disaster- survival situations

Are you prepared for disaster? What would you do if a flood, earthquake or terrorism hit you now? What will you do when the energy grid shuts down?
Andrew Price will teach you the skills to survive

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wine making in London

Climate Change is meaning more wine is being made in the is one from Tooting in London.A group of gardeners in Tooting, south London, have been enjoying the fruits of their labour.
They have been producing wine from grapes grown in their back gardens.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Not OK Computer

Greenpeace activists sit in protest after painting "Hazardous Products" on the roof of Hewlett Packard headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., July 28, 2009. Greenpeace exposed electronics giant Hewlett Packard for backtracking on its public commitment to eliminate key toxic chemicals in its computers and equipment by the end of this year. The message, applied using non-toxic children’s finger-paint, covered more than 11,500 square feet. (3,500 square meters), or the size of two and half basketball courts.

Anthony Watts, sceptic and scourge of climate change science, has used copyright laws to censor an opponent

Anthony Watts spends much of his time maligning climate scientists and environmentalists on his blog Wattsupwiththat. But while he can dole it out, he can't take it. As Kevin Grandia of desmogblog shows, Watts has just used US copyright laws to take down a YouTube video which exposes his claims. Grandia has since reposted the video (see above) so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is more