Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sock wrestling championships

When it all gets too much- get your socks off!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sol Cinema in Dublin

Sunday March 14th St. Patrick's Festival Big Day Out
Venue:Merrion Square, Dublin
Time:12 noon – 6.00pm
Pick your song on the “Human Jukebox” or go to the flicks at the solar powered “Sol Cinema”. For the youngsters amongst you, check out the toddler’s play area, the musical sculptures and the vintage bus full of books. Hip Hop, Planet Jump Rope displays, oodles of games, swarms of performers, a bag full of noise - a whole day full of fun.

The Liberation of Canary Wharf (2 of 2)

Hug a security guard

Putting a megaphone to good use- very funny

Liberation of Canary Wharf -Putting a megaphone to good use- very funny

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lively music

Music video by The King Blues performing Let's Hang The Landlord.

A New Epidemic- or how Pharma creates fear

Having trouble getting out of bed?.....there may be a cure for you!
A great spoof to show how Pharma companies create fear

Funding in Wales

The funding portal provides access to a searchable database of UK funding
opportunities, advice and support on raising funds and tips on how to diversify
funding. The funding portal is a brand new resource for third sector organisations
in Wales, jointly developed by WCVA and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Sony camcorder acessories for sale

I am clearing out some equipment so grab a bargain

Paglight C6 broadcast video light, battery,filter,strap

Sony beechbox double XLR audio microphone adaptor

Double the length of your zoom range with this SONY VCL-ES20 2X TELE CONVERSION LENS. It will extend optically the focal range of your camcorder lens. It has adaptor to fit a 52mm screw thread (you can get any other size by using step up/down rings) and also a bayonet fit for the Sony TVR900/950 or PD10x camcorders.

Travel funds for London film makers

Film London's Film-makers' Festival Fund (FFF) aims to support the development of film-makers and moving image artists' careers by assisting them in promoting themselves and their short film projects at overseas festivals and markets. Please note this is not a fund for feature films. The FFF provides:
Travel grants for attendance at one of the named overseas festivals where their short films have been selected for official competition (excluding Audience Awards).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Buddhist satire rap

Arj Barker showing the world what it means to be the sickest buddhist, kicking Buddha-Butt. Funny hiphop parody on buddhist stuff. Made me laugh...I am so present, I am way ahead of my time

Glastonbury festival founder supports Hunting

Michael Eavis, (seen in photo confronting a lump of crap) founder of the Glastonbury festival, who has been a Labour parliamentary candidate, said hunting could play a part in the votes. "I don't hunt myself, but I support the people who want to hunt. With all that's going on in the world, it was outrageous to ban it."

Remixing the London police's anti-photographer terrror posters

Police try to arrest a man for photographing his own son

Jumped up git of a shopping mall 'security' guard accuses man of being a paedophile for taking pictures of his own son. Police threatened to arrest Kevin "for creating a public disturbance" and ordered him to delete the photo of his own son.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The People’s Millions

The People’s Millions is your chance to win up to £50,000 to improve your area. Come up with a new and original idea that will make life better for people where you live, and you could be on ITV this November, competing for viewers’ votes.

Caught on camera: Lancashire police arrest amateur photographer

Bob Patefield used his video camera to record the moment police stopped him from taking photographs of Accrington town centre. He shows how the police claims he was engaging in anti-social behaviour led to his arrest
Make use of this Fear Mongering poster

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video from a helicopter

I have always wanted to fly a chopper and film so this is my first foray into it. I will use this for practice and soon I will try the oktokopter with 8 blades, ideal for filming. Watch this space or these videos

Kent Coast - from above and beyond from Alex Wilder on Vimeo.

Distributer in the UK:

Go exploring old buildings

Welcome to Forlorn Britain, through our modern country hidden among the shadows of retail superstores and executive housing developments, are a number of buildings who's glory days have past. Lying abandoned and in many cases forgotten these relics of the past hold the secrets of who we once were and how we once lived and worked. For the most part most people chose to ignore there unsettling presence and get on with there everyday lives without giving them a second thought, But for me they have always held a strange fascination. This web site attempts to document the unique buildings and sites, I have had the opportunity to visit and photograph and share some of experiences exploring these fascinating but forgotten gems.

Solsbury Hill road protest- photos

Adrian Arbib's photographic exhibition of Solsbury Hill road protest @
Art Jericho, Oxford, February 18th - March 13th 2010.

Band reunion thanks to Bushcraft video series

The band who perform the A-Z of Bushcraft title song are reforming thanks to the songs popularity. Seven Little Sisters tour again in the summer and say it is due to the popularity of the song in the video series!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Evneing of story telling about Swansea- Palestine convoy

The Lord Mayor of Swansea, Mr. Alan Lloyd will introduce the 'Swansea to Gaza' Slideshow and Poetry Book Launch on Wednesday, February 24, at 7.30pm at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea Marina.

'A Fistful of Poetry', the new book by Richard Jones, dedicated to the People of
Palestine, will be performed by Helen Griffin and Joe Furlong.

Also, Commented Slideshow by the three Swansea Aunties: D, Ingrid, Janet with Q&A

And Phil Broadhurst's short reading of his 'Stories of Hope & Inspiration- A
journey with the Swansea-Palestine Blog'
and SWANSEA PALESTINE COMMUNITY LINK Stall selling Fair-Trade Palestinian product

A virtual skip

vSkippers from all over the UK are having a significant effect on unnecessary landfill by encouraging the use of virtual skips. Since it's conception in 2004, vSkips has attracted thousands of individuals who are actively supporting the use of virtual skips to recycle and reuse their unwanted items. The idea is simple - Instead of hiring a real skip you upload your items to a virtual skip for other people to search and claim. vSkips is the ultimate 3Rs ! Reduce your skip size and your skip hire bill. Reuse. Let someone else have the benefit of your unwanted items. Recycle. Keep stuff out of landfill and make the UK a greener place to live !

Bristol calling

Bristol video activists are back in action so if you need a place to connect check out

Falkland Islands

Thee Falklands war is the first war that i really absorbed as a teenager 28 years ago. However i never really understood what it was all about..until today.

BBC reports
A British rig is due to begin drilling for oil in the territorial waters of the Falkland Islands, despite strong opposition from Argentina.

The platform has been towed to a point 100km (62 miles) north of the islands in the South Atlantic.Argentina says the move violates its sovereignty and has imposed shipping restrictions around the islands.

It is estimated the Falklands have the equivalent of 60 billion barrels of oil in total.
Read more

When did they discover oil?
In 1998, six wells were drilled to the north of the Falkland Islands - an area about half the size of Texas.With crude oil dropping as low as $10.35 a barrel that year, it was decided it was not commercially viable to drill the wells.

Now, with oil above $75 a barrel, there is a lot more interest to find out just how much oil is there.A number of oil companies have exploration rights now. British oil firm Desire Petroleum hold the exploration rights to that area now.The territory - which has fewer than 3,000 people - also started gold and minerals exploration in 2004.

What happens when choclate companies merge?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Augmented Reality

There is such a thing as too much information. Just as the "CrackBerry" phenomenon and Internet addiction are concerns, an overreliance on augmented reality could mean that people are missing out on what's right in front of them. Some people may prefer to use their AR iPhone applications rather than an experienced tour guide, even though a tour guide may be able to offer a level of interaction, an experience and a personal touch unavailable in a computer program. And there are times when a real plaque on a building is preferable to a virtual one, which would be accessible only by people with certain technologies.

There are also privacy concerns. Image-recognition software coupled with AR will, quite soon, allow us to point our phones at people, even strangers, and instantly see information from their Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn or other online profiles. With most of these services people willingly put information about themselves online, but it may be an unwelcome shock to meet someone, only to have him instantly know so much about your life and background.

Despite these concerns, imagine the possibilities: you may learn things about the city you've lived in for years just by pointing your AR-enabled phone at a nearby park or building. If you work in construction, you can save on materials by using virtual markers to designate where a beam should go or which structural support to inspect. Paleontologists working in shifts to assemble a dinosaur skeleton could leave virtual "notes" to team members on the bones themselves, artists could produce virtual graffiti and doctors could overlay a digital image of a patient's X-rays onto a mannequin for added realism.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big Pitch - Ideas Fund Shorts

This scheme aims to recognise the wealth of talented young film-makers (between the ages of 16 and 25) in the UK, offering eight awards of 5,000 each for the most original, engaging ideas. Entries must be for films no longer than five minutes and can include documentaries, conceptual pieces, trailers for features, music videos, fashion films and animated shorts.

Eligible Costs Entries should be no longer than five minutes and can
include documentaries, conceptual pieces, trailers for features, music
videos, fashion films and animated shorts, for example

Funding/Support Eight prizes of 5,000 are available

Match Funding Applicants must be able to demonstrate additional funding
sources or in-kind support and that the Ideas Fund is not the sole source
of funding/support. Additional support may be cash or in-kind, or both.

Other Evidence of artistic merit, originality and the innovative quality of
the project, including the project management and ability to deliver, will
be the foremost consideration of the judges.

Type Groups or individuals
Size Groups should contain a minimum of three people
Location United Kingdom

Deadline(s)2010 deadline for receipt of applications: 29 March 2010 (5pm)
Peter De Haan Charitable Trust

Join the media's new wave in Wales

Journalists, photographers and media workers across Wales are looking for an
alternative to cutbacks, closures and redundancies, as newspaper proprietors and
other local media providers struggle to meet the challenge posed by the collapse of
advertising revenue in the face of the recession and the switch to online media.
We've all read about it or seen it on TV. Some of us have personal experience. The
media world is changing rapidly but it is not all bad news. This change is opening
up new opportunities for us as media workers.

Quality local journalism
Local News South Wales (LNSW) is reversing the trend by setting up an exciting new
vehicle for the provision of local news - a workers' co-operative for journalists,
photographers and other media operatives, including freelance staff - with a view to
running not-for-profit local news networks across Wales, starting here in South West
Wales and including both online and print publications.
The intention is to focus on quality local news, something that is in increasingly
short supply. LNSW will also help to train local news journalists.
The co-op itself is already up and running, under a board of experienced local
journalists, with premises secured and a firm timetable for getting products to
market - starting with a local news website for Port Talbot.
Print publications may well follow, in line with the results of a comprehensive
market research exercise that is now getting underway.

Good news you can be part of
Interested? Well, the good news is that it needn't cost you a fortune - a few pounds
would make you a member of the co-op - and, as a member, you would have a big say in
the direction LNSW takes, as well as a chance to work for the co-op.
All this costs money, of course, and what we are also seeking right now is hard cash
to help us bring our vision to reality as quickly as possible, so all pledges of
support - no matter how large or small - would be more than welcome as start-up

We would also like, where possible, any help you can provide voluntarily during
weekdays to help get our new office up and running smoothly.
In the meantime, you can find out more about Local News South Wales at two special
meetings we have arranged for members and supporters - one in the daytime and one in
the evening - where you can join the co-op, and find out more about the latest plans
and proposals from the co-op, and how you fit in.

The first will be held on Monday, February 22, from 6.30pm at the Swansea Yacht and
Sub Aqua Club in East Burrows Road, Swansea; the second - a daytime meeting - will
be held in the next couple of weeks.

If you can't make it along then send us an email at
and we'll get back to you with more information about being part of the co-op.

We look forward to seeing you.
Andy Pearson
Rachel Howells
Mike Witchell
Simon Davies
Mike Burrows
Claire Pearson
Ken Smith

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cannabis lecture this evening @ Cardiff University

Professor David Nutt, the government’s former chief drugs advisor, who was sacked from his duties last October for criticising the reclassification of Cannabis will be giving a guest lecture this February in Cardiff.

His lecture “Government V Science” talks about how drug policies should be based upon scientific data and analysis rather than on political manipulation or the views of individuals in government. In addition the organisers are expecting him to expand upon the relationship between the current government and science.
The lecture is due to take place on Thursday 18th February at 7pm in the large chemistry lecture theatre, main building, Cardiff University.
this evening @ Cardiff University - Main Science Building

Solar powered Cinema on Welsh Tour in March

Our Undercurrents Solar Powered Cinema is going on tour in March in partnership with Wales One World festival.Helen is taking the Sol Cinema on tour around Wales showing an Undercurrents documentary On the Push- A Surfer’s Guide to Climate Change and offering young people aged 11-19 a chance to learn basic film making while learning how to tackle climate change!

The Sol Cinema Caravan is rocking up to Presteigne on Tuesday 2 March, Hay on Thursday 4 and Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Thursday 11 March.

Andrew talks to Jelly about Coastal Foraging

This clip appeared in an episode of Green Balloon Scrapbook on CBeebies in February 2010, some useful coastal foraging tips from Andrew Price with the help of intrepid reported puppet Jelly.

Funny comments from digger drivers about mining protest

I posted a video on YouTube from a protest against Open Cast Mining in Wales and it has clocked up more than 500,000 viewings- and funny thing is mostly by digger drivers. The comments are hilarious

How about these
'granola eating tree fucking hugers , what type of car did they drive there or did they fly like Marry Poppings? '

Stupid shit head hippies. Should have dug a pit with the excavator and buried them all. Polar bear would maul their ass.

You fucking fat ass polar bears what the fuck did you use to get to the quarry? How are you filming this? ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this goes on and on for 10,000 gotta laugh

Monday, February 15, 2010

Animators and Climate Change

‘Coalition of The Willing’ is a film that discusses how we can use new internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change. Through analyses of swarm activity and social revolution, ‘Coalition of the Willing’ makes a compelling case for the new online activism and explains how to bring the fight against global warming to the people. As the film tackles the subject of online activism, we decided that the logical home for ‘Coalition of The Willing’ is here online.
Watch film here

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you want to stand for election this year? - Listen up then

As folk may know I (Mark Thomas) have spent the past year touring the country getting audiences to propose, discuss and vote for policies to make the world a better place. The end result is the People's Manifesto published by Ebury Press (out 28th Jan 10). Before publication the publishers PR department called and asked if I had any ideas to promote the book.

"Er thats your job." I whined , clearing my throat before continuing,"I do the writing and you do the PR. I don't phone you up and say, "Have you got any spare commas?"

"Well it's your book, we just thought you might want it to do well...."

"OK. What about this for an idea, if you want to stand in the general election you have to pay £500 deposit, which you don't get back if you get less than 5% of the vote. Most independent candidates lose their deposit, which I reckon discourages people from standing... So would Ebury be prepared to pay a candidates deposit?"

"What in the election?"

"Yes. Pay their deposit and £500 worth of campaigning funds to help them out... Obviously whoever stands has to use the People's Manifesto as the basis for their election campaign."

I predicted a longish silence and tense pause by way of response, possibly accompanied by the sound of a pencil being broken in the back ground. But instead a sharp and instant retort of "Yes" came down the phone. "What a great idea."

And thus it came to pass that Ebury Press are going to pay for someone to stand in the next general election.

Anyone can apply to be the candidate. Yep anyone!

Once you have worked out where you are going to stand, a campaign strategy and sorted folk who will help just fill in the forms and apply. I will decide who the candidate will be at the end of March and will come along to help campaign too.

So if you have ever wanted to stand for Parliament this is your chance.

Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2010

Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2010
Call for Entries
Our annual open film submission gives filmmakers the opportunity to share
their work and ideas with audiences across Scotland and internationally.
The festival is committed to finding and celebrating the work of filmmakers
who explore mental health in film.

In its broadest sense ‘mental health’ is a term which touches most aspects
of our lives; from our relationships to how we respond to the world around
us. We’re looking for films which show that mental health is something we
all have, and something we all need to prioritise from time to time.
Previous winning submissions have looked at topics such as moving home,
ageing, grief, loss, endurance, support, friendship, equality, sport, music,
childhood as well as films about specific diagnoses or conditions.
See our website for details of last year’s winners and to download our entry
form, or email for more information.
Entry is free. Closing date is Friday 30th April 2010.
The fourth annual festival will take place across Scotland from 1-22 October

Thursday, February 11, 2010

£25K Amatuer version of Lord of the RIngs movie

Born of Hope is a 60 minute Lord of the Rings inspired film produced in the UK. A low budget production, the entire cast and crew are giving their services for no financial gain. The subject matter and quality has attracted people from around the world to join the team, even gaining support and interest from some of the original New Line Trilogy cast and crew members including Richard Taylor and the Oscar® winning team at Weta Workshop, New Zealand.

I found it to be very slow paced, too geeky with all the names of people and places (designed for Lord of the Ring fanatics)but the makeup is superb and the fights are very realistic but the story needed much more work.

Gift Aid giving to charity

If you feel like donating money to Undercurrents charity then Gift Aid is the easiest way to increase your donations by nearly a third at no cost to you. Details are all here

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stop the traffic and change the world- 22nd Feb

Stop the traffic and change the world. The creation of the biggest traffic jam ever, to implement environmental policies and policies that radically increase social equality.
Address: Your Street
Directions: Step outside into the street
Time: Rush Hour
Price: free

£50,000 on offer to make new music

The UK's biggest and most exciting music prize is back with £50,000 on
offer to make new music

PRS for Music Foundation's New Music Award recognises and celebrates
leading innovators in the UK. It provides investment, support and
profile for exceptional and pioneering music creators. Allowing total
creative freedom, the Award is open to absolutely anyone working in any
genre and artistic context.

It is an opportunity for anyone to come up with a ground breaking idea
for a new work, which, if chosen, will be given a £50,000 prize towards
its creation and performance. A panel of 6 judges will select the most
exciting idea from a shortlist, which will be awarded the prize in
September 2010.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

CALLING FOR FILM ENTRIES - Dead Line April 9th 2010

Now in its 7th year - *Buffalo-san a Black & Asian short film festival,
part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival, is happening again in Sunday May 16th
at the Bedford Arms Theatre space, in Balham. We will feature innovative
and exciting short films from new and established film makers from all over
the country and abroad. Including Q&A with film makers, great prizes for
best film (chosen by the audience) plus showcasing live performance from
poets and musicians.

The festival will be attended by development executives from C4 BBC
Drama The UK Film Council Miramax -Working title and other film media

The ethos of the *Buffalo film festival is to promote and celebrate
innovative filmmakers from the Black & Asian Diaspora, and specifically
encourage new audiences to explore and be entertained by the filmmakers

There is no submission fee. Please send DVD copy of your film, including 2
J-peg production stills, short(80 word) Synopsis, state email, telephone
contact, genre, and duration, to:

Buffalo-san Black&Asian short film festival, 2 Grandison Road, Clapham
Common, London, SW 11 6LW. UK

For more information email:
Tel: 07961 38 22 98

Watch Bear Grylls give himself an enema!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Tribal people appeal to Avatar movie maker

Tribal peoples’ rights organization Survival International has appealed
to Avatar director James Cameron on behalf of an Indian tribe through an ad
in the film industry magazine Variety (published today 8 February 2010).
In the ad Survival asks Mr Cameron to help the Dongria Kondh tribe of
Orissa, India, whose story is uncannily similar to that of the Na'vi in

Avatar is fantasy .. and real.
The Dongria Kondh tribe in India are struggling to defend their land against
a mining company hell-bent on destroying their sacred mountain.
Please help the Dongria.
We've watched your film – now watch ours:

Survival's ten-minute film 'Mine: story of a sacred mountain', narrated
by Joanna Lumley, exposes the Dongria's plight.

The Dongria live in the Niyamgiri Hills in Orissa state, India. British
FTSE-100 company Vedanta Resources is determined to mine their sacred
mountain's rich seam of bauxite (aluminium ore). Vedanta is majority-owned
by Indian billionaire Anil Agarwal.

The Dongria and other local Kondh people are resisting Vedanta, and are
determined to save Niyamgiri from becoming an industrial wasteland. Other
Kondh groups are already suffering from a bauxite refinery, built and
operated by Vedanta, at the base of the Niyamgiri Hills.

Survival’s director Stephen Corry says, ‘Just as the Na’vi describe the
forest of Pandora as ‘their everything’, for the Dongria Kondh, life and
land have always been deeply connected. The fundamental story of Avatar –
if you take away the multi-coloured lemurs, the long-trunked horses and
warring androids – is being played out today in the hills of Niyamgiri in
Orissa, India.

Like the Na’vi of ‘Avatar’, the Dongria Kondh are also at risk, as their
lands are set to be mined by Vedanta Resources who will stop at nothing to
achieve their aims. [8]The mine will destroy the forests on which the
Dongria Kondh depend and wreck the lives of thousands of other Kondh tribal
people living in the area.

I do hope that James Cameron will join the Dongria's struggle to save their
sacred mountain and secure their future.'

FCP Editor wanted- paid job in London

WaterAid is looking for a skilled Final Cut Pro editor to log and
transcribe footage shot in Mali and Malawi. We are looking for someone to
work two days a week for two months and there is also a possibility of
further freelance post production work once this is complete. Paid position
11 an hour.

Based in London. Please send CV's to Beth Jepson
or WaterAid, 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD.

WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and
sanitation in the world's poorest communities. Registered charity numbers
288701 (England and Wales) and SC039479 (Scotland).

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Save the Badger

On 13th January 2010, the Welsh Assembly Government announced that they had given the final go-ahead for a "cull" of Badgers – we use the word cull" here, but we feel murder, kill, or slaughter would be more accurate words to describe their plans.

The Save the Badger campaign states (spelling mistakes have been corrected)
Of course the Welsh Assembly Governments appear to have chosen to ignore a huge amount of scientific opinion and study which shows that such action is not only unjust, as badgers are not the main problem in relation to bovine TB, such a policy would also be incredibly expensive, extremely cruel, and would not work!

Rather bizarrely, they have seemingly also chosen to ignore the results the Westminster Governments own research into this matter who concluded that a cull of badgers was not the best way to deal with bovine TB. As a result of their research, the Westminster government have advocated a programme of the vaccination of badgers and the enforcement of stricter controls of cattle as the best methods to deal with the problem.

The cull area covers 288 sq km (111 sq mile) of north Pembrokeshire, and a small part of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.Opposition parties in the assembly have backed the decision.Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said in January: "Bovine TB is out of control and unsustainable and last year cost the taxpayer nearly £24m in compensating farmers.We know that cattle and badgers are the main sources of the disease and that, if we want to achieve our aim of eradicating bovine TB, we have to tackle the disease in both species.

Friday, February 05, 2010

OVNI 2011

The submission form for OVNI 2011, is open and it will take place from the
22nd to the 27th of February 2011, at the Centre de Cultura Contemporànea
de Barcelona in Spain.

The Observatory Archives are intentional in nature and organized around
specific themes, bringing together material that supports a critique of
contemporary culture through different approaches such as video art,
independent documentary and mass media archaeology.

The call for works is open to all themes within the mentioned areas,
including as well non edited, archival or found footage.

OVNI 2011:
Dead Line: 15th September 2010.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cycling in Japanese

You can now watch my film Climate Cycle in Japanese. It won an award in the Tokyo Video festival last year and they subtitled it
Click here to watch in Japanese

Funds for groups

The Dulverton Trust:
awards grant funding to charitable organisations in the UK working in the following
areas: youth and education; general welfare; conservation; preservation; peace and
humanitarian support; Africa. The Trust offers two types of grant:
Major Grants with no fixed limit are available to charities with an annual income
below £50 million and that operate nationally or across the geographical regions of
the UK. Minor Grants up to a maximum of £3,500 are available to smaller charities with an annual income below £400,000 that are usually working at a local or county level.

The Fidelio Charitable Trust:
awards funding in support of the arts in the United Kingdom, particularly the
dramatic and operatic arts, music, speech and dance. Grants of up to £5,000 are
available to institutions, colleges, arts festivals and other arts organisations
that would not otherwise be able to carry out a project or activity without
financial support. Applications are accepted from nominating individuals or
institutions who can vouch for the exceptional ability of the proposed grantee and
accurately describe the project or activity for which funding is required. The
closing dates for receipt of applications are 1 February, 1 June and 1 October each

Healthy Heart Grants

support innovative projects designed to promote heart health and to prevent or
reduce the risks of heart disease in specific groups or communities. They are open
to community groups, voluntary organisations and researchers in the UK. Grants of
up to £10,000 are available and are for heart health projects only, and not for
general healthy lifestyle projects. Projects must focus on, and actively promote,
heart health for the duration of the project. Applications are accepted in two
funding rounds a year: during January and February for the May round of grants; and
during July and August for the November round of grants.

Keen to start fighting climate change? Here's an added boost.

Climate change affects us all, and more and more third sector groups are fighting
against it. But if that doesn't yet include your organisation, WCVA can offer you an
incentive to join the battle.

Our Climate Change Fund scheme can offer grants, ranging from £200 to £2000, to
third sector groups yet to engage with climate change. You can use this to raise
awareness of global warming, explore the impact of climate change on your
activities, set up recycling facilities, link up with groups that already have an
environmental remit. it's your call.

The third sector has huge impact when it comes to tackling the causes and
consequences of climate change. It can communicate the dangers of global warming,
address the issue in innovative ways and alter public behaviour by demonstrating the
huge impact of minor lifestyle alterations. Your group could play a key role in
combating the crisis.
So why not get involved in the fight? Simply call WCVA's helpdesk on 0800 2888 329
or email


At present the focus of our funding is UK-based charities working throughout the UK and/or internationally in at least one of the following areas:
• Protection of threatened animals, plants and habitats
• Promotion of better understanding of and solutions to major environmental issues like climate change and biodiversity
• Development and extension of conservation facilities/sites
• Promotion of sustainable ways of living, including renewable energy technologies

Community Radio Fund

Ofcom's Community Radio Fund Panel met on Monday 25 January to
consider applications for the second round of grant awards for
2009/10. In summary, at the time of the meeting:

- The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) allocated
£460,000 towards the Community Radio Fund for 2009/10 (a further
£40,000 was allocated by them to other community radio projects).
- In the first round of funding in June 2009, the Panel made grants
totalling £233,460. This left £226,540 for this second round.
- 39 applications were considered
- Funding applications totalled £830,330.83
- 14 applicants were awarded grants which totalled £226,532
- 25 applicants were not awarded a grant

Applications for the first round of funding in 2010/11:
- Applications will be invited in April 2010, with a closing date in
May 2010. Dates to be confirmed.
- The Panel will meet to make decisions on these applications on 28 June 2010.
- At the time of publication, Ofcom cannot confirm how much money will
be available to the Fund during the financial year 2010/11. Ofcom
understands that DCMS will continue to support alternative community
media projects and the exact amount to be used in this way in 2010/11
has yet to be confirmed.
- The Panel will give priority to those applicants who have not
received funding in previous years.


Video report from video workshop

Participants from "The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media!" workshop gathering say why they are there. Undercurrents are building a network of Citizen Journalists.

Monday, February 01, 2010

SEE Documentary Film Festival in Brighton

Leading filmmakers flock to Brighton for 2010 SEE Documentary Film
Festival. (19th-21st February.)
The weekend-long festival, organised by Back2Back productions Ltd., will
showcase and celebrate the work of some of the UK's most respected
documentary filmmakers with screenings, seminars and special events.

Simon Shaps (ex ITV Director of Television) will be holding a Q&A with
internet sensation Lauren Luke.

SEE also features talks, screenings and master classes from David
Notman-Watt, Daisy Asquith, Jonathan Meades, Penny Woolcock, Marc Francis,
Jerry Rothwell, Marc Isaacs, Phil Grabsky and festival patron Nick
Broomfield, all of whom will offer up and coming and experienced film
makers the opportunity to ask questions about their experiences of
documentary production.

SEE will also hold a series of seminars with leading broadcasters and
other organisations including Shooting People, Channel 4, and Al Jazeera.
ITV's Jo Clinton-Davis will talk about the future of documentaries within
commercial television.

Other experts from across the industry will share information on
distribution, how to pitch your documentary, and working with long term

For tickets please call the Brighton Dome Box Office 01273 709709 or

Festival information:
01273 227700

Pyjama wearers against Tesco

Funny interview at a Tesco store in Cardiff which has banned customers from wearing pyjamas while shopping.Mother-of-two Elaine Carmody, 24, was refused custom when the policy was introduced at the St Mellons store.
Ms Carmody says she can't see how tracksuit bottoms are that different from pyjamas.

I can forsee hundreds of PJ wearers descending upon the corporate food hall in protest at their fashion dictatorship.