Monday, August 25, 2014

Talk Talk screw up their Digital Hero Awards 2014.

What voters now see when they try to vote in Digital Hero awards

Last week I was short listed as one of three nominees in the Talk Talk Digital Hero awards for my work in Sol Cinema. The prize is £5000. Since then the awards appear to have collapsed in disaster.

On August 22nd 2014,Talk Talk announced all the shortlisted nominees and opened the voting. So I and all the other nominee began publicizing the awards across social media to gather public votes. Here are Tweets from some of the nominees below-

Just days later Leanne Barnes, a communication Executive at Talk Talk sends all the nominees a bizzare email out stating;

'The announcement of the shortlisted nominees and the start of the Voting Phase has been postponed until the 1st September.'

On August 25th all the information about the nominees and the awards and the public voting is deleted. No mention of what is going on, so now all the people we are driving towards that URL get a blank page instead with the statement;

'This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?'

The simple answer to that is Yes- it is very embarrassing.

The South Wales Evening Post is running a feature on me being nominated in tomorrows newspaper. How embarrassing will it be when their readers try to Vote for me?

How did Talk Talk manage to create such a mess.
Was it a technical fault?
Was it someone jumping the gun and opening the voting too early?

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Click to vote for me to win a technology sustainability award

Help Sol Cinema win a sustainability award. 

The Sol Cinema is our unique mobile Cinema powered entirely by the Sun.

Vote for Paul O'Connor to win - just one click is all it takes.

Paul and usherettes in Sol Cinema

Press Release

A unique cinema seeks public votes to help win £10,000 next month.

The Sol Cinema is amongst just 3 UK finalists who have been shortlisted in the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards for the sustainability category.This award is for people using technology to make their environment a greener, more pleasant place to live or work.

Based in Swansea the Sol Cinema accommodates just 8 adults for a unique cinematic experience. Complete with smartly dressed usherettes, popcorn and red carpet, the Sol Cinema is powered entirely by the Sun.

Paul O’Connor, the projectionist of the Sol Cinema has been short listed for the Digital Hero awards. He said today

‘I am delighted that Sol Cinema has been recognised for all the hard work and dedication we have put into creating an entertaining mobile show. We have toured all over the UK and performed for thousands of people. Winning the Digital Hero awards will allow us to update our solar power equipment and prepare the cinema for the next few years on the road. I urge the Swansea public to vote for me in these awards.’

The TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards, in association with Citizens Online was the UK’s first scheme recognising people who harness digital technology to bring about positive social change.

Each Digital Hero in each of the nine categories will be awarded £5,000 and the overall Digital Hero, as selected by a panel of judges, will receive £10,000. The Digital Heroes will be recognised at a ceremony at the House of Commons in London where their great work will be showcased to politicians and other key influencers in the world of technology.

To Vote for Paul O'Connor of Sol Cinema, please visit this page

Notes to editors

Photographs of Sol Cinema can be downloaded from this page

Sol Cinema- World's Smallest Solar Powered Cinema
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Protest outside CNN against unfair reporting

Protesters gathered outside the CNN center in Atlanta on Monday to march in memory of unarmed Missouri teenager Michael Brown who was gunned down by a police officer, many in protest of CNN’s controversial coverage of the incident.

Demonstrators who had been urged to attend dressed in their “Sunday’s best” marched under the slogan: “How good must we look to be considered innocent?” and used the #ItsBiggerThanYou hashtag.

The protest was staged in response to CNN’s Ferguson protests coverage, which had a strong emphasis on past actions by Brown which may have incriminated him. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as many as 1,000 protesters marched.

The killing of the likely unarmed Ferguson teenager, who was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson, has attracted thousands of protesters to the streets of Ferguson for days, despite an initial curfew and heavy tactical police and National Guard presence.

On Sunday evening, a confrontation between a police officer and a member of the media was caught on tape where the officer allegedly pointed a gun at the reporter, telling him to Get the f**k out of here.”

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Swansea Campus construction shut down by anti Fracking activists

Earlier this morning, I filmed campaigners from Reclaim the Power shut down the Swansea Bay campus of Swansea University. The research at Swansea’s Energy Safety Research Institute will be focused on long-term ‘strengths’ in petroleum and chemical processing – particularly fracking. The primary collaborator will be BP. ITV Wales used mine and Zoe Broughtons footage of the action for the news.
The video I edited (below) is running on the Evening Post website alongside their article about the protest.

There are two protestors locked on, one up a tripod and a number of the group are inside the site and have dropped a banner which says ‘No Fracking’. Outside the site the banner reads ‘Dim Ffracio’. The protesters were angered by tens of millions of public money being funnelled into research on fracking via Swansea University’s new Energy Safety Research Institute.

Swansea University is currently building a second campus and innovation park on land previously used by BP, who gifted it to the university. Funding for the project was made available by the Welsh Government.

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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Local TV is collapsing before it has even began

In 2011 I wrote about the future of local TV. I stated that it is the internet that will drive it, not having a license to broadcast to regular TVs via Freeview. My prediction is proving correct.

I watched local Oxford Channel collapse within 2 years and watched in amusement at various companies creating half cocked plans of setting up local TV. Today it was announced that Birmingham’s City TV has become the first of Jeremy Hunt’s ambitious network of local TV stations to go bust.

Birmingham’s City TV  issued a “Business Lite Memo” which states that the business has “no studio premises or broadcast equipment”, despite having had almost two years to get the operation up and running. Yet another debacle. I believe that a local TV channel won't work due to being too broad a spectrum.
I think to gain traction, any broadcaster has to serve a particular community who are not being served already.

In London, the local TV channel has averaged only 2,400 viewers, out of the 9 million people to which it broadcasts.

The main mistake is that companies are trying to mimic the main broadcast channels but with their tiny budgets. They should be concentrating on creating something more roots based. Instead they hire people on £120k salaries who think mainstream and thus can only hope to replicate the mainstream.

There are many grassroots media groups working for real social change in their own areas. Bring these all together and we have a possibility of success.

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