Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Things move slow at the Guardian video department

When things move slow in the Guardian video department

When news broke about Police having dozens of undercover cops in the environmental movement, I trawled through our archive to see what images we had to expose it.

Amongst other things, I had filmed the actual car which an undercover cop, PC Boyling/Sutton had driven into the city of London and blockaded a road. He posed as an activist and helped start a riot. The resulting event was the biggest riot London had seen since the Poll tax. I contacted the Guardian on Feb 20, 2011 with our images and insights.
I had an intital response which the Guardian then dropped a day later.

It took 3 years before they would recognise it as an important piece of the story when George Mombiot wrote about it- so once again I contacted the Guardian. This time it was splashed on their website.

So why do stories take so long to be accepted? It can be very frustrating when you are sitting on a great story but media doesn't pick up on it as they can't recognise the value of it.

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