Saturday, April 29, 2017

My first film- from 1993 is not "advertiser-friendly"

The first film i ever worked on was in 1993 about the resistance to the construction of the M11 link road in East London. The incredible bravery and imagination of the people who tried to save 1000 mature trees (including a 250 year old Sweet Chestnut in Wanstead) and 280 homes made for a great story.

You've got to be choking
launched Undercurrents as a vibrant alternative video news service for environmental and social activsm. In the time before video on the internet and DVD's we had to use VHS. People subscribed to our videos and we complied compilations of various activist news and posted them out via the mail.
Filming in the early 90's

The film won first prize in Germany at the OkoMedia film festival in 1994. Recently I uploaded the film to YouTube to widen it's distribution. To help fund my own video activism I submitted the video for YouTubes advert scheme to allow adverts to run alongside the video.

Today I received this email from YouTube (owned by Google)

"We didn't approve your video(s) for monetization because the content in your video(s) or video details may not be advertiser-friendly."

In a way it is an indicator of how powerful resistance is. Corporations run away from real stories.

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.

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