Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why is BBC news so pro-Tory?

The average age of a BBC1 viewer is 61 according to the latest estimates published by the BBC Trust. Does this reflect why the BBC news is pro-Tory? Do people become more conservative as they age and/or become more wealthy?

It appears so. Rightwing political parties’ best chance of rapidly winning over voters could be via the lottery. A joint Australian and British study has found that lottery winners tend to switch their political allegiances to rightwing parties after their windfalls. They also appear to become less egalitarian and less concerned by the challenges faced by people on low incomes.

Professor Nattavudh Powdthavee, a report co-author at the University of Melbourne, told Guardian Australia that the researchers were studying whether political ideologies are driven by deeply held ethical views or self-interest.

“The amount won in the lottery is completely randomised but we saw that the more you win, the more right-leaning you become,” he said. “You are more likely to favour rightwing ideas, such as lower taxation, and are less favourable to redistributive policies.
So get rich...or try sharing.

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